Chapter 1173 - The Eve Before The Battle

MGA: Chapter 1173 - The Eve Before The Battle

The Ancient Era’s Immortal Ponds were originally territories of the Ancient Era’s Elves. However, because of the involvement of Qing Xuantian, the Ancient Era’s Elves ended up having to share the Ancient Era’s Immortal Ponds with humans. Furthermore, a portion of the Ancient Era’s Immortal Ponds ended up in the hands of the strongest human powers. As for the Cyanwood Mountain, it was one of the powers that obtained an Immortal Pond.

The Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond in the Cyanwood Mountain was not in the outer region, the inner region nor the core region. Instead, it was located in a remote region in the Cyanwood Mountain.

The reason why this place was remote was because ten thousand years ago, this place wasn’t part of the Cyanwood Mountain’s territory. Instead, the owner of this location was the Ancient Era’s Elves. Only after the Ancient Era’s Elves had left this place was the Cyanwood Mountain able to gain complete control over this vast and boundless Cyanwood mountain.

This Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond was open all year-round. However, not all disciples could use it at any time they wished. Other than some special disciples, ordinary disciples would have to pay achievement points to enter the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond and experience the extraordinary power within it.

However, due to the fact that the achievement points required to enter the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond were very numerous, and that it was not certain that ordinary people would be able to obtain a great amount of benefits from entering it, the majority of the disciples would only come to the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond during the moment when they were about to break through, so that they could obtain comprehension, allowing them to break through faster.

Thus, even though the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond was a holy land for cultivation, there were not many people coming to it every day.

However, on this day, the outside of this Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond was completely packed with people. Figures covered both the sky and the ground. An early estimation would put their number at least several hundred thousand. Moreover, in addition to the disciples, there were many elders from the core region as well.

As for the reason why this place was capable of attracting all these people to come today, it was because Chu Feng and Lei Yao had decided upon a fight to the death three days ago.

In the following three days, news of what had happened between Chu Feng and Lei Yao had spread through the entire Cyanwood Mountain like wildfire. It was not only the core region that knew about this; many people from the inner region and the outer region knew about this matter too.

One could tell how enormous this matter had become just from the number of people gathered outside the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond.

“Never had I imagined that the people from the Three Cyanwood Forests Division would come too. I reckon they’ve come to see whether this Chu Feng from the Southern Cyanwood Forest is a genius or trash,” said Meng Zhensuo with a low voice as he looked at a faraway group of people.

The number of people in that group was much greater than their Ascension Division’s group. That was because it was the Three Cyanwood Forests Division, which had been formed by the disciples of the Eastern, Western and Northern Cyanwood Forests.

“Chu Feng is naturally a genius. Otherwise, it would be impossible for him to slap the Head of the Dragon Tiger Division powerless with a single palm strike.”

“As for the Three Cyanwood Forests Division, if they wanted to know whether the rumors regarding Chu Feng are real or not, they could find that out very easily; there is simply no need for them to gather such a large force.”

“As matter stands, even Wang Haoxuan has come. It means that Chu Feng has already attracted their attention, their focus,” said Long Chenyi with a smile on his face. As for his gaze, it was fixed on the figure that was leading the people from the Three Cyanwood Forests Division.

As for that man, other than having an age that was a bit older than Long Chenyi, his overall appearance and aura appeared to be extremely similar to Long Chenyi. Even his cultivation was the same as Long Chenyi’s, a rank six Martial King.

He was the head of the Three Cyanwood Forests Division, the strongest disciple among the recent geniuses of the Eastern, Western and Northern Cyanwood Forests, Wang Haoxuan.

In terms of reputation, this Wang Haoxuan’s fame was much greater than that of Long Chenyi. It could be said that he was the strongest disciple from the five first-rate subsidiary powers.

That was because Wang Haoxuan was once ranked ninth on the Cyanwood Succession List. Unfortunately, he had only stayed on the Cyanwood Succession List for a single year before being defeated by a disciple by the name of Wang Jingzhi, who had joined from the inner region.

