Chapter 1159 - Challenged

MGA: Chapter 1159 - Challenged

“Elder Wei, this disciple is indeed Yuan Qing from the Orion Monastery,” Yuan Qing replied respectfully.

“The Orion Monastery has treated you extremely well, yet you joined the Heaven Inquiring Division. Young man… one must not forget one’s roots,” replied Elder Wei.

Hearing those words, Yuan Qing’s expression immediately took a huge change. Hastily, he tried to explain. “Elder Wei, Yuan Qing would not dare to forget his roots. The grace of education that the Orion Monastery has bestowed upon this Yuan Qing is something that Yuan Qing will engrave in his memory. Merely…”

“There’s no need to explain. Remember that a loose tongue may cause a lot of troubles. While it is fine for one to show off one’s ability, one must not use force to bully another. Otherwise, sooner or later, you’ll end up paying bitterly for it,” Elder Wei spoke with a serious expression.

“Elder Wei, I…”

At this moment, Yuan Qing still wanted to explain himself. However, Elder Wei did not give him the opportunity to do so, as he had disappeared from the palace hall in a blink of an eye; he had already left.

After Elder Wei left, the entire palace hall turned quiet. Other than Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen, the crowd was feeling extremely complicated.

Especially so were those among them who had spoken words of mockery against Chu Feng earlier. At this moment, they felt regret because of what they had said earlier.

Evidently, Elder Wei thought highly of Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen. He had even invited them to visit the Medicine Concocting Department. Yet, Yuan Qing, this genius that they were trying to suck up to, had already left a bad impression on Elder Wei.

Thus, when one’s talent for cultivation was disregarded, with merely their current connections taken into account, it would appear that the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s disciple Chu Feng had obtained the upper hand. After all, if Chu Feng was able to obtain Elder Wei’s protection in the future, then would there be anyone in the Cyanwood Mountain who would dare to touch Chu Feng? Even if there were people who were capable of doing anything to Chu Feng, their numbers would be extremely few.

Once they thought of Chu Feng’s possibility of becoming very powerful in the future, they who had humiliated Chu Feng today naturally felt endless fear, and began to worry that Chu Feng might retaliate against them.

“Lil Sis Ruochen, let’s go.”

Chu Feng was not one to care about what the crowd was currently thinking. After Elder Wei left, Chu Feng walked out of the wolf grade mission palace with Bai Ruochen.

As for Yuan Qing, as he was publicly reprimanded by Elder Wei, he naturally felt as if he had lost all face. Thus, he had also quickly left this place.

However, regardless, the fact that today a disciple from the Southern Cyanwood Forest by the name of Chu Feng obtained four hundred and fifty achievement points by accomplishing a wolf grade mission was destined to spread.

After all, it was no small matter; it was instead a world-shaking major event, an event large enough to cause people to gasp in admiration.

Although wolf grade missions were indeed the lowest level missions, to be able to break the previous record for the mission and obtain a reward several times that of a tiger grade mission was most definitely not something that ordinary people could accomplish. Even those demon-level geniuses might not necessarily be capable of accomplishing such a feat.

Thus, Chu Feng’s name was destined to spread throughout the entire core region.

Chu Feng was flying toward his own territory. His current frame of mind was extremely good. On his face was a slight smile. Although this journey of his had cost him several days worth of time, it must be said that it also rewarded him with quite a luxuriant harvest.

“What happened here?” However, Chu Feng’s gaze shone right after Chu Feng returned to his territory. Immediately after, he hurried to descend.

The entrance gates to his territory had actually been smashed open. Even the Asura Division sign that was originally placed on top of the entrance had been smashed to pieces.

Most importantly, regardless of whether it was the broken entrance gates or the shattered sign, they were both left in place without being cleaned up. This was most definitely a kind of humiliation. Not only was it a humiliation to Chu Feng, it was a humiliation to the entire Asura Division.

“We’ve been challenged?” This was the first thought that came to Chu Feng’s mind.

There were numerous branch power organizations in the Cyanwood Mountain. The best method for a branch power organization to increase their fame would be to defeat another branch power organization and increase their standing by doing so. As for this sort of behavior, it was called ‘challenge.’

