Chapter 1165 - A Grand Commotion

MGA: Chapter 1165 - A Grand Commotion

“Listen carefully, I am the head of the Asura Division, Chu Feng. From today on, as long as you continue to associate yourself with the Dragon Tiger Division, I shall come and visit your territory every day. This time, I have only destroyed your territory. As for next time, I will not let you off that easily.”

After Chu Feng finished saying those words, he did not bother with the woman’s reaction. Instead, he led the members of his Asura Division and left the place.

At this moment, the crafty appearance no longer remained on that woman’s face. Instead, her face was covered with sweat and fear. She was so scared that her entire body shivered nonstop.

Although practically all Martial Kings were capable of flattening a place with a palm strike or a fist strike, however, in the instant that Chu Feng flattened her territory, she managed to sense Chu Feng’s power. It was a power so terrifying that it was sufficient to crush her.

The news quickly spread that a Dragon Tiger Division’s member’s territory had been flattened by someone. All of her palaces were destroyed without leaving a trace behind.

This created a great amount of shock to everyone. That was because even when someone challenged another branch power organization, very rarely would they do it so ruthlessly. Furthermore, it was even more rare that they would involve the members of the branch power organization that was being challenged in the matter.

Furthermore, once they recalled how this matter was a done by a previously-unknown branch power organization established by a bunch of new disciples, the people became even more shocked.

However, what they did not know was that this sort of spectacle was happening in succession throughout the core region.

Chu Feng was one to keep his word. After spending an entire day, he had visited all of the Dragon Tiger Division’s members’ territories. Although he did not injure a single person, he had completely obliterated their homes.

When nightfall arrived, this matter had spread through the entire core region like a wildfire. There was practically no one who didn’t know about what had happened. In merely a short while, a branch power organization by the name of Dragon Tiger Division was destroyed by another called the Asura Division. Furthermore, they were destroyed extremely ruthlessly, leaving behind a scene of devastation. This became the hottest topic of discussion.

Although the Dragon Tiger Division could not be considered to be an extremely famous branch power organization, and many people did not even know about it, the Asura Division was something that no one had ever heard about before this occasion.

However, the challenge between branch power organizations this time was truly too ruthless, something that no one has ever done before.

Thus, those who knew about what had happened all started discussing it, and began to guess exactly how enormous of a hatred there was between the two branch power organizations for the Asura Division to be this ruthless, and exactly how ruthless of a person the head of the Asura Division was.

There were even people who decided to directly go to the Dragon Tiger Division to check out what exactly had happened. That was because, at this moment, all of the Dragon Tiger Division’s members’ territories had been overturned, and only the Dragon Tiger Division itself remained unscathed.

It was like a declaration that the Dragon Tiger Division would become the main course for the Asura Division’s challenge. Thus, those who enjoyed watching a show would naturally not miss this opportunity.

At this moment, the sky turned dark. However, candle-light still covered the Cyanwood Mountain, so it was almost as bright as day.

However, what the people’s attention was focused on was most definitely not the beautiful scenery in the Cyanwood Mountain. Instead, numerous figures were shuttling through the sky and gathering at the Dragon Tiger Division.

“Yoh, what a coincidence, you’ve come too?”

“Haha, that’s to be expected. With such a show, how could I possibly miss it?”

“Oh, right, do you all know who that Asura Division’s head is and what sort of origin he has for him to create such a grand spectacle? This is truly an amazing feat.”

“You still don’t know about this? He had left his name behind in every territory that he destroyed. His name is Chu Feng, he’s a new disciple. However, he’s extremely arrogant.”

“Ruthless indeed. There are new disciples every year. However, never has there been one like that Chu Feng. It would appear that he is not a simple character; he’s most definitely a demon-level character with strength and background.”

At this moment, people were packed in the sky and on the ground outside of the Dragon Tiger Division.

These people who came to watch the show were blabbing their mouths nonstop. Some were exclaiming in admiration, whereas others were commending what had happened; regardless, they were all discussing the Asura Division and Chu Feng.

Suddenly, someone spoke with contempt: “Demon-level character my fart. He’s merely a new disciple, yet he dares to be this arrogant. He is most definitely trying to court death for himself. Do you not know who is standing behind this Dragon Tiger Division? It’s the Orion Division!”

As the saying goes, people have their own ambitions. For some people, Chu Feng’s conduct was extremely arrogant and amazing. However, for others, they felt that his conduct was merely courting death.

“The f*ck do you know? The Orion Division is the backer of the Dragon Tiger Division? Look at how enormous this matter has become. How come I still didn’t see the Orion Division doing anything about it?”

“All these people have come here, why am I not seeing anyone from the Orion Division? Is this what you mean by standing behind?” However, there were also people who disagreed and spoke out against it.

“You… even if the Orion Division does not come, it remains that Chu Feng is a new disciple. For him to dare to create such an enormous spectacle, he is truly overestimating his own abilities.”

“As long as there is a random powerful senior that dislikes what he did, he’ll be finding his teeth on the floor.” [1. Beaten up so bad that his teeth have all fallen to the ground.]

“Furthermore, I’ve also heard that this Chu Feng is a disciple of the Southern Cyanwood Forest. Do you all not know about the Southern Cyanwood Forest? You actually thought him to be a demon-class character? Aren’t you overestimating him too much?” That person who looked down on Chu Feng continued.

“What? Chu Feng is actually a disciple of the Southern Cyanwood Forest?”

“Absolutely true.”


Hearing those words, the expressions of many people who did not know what had happened changed. Some started to sigh and shake their heads, and others began to loudly sigh in disappointment.

The other things spoken by that man who looked down on Chu Feng did not upset them. However, with merely the words ‘Southern Cyanwood Forest,’ he managed to deeply upset them and cause all of them who had previously thought highly of Chu Feng to not have any expectations for him anymore.

Although the Southern Cyanwood Forest was a genuine subsidiary power, its successive generations of disciples were worse and worse than the previous generations.

After innumerable successions, this led to Southern Cyanwood Forest becoming extremely infamous through the entire Cyanwood Mountain. People even felt that they were a genuine subsidiary power specializing in cultivating mediocre and trash disciples.

Right at this moment, an imposing-looking man with a cultivation of rank two Martial King stood out. “This brother, don’t speak if you do not know about the truth. While Chu Feng is indeed a new disciple, he is no ordinary new disciple.”

“Have you not heard what I just said? I’ve said that he’s a disciple from the Southern Cyanwood Forest. Yet you’re actually still saying that he’s an extraordinary new disciple? In that case, tell me, how is he extraordinary?” mocked the man who looked down on Chu Feng.

“Hah…” That man who spoke up for Chu Feng laughed lightly. Then he said, “Reportedly, yesterday at the mission plaza, a disciple completed a wolf grade mission and broke the record for the mission. Not only did he obtained four hundred and fifty achievement points as a reward, even the management elder from the Medicine Concocting Department, Elder Wei, praised him.

“As for that disciple, he was a new disciple that joined us this year. Furthermore, he just happened to be from the Southern Cyanwood Forest. Moreover, his name is precisely Chu Feng.”