Chapter 1168 - Merely Requiring A Single Strike

MGA: Chapter 1168 - Merely Requiring A Single Strike

“Lil Sis Ruochen, there’s no need for you to inconvenience yourself with such trash. Allow me to handle it.” Right at this moment, Chu Feng surprisingly spoke.

He then turned to the Dragon Tiger Division’s head and said. “You are the head of the Dragon Tiger Division and I am the head of the Asura Division. Today, I will not look into why you ruined my Asura Division’s entrance gates and signboard for no reason.”

“I only want you to know what sort of ending you will receive for trampling on my Asura Division.”

“What? A rank two Martial King is challenging a rank four Martial King? Where did he get that confidence? Could it be that Chu Feng is truly a demon-level character that possesses heaven-defying battle power?” Hearing the words spoken by Chu Feng, the eyes of the surrounding crowd immediately started to shine. Immediately after, they started a spirited discussion.

As for the head of the Dragon Tiger Division, he was laughing in his heart due to being incomparably overjoyed.

Originally, he had thought that all of his plans would be ruined because of Bai Ruochen. Not to mention teaching Chu Feng a lesson, he would likely be powerless to even defend himself today.

However, never had he imagined that not only did Chu Feng not allow Bai Ruochen to become involved in this matter, he even stated that he would personally take care of him. What did this mean? This meant that Chu Feng was planning to fight him one-on-one.

To him, this decision from Chu Feng was not one of coming from the spirit of heroism. Instead, it was a decision of self-humiliation and self-destruction.

Thus, at this very moment, the Dragon Tiger Division’s head was immensely happy. He even thought to himself: “This Chu Feng, he is most definitely an idiot, someone who’s wrong in the head.”

“With such a powerful existence behind him, he was clearly able to easily take care of me and destroy my Dragon Tiger Division. However, he instead decided to stop her from doing that and decided to take care of me personally? Is he truly stupid beyond help, or is he truly arrogant and believes that he would be able to fight me?”

“Regardless, it doesn’t matter. His ignorance just so happened to help me.”

When he thought of this, an expression of complacency filled the Dragon Tiger Division’s head’s face. He hurriedly steadied his mood and then laughed coldly at Chu Feng. “Chu Feng, if you have the courage, then come and fight me. If I am unable to beat you till you kneel on the ground and beg for forgiveness, I shall change my surname to yours.”

“Woosh.” Surprisingly, right after he finished saying those words, Chu Feng already launched his attack. Like an arrow leaving a bow, Chu Feng shot explosively toward the Dragon Tiger Division’s head while carrying with him his rank two Martial King’s oppressive might.

“This…” At the instant when Chu Feng attacked, the expressions of the crowd all changed. However, to a greater or lesser degree, they all displayed expressions of disappointment.

That was because Chu Feng’s speed was neither fast nor slow, it was extremely normal. Even though he was within the criterion for a rank two Martial King, he had most definitely not surpassed the boundary of rank two Martial Kings.

What did this mean? This meant that Chu Feng’s battle power was trivial and ordinary; he did not even possess the battle power to surpass a single level of cultivation. Not to mention being a demon-level character, he could not even be considered to be a genius-level character.

“Hah, sure enough, you’re trash from the Southern Cyanwood Forest. Since you’re looking to die so urgently, I shall help you accomplish your goal.” When he saw Chu Feng’s speed, the Dragon Tiger Division’s head became secretly delighted.

He had come to the conclusion that Chu Feng was indeed trash. Thus, he did not sit tight and wait for Chu Feng’s attack to come. Instead, he let go of all of his precautions against Chu Feng and abruptly counterattacked.

“Boom.” This attack of his utilized nearly all of his rank four Martial King strength. Not only was the sound of his attack ear-piercing like a thunder roll, even the space that he was previously in began to tremble.

Even though Chu Feng’s attack had caused the crowd to be disappointed, the might displayed by the Dragon Tiger Division’s head had instead brightened the eyes of the crowd.

“Chu Feng, you have sought your own disgrace. Do not blame me for not showing any mercy.”

In a blink of an eye, the head of the Dragon Tiger Division had arrived in front of Chu Feng. Furthermore, his large hand brought forth with it the strength of three hundred thousand catties and the speed of lightning as it grabbed toward Chu Feng’s throat.