Originally, the Cyanwood Mountain did not allow for a branch power organization to challenge another. However, they later discovered that if they were to regulate the behavior of the challenges, then they would actually be capable of toughening their disciples’ heart for battle. Thus, in the end, they tacitly agreed to this behavior.

As long as no one died and the matter was not excessive, then even if one beat another up so badly that they would have to lie on their bed unable to move, even if one smashed the entrance gates and sign of another branch power organization, the Cyanwood Mountain would not look into it.

Rumor had it that there had been two branch power organizations fighting each other for a very long time. In the end, one of the branch power organization’s heads managed to reach a breakthrough. After that, he charged into the other branch power organization, beat up all of the higher echelons of the other branch power organization, and smashed apart all of their buildings.

Even though that head was called over by the Punishment Department afterward, he was released on the same day.

As for why he was released, it was actually very simple. That was because he was a genius. If a genius was to violate the rules, the Cyanwood Mountain might lightly discipline him. However, they would most definitely not strangle a genius. After all, what the Cyanwood Mountain needed were geniuses and not trash.

Thus, as time passed, the challenges between branch power organizations became the best method for them to resolve grudges.

That was also the reason why those disciples of the Southern Cyanwood Forest that had been cast aside would rather be alone than join the Smooth Steady Division. It was because they knew that the Smooth Steady Division was too weak.

If they were to join the Smooth Steady Division, they could encounter the fate of being challenged at any moment where if they were to be beaten, it would still be considered to be reasonable and fair. However, if they did not join the Smooth Steady Division, they would instead be a bit safer.

After discovering that, other than the entrance gates and sign being destroyed, everything else remained undamaged, Chu Feng started to calm down. Without bothering with the gazes of people surrounding him, Chu Feng directly walked into his territory.

“Lord Chu Feng, you’ve finally returned. Major, a major thing has happened.” Sure enough, when the servants saw Chu Feng, they hurriedly ran over to him.

On their faces was timidness. However, much more than the timidness was self-blame. Evidently, they were blaming themselves, and feeling very apologetic for being unable to safeguard their territory.

“Have I been challenged?” Chu Feng asked.

“Ye-yes.” A servant responded.

“Who did it?” Chu Feng asked.

“It’s the Dragon Tiger Division,” replied a servant.

“Dragon Tiger Division?” When he heard the name, Chu Feng entered into deep thought.

He remembered this branch power organization. When he had gone to the Smooth Steady Division to teach the Smooth Steady Division’s scum senior brothers a lesson, he had surprisingly encountered several ignorant men that had started to humiliate the Southern Cyanwood Forest. Those men ended up being publicly beaten by Chu Feng and fleeing afterwards.

Chu Feng remembered that those few men were members of the Dragon Tiger Division.

Logically, as the members of their Dragon Tiger Division had been defeated by Chu Feng, it was reasonable for them to come for revenge. As for their challenge and destruction of the Asura Division, it was also perfectly appropriate.

However, Chu Feng continued to feel that something was fishy. Thus, he asked. “When did this happen?”

“They came right after you left,” a servant replied.

“They came right after I left? That means it happened on the early morning that day I left?” asked Chu Feng.

“Yes,” replied the servants.

“As I expected. They should’ve already fixed their attention upon me.” Chu Feng started to frown. A flash of coldness shone through his eyes. He had already ascertained one thing in his heart.

The Dragon Tiger Division ought to have come prepared. Otherwise, it was impossible for them to act so quickly. Evidently, they had already known about Chu Feng’s situation, and had already prepared a method to deal with Chu Feng. Even if Chu Feng had not taught those men from the Dragon Tiger Division a lesson back then, he would likely still have been unable to escape from this calamity.

“Lord Chu Feng, we are truly sorry. They threatened us, saying that we cannot change the entrance gates and the sign that had been shattered. Thus, we…” The servants began to blame themselves once again.

“This is not your fault.” Chu Feng consoled them. The members of the Dragon Tiger Division were all core disciples. His servants would naturally not be able to and would not dare to do anything to those Dragon Tiger Division’s members.

After all, this was a matter between disciples.