Chapter 1166 - The Backing of the Orion Division

MGA: Chapter 1166 - The Backing of the Orion Division

“What? Such a thing actually happened? Are you sure this is real?”

Once they heard these words, the crowd’s expression changed; once again, the looks on their faces were of incomparable shock. Especially that person who had previously belittled Chu Feng, he was so shocked that his mouth was agape. His expression was so unsightly, it was as if he had just eaten a dead rat.

That was because, if what was said was real, then it would mean that Chu Feng was indeed an extraordinary existence, and that the Southern Cyanwood Forest that specialized in cultivating mediocre and trash disciples had actually managed to, for the first time ever, cultivate a demon-level character.

“I was present that day. Say, do you think it’s real or not?” That man replied.

“Sss~~~” Hearing those words, the crowd all breathed in a mouthful of cold air. All kinds of complicated expressions emerged on their faces.

“Quickly, look. It’s the people from the Ascension Division. The Ascension Division actually brought out this many people.”

“Heavens, isn’t that Long Chenyi? Even he’s come? Someone like him would rarely bother with such a conflict, right?”

“Haha, amazing. Even someone like Long Chenyi was attracted here. From this, It can be seen that this matter has spread through the entire core region. That Chu Feng is amazing indeed.”

Suddenly, someone shouted loudly. Immediately after, cries of surprise sounded unceasingly. That was because Long Chenyi had indeed shown up. Furthermore, he had brought with him close to ten thousand members of the Ascension Division. With such a grand number of people, they covered the sky and earth with terrifying momentum.

When compared to the Ascension Division, even if one was to add up everyone from the crowd, they would still appear unworthy to be mentioned.

“That Chu Feng, isn’t he a bit too arrogant? He actually did such a thing. Even if he does not fear the disciples’ disapproval of his actions, does he also not fear the elders’ disapproval? The way I see it, he has truly grown tired of living.” Long Chenfu had also arrived. Just like before, he was extremely foul-mouthed, and had an appearance of wanting Chu Feng to die.

“From the way I see it, no one from the elders would actually dare to care about this matter. What happened yesterday was confirmed. It was indeed Chu Feng and junior sister Ruochen. Furthermore, Chu Feng also broke the record for gathering Firmament Medicinal Herbs. Moreover, the two of them managed to obtain the praise of Elder Wei, and were even invited to visit the Medicine Concocting Department.”

“Although it was merely a praise that appeared to very casual, the fact that it came from a management elder remains. Someone praised by a management elder, how could an ordinary elder possibly dare to do anything to him? If Elder Wei has taken a liking to him, then wouldn’t ordinary elders be courting a calamity for themselves if they were to touch Chu Feng?” said the second head of the Ascension Division, Meng Zhensuo.

“What? That matter is real?” Hearing those words, the crowd from the Ascension Division were all shocked. As for Long Chenfu, his complexion even turned ashen and he shut his mouth. That was because this matter was truly not something that could be belittled.

“What might happen to that Chu Feng is something that doesn’t concern me. However, I cannot sit by and do nothing if something were to happen to junior sister Ruochen. I have heard that that Dragon Tiger Division possesses the backing of the Orion Division. Even though Wang Haoxuan is not in the Cyanwood Mountain right now, I fear that Chu Feng and those with him will not be able to handle the Orion Division if they were to truly come,” said Long Chenyi indifferently. However, as he spoke those words, he cast his gaze toward a certain direction.

Seeing this, Long Chenfu asked nervously, “Big brother, what’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing, it’s just that some elders have arrived. However, they’re unwilling to show themselves and have hidden themselves in the sky,” Long Chenyi replied.

“Elders are people too. They too enjoy watching a show. Merely, those shows that could attract elders to watch are all no small matter. This Chu Feng is truly a capable person. He has only been in the Cyanwood Mountain for a few days, and he has already created such a grand spectacle. Could it be that the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s fate will truly be changed for the better?” said Meng Zhensuo.

Long Chenyi did not respond to Meng Zhensuo’s question. However, his gaze had changed. He who had lost in a confrontation with Chu Feng knew better than anyone else what sort of new disciple Chu Feng was.

