Chapter 1160 - Followers

MGA: Chapter 1160 - Followers

“That’s right, Lord Chu Feng. Lady Wang Wei, Lord Fang Tuohai and the others have told us to contact them should you return. My lord, do you want us to notify them right now?” A servant suddenly asked.

“Senior sister Wang Wei, senior brother Fang and the others also knew about this matter?” asked Chu Feng.

“Mn, all of the members of the Asura Division know about it. None of them have gone to do any missions; they have all been waiting for you return, so that you could make a decision as to what to do,” replied that servant.

“Very well, go and call them all over.” Chu Feng nodded. As he spoke, he silently took out a communication talisman; it was the communication talisman for Bai Ruochen.

The motion of the communication talisman could be received within a certain range. Even though the territory of the Cyanwood Mountain was enormous, it was still within the range of the communication talisman.

Thus, in a very short period, Wang Wei, Fang Tuohai, Bai Ruochen and the others all arrived at Chu Feng’s territory.

Wang Wei, Fang Tuohai and the other disciples of the Southern Cyanwood Forest had already known what happened here. Thus, they immediately hurried over upon receiving notice from Chu Feng.

As for Bai Ruochen, she originally did not know anything about it, and even felt a bit annoyed for being called over before she could even rest after just returning to her territory.

Upon thinking about what Chu Feng had done previously, Bai Ruochen felt that Chu Feng was deliberately playing with her and became enraged. However, when she thought that it might be possible that Chu Feng had a major matter that he needed her for, she decided to resist her anger and proceed to Chu Feng’s territory.

When she arrived at Chu Feng’s territory and saw the shattered entrance gates and sign, she understood everything.

The anger in her heart had instead increased. It was so much so that traces of killing intent emerged in her beautiful eyes. Merely, her killing intent was not meant for Chu Feng. Instead, it was toward the people that had smashed the entrance gates and sign of the Asura Division.

While Bai Ruochen might be extremely cold, distant, appeared to be lacking emotions, and had joined the Asura Division after being very difficult; she was actually a person who possessed a cold exterior and hot interior. [1.tsundere] At normal times, she would ignore the matters of the world and not bother with anything.

However, when someone was to do something that dishonored the Asura Division’s dignity, she would be more enraged than anyone else and would definitely not let the matter stand.

At this moment, everyone from the Asura Division arrived at Chu Feng’s territory. However, there were four extra people in the palace hall.

As he saw the four unfamiliar faces, three men and a woman, that were wearing the armband of the Asura Division, Chu Feng asked Fang Tuohai. “Senior Fang, these four are?”

“Junior brother Chu Feng, they are all disciples of our Southern Cyanwood Forest.”

“In the several days that you were away, I notified all of the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s disciples that I knew. However, in the end, only the four of them were willing to join our Asura Division,” Fang Tuohai replied in an honest manner.

“Those people are truly unable to differentiate good from bad. They’ve received all kinds of humiliation in the Cyanwood Mountain, and no presentable branch power organization was willing to accept them. Our Asura Division was actually willing to accept them, yet they actually refused to join. Truly infuriating.” When those Southern Cyanwood Forest’s disciples that refused to join the Asura Division were mentioned, all of the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s disciples present started to complain somewhat.

“It is precisely because they’ve received all kinds of humiliation that they’ve become this timid and cautious. No matter; as I’ve said before, as long as they’re disciples of our Southern Cyanwood Forest, our Asura Division’s gates will always be open to them. As long as they’re willing, they can join our Asura Division at any time.” Compared to the furious reaction of the others, Chu Feng was very calm.

Suddenly, Wang Wei said. “Oh right, junior brother Chu Feng, junior sister Ruochen, there is a matter that I must tell the two of you about.”

“After the two of you left, a strange thing occurred. Although the majority of the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s disciples have refused our invitation, some of the Ascension Sect’s disciples instead came over of their own accord, saying that they wanted to join our Asura Division to follow junior brother Chu Feng and junior sister Ruochen.”

“The Ascension Sect’s disciples?” Both Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen were surprised.

