Chapter 1167 - Contrary To Expectation

MGA: Chapter 1167 - Contrary To Expectation

“Haha, if this Chu Feng dares to come, then it wouldn’t be as simple as just beating him till he shits his pants.” After he saw the letter, the Dragon Tiger Division’s head started to laugh frantically. Furthermore, a coldness emerged in his eyes.

The Dragon Tiger Division’s members were flabbergasted by their head’s reaction. As for the Second Head who stood beside him, she even secretly cast a glance at the letter.

When she saw the contents of the letter, her eyes also shone. With her mouth wide open, she had an expression of shock.

That was because only a simple sentence was written on the letter: “Find Chu Feng and use a challenge as an excuse to beat him to death.”

“Dragon Tiger Division, come out and die!” A furious shout exploded on the horizon like thunder.

That voice was extremely loud and clear, like thunder from a thousand miles away. From the voice, one could also tell that the person who shouted those words had not arrived at this place yet. Instead, that person had shouted from a very far distance.

“Perfect timing.” As he heard the provocation sound from far away, the Dragon Tiger Division’s Head sneered. Leading the members of the Dragon Tiger Division, he left the palace hall and arrived before the entrance gate of his territory.

“Look, the people from the Dragon Tiger Division have come out.”

At this moment, more and more people gathered around the Dragon Tiger Division, until they covered both the sky and the ground. Originally, their gazes were focused toward the direction of the voice after hearing that explosive shout. They wanted to see how exceptional the Asura Division was.

However, after the people from the Dragon Tiger Division appeared, many bystanders shifted their gazes toward them. After all, regardless of what the outcome of this conflict might be, the Dragon Tiger Division was one of the two leading roles in this conflict. As many among the crowd did not know who the Dragon Tiger Division’s Head was, they wanted to take this opportunity to size him up.


However, right at this moment, thunder sounded in the distance. As the crowd turned their gazes toward the sound, they saw that the distant horizon was actually trembling. Layers upon layers of gaseous flames were surging toward their location like black clouds.

“What a huge power.”

Seeing this scene, the crowd present all exclaimed in admiration. As they were all expert cultivators, they were all able to see that what was coming was not thunder. Instead, it was a very powerful oppressive might; it was a shockwave resulting from one’s oppressive might squeezing the atmosphere so hard that it exploded.

As for the surging gaseous flames, they were not black clouds. It was merely an illusion created due to the movement of air in the black sky.

Such a feat was actually something that all Martial Kings were capable of accomplishing. It meant that the Asura Division that people were not familiar with have came prepared. At the very least, in terms of their imposingness, it was not weak at all.

“Humph, false bravado akin to a jumping clown.” As he saw the surging oppressive might being brought over with Chu Feng and the others, the Dragon Tiger Division’s head snorted coldly. The expression of contempt on his face had also grown greater.

However, the surrounding crowd did not have the same thoughts that he did. After they knew about Chu Feng’s achievements, they held a whole new level of respect and expectation for him. There were many people who even felt that a great catastrophe was going to befall the Dragon Tiger Division.

Thus, at this moment, many people had already spread themselves apart; they created a path in the air to the Dragon Tiger Division for Chu Feng and those with him.

Finally, before the attentive gazes of the crowd, Chu Feng and the others arrived. At this moment, the crowd finally managed to see the appearance of Chu Feng and his Asura Division.

“Sure enough, he’s quite extraordinary.” When they saw the appearance of Chu Feng and the others, the surrounding crowd began to nod continuously.

Chu Feng went straight to the topic, stood forward and loudly shouted, “Who is the Head of the Dragon Tiger Division?”

“It would appear that you’re that Asura Division’s head, that Southern Cyanwood Forest’s trash, Chu Feng?” Not only did the Dragon Tiger Division’s head stand forward, he even emitted his rank four Martial King aura. His intentions were very clear; he was indicating his identity.

“It is I,” Chu Feng replied loudly.

“Rank two Martial King, truly amazing.”

“And here I was wondering what sort of character it is that destroyed the territories of all my Dragon Tiger Division’s members in a single day. After all this, you’re merely a rank two Martial King?” The Head of the Dragon Tiger Division mocked Chu Feng. Furthermore, his attitude became increasingly vile. In the end, he actually pointed at Chu Feng and cursed loudly. “A mere rank two Martial King, and you dare to come and challenge my Dragon Tiger Division, and declare for me to come out and die? Your words carry no weight at all!”

“Boom~~~” Right after the Dragon Tiger Division’s Head’s words left his mouth, a burst of powerful oppressive aura swept forth from Bai Ruochen.

Everyone was able to sense that oppressive might as it swept past them. However, that oppressive might was focused toward the Dragon Tiger Division’s Head.

Thus, like a gale sweeping past, that oppressive might caused the clothes and hair of the members of the Dragon Tiger Division to sway in the air, and their feet to become unsteady, causing them to fall back in succession.

“That girl is a rank five Martial King?” When they sensed the cultivation within the oppressive might, the eyes of the crowd all shone with astonishment. Even though they already knew that Chu Feng of the Asura Division was very powerful, they never imagined that the Asura Division had hidden such a powerful character.

After all, with Bai Ruochen’s age, appearance and cultivation, everyone was able to tell with a single glance that she was a true demon-level character.

While they had thought that Chu Feng might be a demon-level character, they had never imagined that there would truly be a guaranteed demon-level character in the Asura Division. However, that person was not Chu Feng. Instead, it was a girl with an extremely cold appearance.

“Junior sister Ruochen’s cultivation has actually already reached rank five Martial King? How could her progress be this quick?” Even Long Chenyi and the others were shocked by Bai Ruochen’s strength and sucked in a mouthful of cold air.

After all, compared to the others, Long Chenyi and those with him knew about Bai Ruochen. They knew that Bai Ruochen was a heaven-defying genius. Thus, when they thought of how her cultivation had reached such a level, they were unable to not be shocked.

“You, you’re actually a rank five Martial King?” However, at this very moment, the person whose expression changed the most was most naturally the Dragon Tiger Division’s head.

What sort of situation was this? How could a rank five Martial King expert appear in the Asura Division? Furthermore, how could she be this young?

Most importantly, from Bai Ruochen’s oppressive might, he was able to sense her frighteningly powerful strength. He was able to tell how powerful it was very clearly. If he were to describe it, then it could only be as ‘undefeatable for him.’

However, this was beyond his imagination. That was because he had never thought that the Asura Division would possess powerful characters of this degree.

Originally, he had planned to teach Chu Feng a proper lesson and humiliate him before everyone, making him unable to stand up tall ever again. At the same time, he was planning to use this opportunity to display his own strength.

After that, he planned to find another opportunity to use ‘accident’ as pretext and take Chu Feng’s life.

Like that, he would be able to display his own might and wipe the floor with Chu Feng. As for the matter of killing Chu Feng, he had the backing of the Orion Division and was not worried at all.

However, after Bai Ruochen appeared, all of his plans were ruined. In fact, he even started to feel fear because he had already lost his opportunity to wipe the floor with Chu Feng. On the contrary, before Bai Ruochen’s powerful strength, his Dragon Tiger Division might truly be met with a crushing defeat.