Chapter 1161 - Know Yourself, Know Your Enemy

MGA: Chapter 1161 - Know Yourself, Know Your Enemy

Currently, Chu Feng did not have a lot of followers. However, he still felt extremely gratified as he saw these people in the palace hall.

Presently, what sort of situation were they in? It was right after their Asura Division had been challenged. To speak in exaggerations, it was the moment of calamity for the Asura Division, the time where its members’ loyalty would be tested.

However, in this sort of situation, not only were all the members of the Asura Division present, many more actually joined. This was enough to make Chu Feng feel gratified and honored.

“Our Asura Division, including me as the head, numbers only several tens of people right now. At a glance, we do appear to be pretty wretched. It is no wonder that we would be looked down upon by others.”

“However, everyone, I guarantee to you all that there will definitely come a day when our Asura Division will expand and increase in strength. At that time, the members of our Asura Division will be found throughout the entire Cyanwood Mountain. Furthermore, not a single one of them will be a nobody. At that time, there will never be anyone who would dare to look down upon our Asura Division.”

“When that day arrives, you all will be our Asura Division’s senior figures, people who have seen the birth and rise of the Asura Division. Regardless of what level of cultivation you all will obtain in the future, I will still give you all the treatment due to senior figures.”

“Right now, our Asura Division has only been created for less than four days. Yet, we’ve already been challenged, and have had our entrance gates and sign smashed and stepped on.”

“I believe that everyone knows what we should do right now without needing me to explain, right?” said Chu Feng as he looked to the crowd.

“Whoever it was that did this to us, we shall go and retaliate against them. Our Asura Division cannot allow such a humiliation to happen to us without doing anything.”

“That’s right. Destroy them and make them realize that our Asura Division is not that easily bullied…”

“We shall go and challenge the Dragon Tiger Division and take back our reputation!!!”

The crowd shouted loudly. Their resounding voices shook through the entire palace hall. Even though they all had their own ideas of what to do, their main idea remained going to the Dragon Tiger Division and taking revenge for their actions. All of them were already prepared to fight.

However, compared to the hot-blooded, furious and passionate response of the others, Fang Tuohai and the other scum seniors were instead silent. It was not that they were not angry, they too were just as hot-blooded. However, on their faces were complicated expressions, a lingering fear that was not easily detected.

“Very well. However, as the saying goes, know yourself, know your enemy, only then will one be able to be ever-victorious. Thus, I wish to know about this Dragon Tiger Division. Who among you all knows about them?”

Although Chu Feng said those words to everyone, his gaze was cast toward Fang Tuohai. That was because he knew very well that while Fang Tuohai and the others might not be powerful, they had been in the Cyanwood Mountain for the longest. Thus, they ought to know the most about the matters of the Cyanwood Mountain.

“I know a bit about this Dragon Tiger Division. The Dragon Tiger Division possesses about five hundred members. As for their strongest person, their head, his name is Wei Zhenhai. He is a rank four Martial King.”

“A branch power organization like theirs is extremely common in the Cyanwood Mountain. Although they cannot be considered to be overly weak, they are most definitely not strong either.”

“As for why the Dragon Tiger Division had been able to exist in the Cyanwood Mountain safely, rumor has it that their head Wei Zhenhai had obtained unexpected success in the past, and managed to get enter into relationship with a head of the Orion Division.”

“Thus, whenever the Dragon Tiger Division is challenged or bullied by another branch power organization, the Orion Division will always send people to help them take revenge. Although they have not openly announced that they’re in an alliance, many people know that the relationship between the Dragon Tiger Division and the Orion Division is not light at all.”

“Although the Dragon Tiger Division has not managed to expand or strengthen themselves, very few people dare to provoke them due to the deterrent force of the Orion Division behind them. At the same time, the Dragon Tiger Division has also become the Orion Division’s lapdog and will frequently do unsightly things for the Orion Division,” Fang Tuohai explained.

“What? It’s actually the Orion Division?” Upon hearing the words spoken by Fang Tuohai, the expression of the crowd, whose blood were previously boiling, changed somewhat. Never had they ever imagined that the ordinary Dragon Tiger Division would actually have such a backing.

What sort of branch power organization was the Orion Division? One could imagine it just by thinking about the Orion Monastery. The Orion Division was most definitely not a second-rate or third-rate branch power organization. Instead, it was a first-rate, powerful branch power organization.

Every year, the Orion Monastery would send a great amount of outstanding disciples to the Cyanwood Mountain. Even though the Orion Division’s development was inferior to that of the Ascension Division or the Three Cyanwood Forests Division, they would most definitely not be overly inferior.

Even though the Asura Division possessed two geniuses, Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen, to watch over it, it remained that they were too weak. Even Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen themselves did not possess a very powerful cultivation.

For an Asura Division like this, while they would be able to confront a branch power organization like the Dragon Tiger Division, they would most definitely be unable to confront a huge monster like the Orion Division.

“So this Dragon Tiger Division is actually the Orion Division’s lapdog. Everything makes sense now.” Compared to the others’ worries, Chu Feng smiled lightly.

“Junior brother Chu Feng, why do you say that?” Hearing those words, Fang Tuohai and the others were surprised.

“I had some confrontations with a disciple of the Orion Monastery. I believe that because of him, the Orion Monastery has already decided to turn against me.”

“For them to utilize the branch power organizations to suppress me after I arrived at the Cyanwood Mountain is befitting of their style.” Chu Feng did not try to hide anything, and spoke of the conflict between him and the Orion Monastery.

“May I know exactly which disciple was capable of making the Orion Monastery harbor hard feelings against you?” asked Fang Tuohai and the others, who did not understand the situation.

“Yuan Qing, have you all heard of him?” Chu Feng asked with a smile on his face.

“Yuan Qing? It’s actually him?!” Hearing that name, other than Bai Ruochen, the expressions of everyone else took a huge change. Unable to help themselves, they all sucked in a mouthful of cold air as traces of panic emerged in their eyes.

Yuan Qing, it was a name that everyone in the Cyanwood Mountain knew. He was the demon-level genius that had triggered the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle and obtained the Commander Flag.

Suddenly, Chu Feng asked, “Senior brother Fang, do you know about the Orion Division?”

“I know a bit. The Orion Division could be considered to be one of the top branch power organizations in the Cyanwood Mountain. Their members are numerous, numbering in the several tens of thousands of people.”

“Among them, the talented geniuses are innumerable. The Orion Division has a total of four heads. The strongest among them is the Eldest Head. As far as I know, his name is Lei Yao, and he is a rank six Martial King,” said Fang Tuohai.

“How does the Orion Division rank among the many branch power organizations?” asked Chu Feng.

“That’s hard to say. Other than the top ten branch power organizations, the others do not have genuine rankings. However, the Orion Division is truly powerful. From the way I see it, even if the Orion Division is not ranked eleventh, it would most definitely be the twelfth,” Fang Tuohai replied.

“Is that so? In that case, they’re not that much inferior to the Ascension Division and the Three Cyanwood Forests Division. It appears that the disciples of the Orion Monastery have not let down their reputation of being disciples from a first-rate subsidiary power,” Chu Feng spoke with admiration.

“Chu Feng, what do you plan to do now?” Bai Ruochen asked.