Chapter 1169 - Wise Decision

MGA: Chapter 1169 - Wise Decision

As he saw the terrified appearances of the Dragon Tiger Division’s members, Chu Feng lightly laughed in his heart. However, he did not laugh out loud. Instead, with a cold and sharp tone that did not allow for any objection, he said, “Today, I will not harm you all. However, I do not wish to see anyone from the Dragon Tiger Division in the future. Starting tomorrow, whenever I see anyone wearing the Dragon Tiger Division’s armband, I will beat that person up every time I see him or her.”

Chu Feng’s tone was extremely domineering. Not only were the Dragon Tiger Division’s members’ trembling, even the surrounding crowd felt a chill run down their backs, causing their hair to stand up.

That was because the intention behind Chu Feng’s words was extremely clear. He was forcing the dissolution of the Dragon Tiger Division. When other branch power organizations made challenges, they would mostly use the branch power organizations that they challenged as stepping stones to increase their reputations.

However, for Chu Feng, not only did he not let things go after he finished destroying the Dragon Tiger Division’s entrance gates and signboard, he actually even demanded the dissolution of the Dragon Tiger Division. This was truly a bit too arrogant and ruthless.

“Boom~~~~” Right at the moment when everyone was feeling a chill, Chu Feng raised his hand once more and shot out a palm explosively. Enormous and earth-shattering king-level martial powers started to gather into a violent ocean of martial power.

The ocean of martial power originated from Chu Feng’s palm and swept toward the Dragon Tiger Division. Everywhere it passed, not a single blade of grass was left standing, and all things were destroyed. In a blink of an eye, all of the Dragon Tiger Division’s luxurious palaces had turned into dust.


As they looked at the surging dust that appeared like the aftermath of a volcanic explosion, as well as the buildings in the Dragon Tiger Division that had disappeared in an instant, the crowd present all sucked in a mouthful of cold air. They had thought that the matter was already closed; never had they imagined that Chu Feng would suddenly do such a thing.

At this moment, the crowd felt as if they had seen the moment when the territories of the members of the Dragon Tiger Division had been flattened. However, the destruction of territory this time around was most definitely the most overwhelming.

However, after Chu Feng shot out that palm strike, he did not stop to bother with the reaction of the crowd. As if this palm strike was meant to conclude his challenge today, he calmly turned around and began to lead the members of the Asura Division to leave.

After Chu Feng left, the surrounding crowd burst into a heated discussion, and then left one after the other. Only the members of the Dragon Tiger Division remained in place, standing in the sky as they trembled with fear.

They looked at their head that was lying on the ground. Then they looked at the Dragon Tiger Division that had turned into ruins and was still covered in thick smoke. Then, they recalled the words spoken by Chu Feng. Their thoughts were running amok with fear; they did not know what path they should take.

“That Chu Feng is too frightening. I do not wish to be his enemy anymore. Head, Second Head, I’m sorry, I will not be able to continue to follow you all.”

After a long time, a member suddenly took off his Dragon Tiger Division’s armband and flew away from the ruins of the Dragon Tiger Division like a ray of light.

His departure set off a chain reaction. One after another, an unceasing flow of members began to take off their armbands before running away.

In the end, only several tens of people stood in the sky above the Dragon Tiger Division. At this moment, the Second Head of the Dragon Tiger Division sighed, and then descended to the ground. She took out a recovery medicinal pellet, placed it into the head’s mouth and began to help him heal his injuries.

Following her, the remaining Dragon Tiger Division’s members also descended to the ground and stood around the Dragon Tiger Division’s head in a circle.

“A bunch of craven and cowardly dogs. I have remembered them. For them to have the nerve to betray me, watch how I’m going to deal with them in the future,” said the Dragon Tiger Division’s head as he gnashed his teeth in anger after his body recovered. Evidently, he was extremely enraged by the actions of those who had just left his Dragon Tiger Division.

“Head, this matter cannot be blamed on them. After all, that Chu Feng is truly too powerful. We are truly no match for him. Furthermore, even without him, there’s also that woman. She already possesses such a cultivation at such a young age, it is truly too terrifying. It is truly a mistake for us to provoke the Asura Division,” the Dragon Tiger Division’s second head consoled him with a dejected expression.