“Woosh.” However, right at the moment when his hand was going to clench around Chu Feng’s throat, he suddenly discovered that there was nothing in his palm. Surprisingly, he did not manage to catch Chu Feng.

This…” This sort of situation caused him to not know what to do. Never had he imagined that Chu Feng, a mere rank two Martial King that he could easily crush to death with only his oppressive might, would be able to dodge his all-out snatch.

“Swoosh.” In the Dragon Tiger Division’s head’s moment of surprise, Chu Feng had arrived before him like a demon. Furthermore, Chu Feng’s palm carried with it a whistling sound of the wind as it was slapped toward the Dragon Tiger Division’s head’s left cheek.

“Humph, you want to injure me with such speed?” When he saw Chu Feng’s palm, a mocking smile appeared on the Dragon Tiger Division’s head’s face. He believed that Chu Feng’s incoming attack was so slow that he could easily dodge it, and that it would be unable to harm him in the slightest.

“Pow.” However, right when he wanted to move his body to dodge with a confident appearance, he suddenly felt a pain on his left cheek. After that, he felt a burst of weightlessness. Like a million catty sandbag, he was ruthlessly smashed into the ground.

Most importantly, faced with this sort of situation, that Dragon Tiger Division’s head did not have the ability to resist at all. All he could do was to allow his body to continue to smash into the ground, without any method to stop it.

“Boom~~~~~~~~~” Finally, his body smashed into the top of his territory’s entrance gates and right on the Dragon Tiger Division signboard.

The force of the descent was extremely great and contained a very fierce king-level martial power. Thus, although the body of the Dragon Tiger Division’s head was not very large, the power contained within it was extremely strong. At the instant when his body smashed into the signboard of the Dragon Tiger Division, shattered wood and stones immediately scattered into the air. Not only was the signboard smashed apart, even the entrance gates that the signboard was on top of were destroyed.


At this moment, the Dragon Tiger Division’s head strived to get himself back up and counterattack, however, he discovered that his body was no longer nimble. Not only was he unable to stand back up, he actually fell back onto the ground and puked out a mouthful of blood. In the end, he laid on the ground like a dying dog.

A single strike. Chu Feng had used only a single strike to defeat this rank four Martial King, the head of the Dragon Tiger Division, making him fall to the ground and be unable to stand back up.

However, this strike from Chu Feng was not as simple as merely a slap to the face to the Dragon Tiger Division’s head. Chu Feng had also used the Dragon Tiger Division’s head’s body to smash apart his territory’s entrance gates and the Dragon Tiger Division’s signboard. Truly, this was killing two birds with one stone.

“Heavens! That Chu Feng is actually this powerful?!”

At this moment, the surrounding crowd finally managed to react. As they looked at the shattered signboard and entrance gates, as well as the dying-dog-like Dragon Tiger Division’s head, they were shocked. They were completely astonished!!

Everyone present had been completely astonished by the difference in strength that Chu Feng had displayed and felt a chill run down their backs.

Powerful. Truly powerful! This was the opinion that all the crowd had of Chu Feng.

A rank two Martial King slapped a rank four Martial King flying with a single palm strike. What did this mean? This meant that not only did Chu Feng possess the heaven-defying battle power to surpass his level, he most likely possessed the ability to surpass three levels. Otherwise, how could he accomplish such a feat?

If this did not make him a demon-level character, then what else could he be?

“Pah!” However, right when everyone was stunned by Chu Feng’s strength, Chu Feng spit out a mouthful of spit. He then looked at the Dragon Tiger Division’s head, who was still lying on the ground, and said, “With merely you, you’re not even qualified to take on my surname.”

Chu Feng merely gave the Dragon Tiger Division’s head an indifferent glance before shifting his gaze to the Dragon Tiger Division’s members.

Gazed at by Chu Feng, the members of the Dragon Tiger Division all started to shiver. After that, in unison, they moved a step backward and either lowered their heads and became speechless or started to shift their gazes to other directions. Not to mention attacking Chu Feng, they actually did not even have the courage to meet Chu Feng’s gaze head on.