“Mn, they’re the Ascension Sect’s disciples that have joined the Cyanwood Mountain together with us, all people that we have met on the road to the Cyanwood Mountain. They’re all very powerful, their cultivations are all at the Martial King level. As for those who wanted to join our Asura Division, they numbered a total of twenty-five people,” replied Wang Wei.

“So it’s them.” When he heard of their cultivations from Wang Wei, Chu Feng knew right away that these twenty-five people were most likely the genius disciples of the Ascension Division that had been taught a lesson by him that day.

That day, Chu Feng had taught ninety-nine genius disciples of the Ascension Division. Although they would be no match for Chu Feng, they were most definitely the top disciples after Bai Ruochen.

Merely, Chu Feng was unable to understand. With how proud and arrogant they were, why did they not join the Ascension Division or other, better branch power organizations, and instead want to join their Asura Division?

“Due to the fact that we do not know them well, we did not make decisions without your permission, and did not permit them to join our Asura Division.”

“However, they are very dedicated. They told us that after they heard that it was junior brother Chu Feng and junior sister Ruochen that established the Asura Division, they determined that they would definitely become members of the Asura Division. Thus, all of them still remain in the Cyanwood Mountain right now. Furthermore, they had left behind communication talismans to reach them with.”

“They told us to definitely contact them when the two of you return. If you two were to refuse them, they said they would only accept the refusal if it was done in your presence,” continued Wang Wei.

“Junior brother Chu Feng, I think that they’re pretty powerful. Furthermore, all of them are extremely talented individuals. Not to mention us, many other branch power organizations would be extremely willing to accept them. Even the top ten branch power organizations would surely be willing to accept them as members.”

“Thus, instead of having them join another branch power organization, isn’t it better for us to accept them?” Right at this moment, Fang Tuohai and the others urged. It could be seen that they all thought highly of those Ascension Sect’s disciples, and were extremely eager for them to join the Asura Division. After all, that would be able to strengthen the Asura Division.

“Lil Sis Ruochen, what’s your opinion on this matter?” Chu Feng was not urgent to give an answer and instead looked to Bai Ruochen. After all, those disciples of the Ascension Sect were closer to her.

“Just accept them. Although I’m not very familiar with them, I still know of their characters. They are not bad people. Since they spoke of it like so, it means that they truly want to join us,” said Bai Ruochen.

“Mn, that’s what I was thinking too. Since that’s the case, senior sister Wang Wei, please call them over.”

“This is just the perfect timing, as the following matter is something that I wish to speak of after all of the Asura Division’s members are gathered here,” said Chu Feng.

“Mn.” Wang Wei immediately got in touch with the twenty-five Ascension Sect’s disciples with the communication talismans.

Those disciples appeared to have been waiting for the contact the entire time. Right after they received the summoning, they quickly arrived at Chu Feng’s territory.

After seeing them, Chu Feng discovered that they were indeed familiar faces, all twenty-five of them were people that he had taught a lesson that day.

Furthermore, at this moment, Chu Feng seemed to have realized why they wanted to join his Asura Division.

That was because Chu Feng was able to see a kind of gaze from their eyes. It was a gaze of reverence; they revered Chu Feng from the bottoms of their hearts.

Likely, the reverence emerged in their hearts after they were taught a lesson by Chu Feng and then saw Bai Ruochen being defeated by Chu Feng with their own eyes. Likely, it was also at that time that they felt that Chu Feng’s future would be extremely formidable, and thus decided to join the branch power organization that Chu Feng created.

Chu Feng felt that these people were very intelligent. At the very least, their decisions were very correct. The number of people that Chu Feng had taught a lesson to that day numbered more than just the twenty-five of them. However, only these twenty-five decided to follow Chu Feng.

Chu Feng made a decision that once he managed to become powerful in the future, he would most definitely bring about benefits for them. At the very least, all of these people present in the palace hall right now should be rewarded.

After all, the Asura Division right now was still a trashy branch power organization that everyone despised. The people that were willing to follow him at such a time were those who truly wanted to follow him.