However, it remained that he had once been on the Cyanwood Succession List. Furthermore, many people knew that after Wang Haoxuan’s previous defeat, he had been strenuously training to prepare to challenge Wang Jingzhi, who had defeated him, and take back the ninth rank on the Cyanwood Succession List that he had previously held.

As if he had sensed Long Chenyi’s gaze, Wang Haoxuan turned his head over and smiled profoundly at Long Chenyi. After that, he turned his gaze back to where it had been before.

“Big brother, I’ve heard that Wang Haoxuan has already issued a challenge to Wang Jingzhi. However, Wang Jingzhi is not in the Cyanwood Mountain right now. I suspect that when he returns, he will definitely accept the challenge. These two men are both surnamed Wang, which of them do you think will win?” asked Long Chenfu.

“Wang Jingzhi is very powerful. Wang Haoxuan is also very powerful. In the fight between them back then, Wang Haoxuan only lost by a momentary slip. In terms of overall strength, there is no difference between them. Thus, it is very difficult for me to determine who will be the victor,” said Long Chenyi.

“While it is true that they’re very powerful, I feel, big brother, that you’re even more powerful than them. Big brother, what do you think about taking this opportunity to attack the Cyanwood Succession List yourself? After the battle between them determines a victor, big brother, what do you think about issuing a challenge to that victor?” said Long Chenfu with a sinister expression. He wanted Long Chenyi to take advantage of a situation where the victor would be exhausted by the battle.

“We have come here today for Chu Feng’s matter. Everything else can wait to be discussed at a later time.” Long Chenyi smiled lightly. He did not speak his intentions clearly. However, from the gaze with which he looked at Wang Haoxuan, it could be seen that he possessed ambitions himself.

“Quickly, look, Lei Yao has come.”

“Who’s that person behind him? He’s actually wearing the armband of the Heaven Inquiring Division, could it be the rumored demon-level character Yuan Qing?”

Suddenly, more and more people from the crowd started to cry out in alarm. In merely a short moment, everyone’s gaze was turned in a certain direction. That was because, at this moment, Lei Yao and Yuan Qing had arrived, leading the people of their Orion Division. The battle array was extremely grand and unusually aggressive.

Furthermore, after they appeared, Wang Haoxuan actually took the initiative to lead the troops from the Three Cyanwood Forests Division to welcome them. Furthermore, Wang Haoxuan, who was stronger and possessed a greater reputation, was actually chatting with Lei Yao and Yuan Qing with a smile on his face.

The Three Cyanwood Forests Division and the Orion Division displayed a very friendly relationship, akin to family. This caused many people to be surprised. After all, in the past, the Three Cyanwood Forests Division had looked at the Orion Division with great contempt.

However, those who were able to become core disciples were all extraordinary people. In no time, they all managed to guess that the change in attitude from the Three Cyanwood Forests Division was most definitely because of Yuan Qing.

After all, Yuan Qing’s fame was truly too resounding. Although his strength was not very powerful, his talent was simply inestimable. Due to Yuan Qing, branch power organizations that were trying to befriend the Orion Division, either openly or in the shadows, numbered not just a few.

“Never would I have expected the elders from our Ascension Sect to come too. Surely they have all come to support Chu Feng.” Right when the majority of the people’s attention was focused on Lei Yao, Yuan Qing and Wang Haoxuan, Meng Zhensuo’s gaze was cast above the boundless white clouds.

There were many aged figures there. All of them were elders from their Ascension Sect. Some among them were even Half Martial Emperor-level experts, existences that possessed a certain amount of prestige even in the core region. Elder Xie, who was in charge of overseeing this fight to the death, was also among them.

“It’s not only the core elders from our Ascension Division that have arrived, the core elders from the Orion Monastery have also arrived.” Long Chenyi cast his gaze to a region of clouds. There were many aged figures at that place too. They were all elders of the Orion Monastery.

After that, Long Chenyi sighed, “Unfortunately, this battle cannot be determined by who has the greater amount of support. It must be determined by Chu Feng and Lei Yao themselves.”

“How come Chu Feng’s still not here? Could it be that he’s scared?” Long Chenfu asked.

“That wouldn’t be the case. Although I have not known Chu Feng for a long time, I know that he is a person who will do what he says. He will definitely appear,” said Long Chenyi.