“Bullshit! Mistake to provoke them? What is mistaken about it? While it is true that our Dragon Tiger Division is no match for their Asura Division, do not forget who we have standing behind us. When Lord Lei Yao returns, their Asura Division will suffer.”

“F*ck! To dare to humiliate me like that in front of all of those people. Chu Feng, wash your neck and wait. I will most definitely get my revenge for the hatred today,” said the Dragon Tiger Division’s head in anger. Not only was he displaying an extremely enraged expression, his eyes were also emitting a very dense killing intent.

Compared to the dejected mood at the Dragon Tiger Division, the Asura Division was completely different.

At this moment, the entrance gates of the Asura Division had already been repaired and the Asura Division signboard was once again placed on top of the entrance gates.

After that, Chu Feng arranged a feast within the Asura Division to celebrate without restraint.

Although the destruction of the Dragon Tiger Division was nothing major to Chu Feng, it remained the first battle that the Asura Division had fought since their establishment. Thus, there was naturally a need to celebrate.

However, to the other members of the Asura Division, what happened was truly a joyous thing. Yesterday, they had followed Chu Feng and destroyed all of the Dragon Tiger Division’s members’ territories. After that, they even went to the headquarters of the Dragon Tiger Division and personally saw for themselves as Chu Feng slapped the Dragon Tiger Division’s head to the ground with a single palm strike, rendering him powerless. After that, Chu Feng destroyed their headquarters and won the amazement and admiration of the crowd present.

As members of the Asura Division, they only felt a single sensation back then and even now: impressiveness.

For Wang Wei and the others, they naturally felt extremely impressed. As new disciples, they were actually able to act completely unrestrained and do such a world-shaking thing that caused the seniors that they should be reverencing to look at them with eyes of reverence instead.

However, to Fang Tuohai and the others, this matter was a world-shifting matter. In the past, they had been bullied by others the entire time. All these years, they had been silently enduring.

However, who would have thought that, after joining the Asura Division, their status would actually have such an enormous change? It was as if they were dreaming. They were truly rejoicing, truly delighted. They even hoped that if this was truly a dream, that they would never wake up from this dream.

They were very fond of their current situation. Even though the person who had attacked was not them, and they had merely followed behind the impressive figure of Chu Feng, basking in his light, they still wanted for this to continue on for eternity, because they were truly fond of this sort of sensation, this sensation of not being looked down upon by others, this sensation of being revered by others.

“Master, a lot of people have gathered outside. They say that they wish to pay you a visit.” Suddenly, a servant ran in. However, this was already the tenth time that she had ran in. Furthermore, the things that she had run in to report every single time were basically the same.

After Chu Feng and the others returned to the Asura Division, an uninterrupted stream of people began to flood toward the Asura Division in the hopes of joining it. Furthermore, those people were not only limited to new disciples, there were also many older disciples that had been in the Cyanwood Mountain for many years that had now quit their previous branch power organizations for the purpose of joining the Asura Division.

At this moment, several hundred people were gathered outside of the Asura Division’s entrance gates. They were all here for the purpose of joining the Asura Division.

“Junior brother Chu Feng, there’s actually this many people wanting to join our Asura Division in such a short period of time. It seems that our Asura Division will rise in power.”

“Junior brother Chu Feng, there’s already several hundred people gathered outside. Should you go and see them? After all, it is true that our Asura Division needs to expand our power, no?” said Wang Wei, Fang Tuohai and the others.

However, faced with the words spoken by the others, Chu Feng only smiled lightly and said, “I have said before that our Asura Division does not need to recruit members. As long as the time is right, people will naturally want to join our Asura Division. Merely, at that time, it will not be that easy to join our Asura Division.”

Hearing those words, everyone understood Chu Feng’s intentions and stopped trying to urge him to see those people. However, they still had smiles of joy on their faces. As matter stood, they now firmly believed that Chu Feng was the person who would light their path and direct them. As long as they followed Chu Feng without any hesitation, their future days would definitely become brighter and brighter.

Their decision to join the Asura Division was the wisest decision.