“Damn it, damn it. He actually dared to threaten our Dragon Tiger Division’s members to withdraw from our Dragon Tiger Division? That trash from the Southern Cyanwood Forest truly has the heart of a bear and the gall of a leopard.[1. gain extreme courage.] What nerves he has!”

While on the outside the Dragon Tiger Division was bustling with noise and excitement, the inside was a mess. At this moment, over two hundred members were gathered inside the Dragon Tiger Division’s palace hall with their heads hanging dispiritedly. A man with large sideburns was gnashing his teeth in anger, beating his chest and stomping his feet as he walked back and forth repeatedly in the palace hall.

This man possessed a cultivation of rank four Martial King. He was precisely the head of the Dragon Tiger Division.

At this moment, practically all of the members of the Dragon Tiger Division that were in the Cyanwood Mountain were gathered here. Furthermore, many among them had requested to withdraw from the Dragon Tiger Division.

As for the reason why they were requesting that, it was precisely because their territories had been overturned and smashed with not even a single brick left standing. Furthermore, Chu Feng threatened them that if they continued to associate with the Dragon Tiger Division, he would pay their territories a visit every day.

Even though Chu Feng destroyed their territories with either a single palm strike or a single first strike, they still managed to sense the frightening power hidden within Chu Feng’s rank two Martial King cultivation. From the bottom of their hearts, they feared Chu Feng.

“Head, although that new disciple by the name of Chu Feng is from the Southern Cyanwood Forest, he is truly not a person who is easy to deal with. We truly fear…” said a woman while trembling with fear. She was the same woman who had cursed out at Chu Feng earlier today, only to become so scared that her face became covered with sweat.

“Fear? What are you afraid of? Are you suggesting that our Dragon Tiger Division would lose to a newly established branch power organization established by trash from the Southern Cyanwood Forest?” the head of the Dragon Tiger Division angrily rebuked.

“Head, that Chu Feng is truly not a simple character. I’ve heard that he obtained four hundred and fifty achievement points in the mission plaza yesterday. Furthermore, that new disciple who was praised by the Medicine Concocting Department’s Elder Wei was him too. If Elder Wei was to back him up, then wouldn’t we meet with a large calamity?” said someone.

“Elder Wei?” Upon hearing Elder Wei, the Dragon Tiger Division’s head’s gaze shone. He began to hesitate. However, he soon said, “Even if that’s real, so what? Do not forget who it is that is standing behind our Dragon Tiger Division. It’s the Orion Division!”

“As matters stand, I might as well tell you all the truth. It is precisely the Orion Division that told me to challenge the Asura Division.”

“With the Orion Division standing behind us, is there a need for you all to fear a mere Asura Division?”

“That’s true. No matter what, that Chu Feng is only a new disciple. Yet, the Orion Division is different. Not only is the strength of their disciples powerful, they also possess the protection of the Orion Monastery’s elders. In terms of backing, that Chu Feng from the Southern Cyanwood Forest would never be able to surpass the Orion Division.” At this moment, the members of the Dragon Tiger Division nodded their heads in succession.

“Humph! That’s without question! That Chu Feng, did he think that someone would cover him just because he was praised by Elder Wei? He is truly delusional!”

“Right now, many people have gathered outside. They have all come to watch the show that’s happening here. It’s the perfect opportunity for us to show them our Dragon Tiger Division’s strength.”

“Later on, if that Chu Feng doesn’t show up, then it would be fine. However, if he truly dares to show up, then just watch as I teach him a lesson. Mere trash from the Southern Cyanwood Forest, I’ll beat him up till he shits his pants!” said the Dragon Tiger Division’s head in anger.

“Head, the Orion Division has send word over.” Suddenly, a woman walked into the palace hall. She was the Dragon Tiger Division’s Second Head. At this moment, she was holding a letter in her hand.

“Quickly, let me have a look.” The Head of the Dragon Tiger Division hurriedly took the letter.

When they heard that it was a letter from the Orion Division, the members of the Dragon Tiger Division all held their breaths and fixed their attentions onto their Head. They knew that they would be given instructions from the Orion Division.