Chapter 1158 - Management Elder

MGA: Chapter 1158 - Management Elder

“Huuu~~~” At this moment, silence filled both the inside and the outside of the palace hall.

Those who had mocked and insulted Chu Feng earlier all shut their mouths. It was not that they were willing to shut their mouths, but rather that Chu Feng had used his own strength to make them shut up.

The Chu Feng that they had looked down upon had accomplished a world-shaking feat. How could they possibly have the nerve to continue to insult him? How could they possibly dare to insult him? If they were to continue to insult him, wouldn’t this be the same as slapping their own faces?

Chu Feng was capable of obtaining this many achievement points doing a wolf grade mission. Furthermore, he even surpassed the previous record. This truly caused them to feel ashamed.

Without mentioning the other things, the fact that Chu Feng was capable of gathering several thousand Firmament Medicinal Herbs in only a few days was something that they could never have accomplished. From merely that, they were unable to compare with Chu Feng. Furthermore, the distance between them was as great as heaven from earth.

However, even though they had been stunned by Chu Feng, they did not speak highly of him either. After all, they had mocked and ridiculed him for so long earlier; the hatred and desire for revenge had already been planted.

If they were to speak highly of Chu Feng now, they would appear to be extremely opportunistic. Especially before an elder, they most definitely could not do such a thing, as they feared being looked down upon by that elder.

Thus, the only reaction they could give was being silent. As such, the entire palace became silent.

“Aiyoh, I truly never expected that you’re not as trashy as I imagined you to be. At the very least, it seems that you have some skills in gathering medicinal herbs. For you to not dare to do tiger grade missions, so it was actually because the wolf grade missions were better suited to you.”

“From the way I see it, you don’t have to bother doing any other missions. Just go to the Firmament Medicine Garden and gather medicinal herbs for the rest of your life there.”

“Otherwise, you could go and talk with an elder, so that you can stop being a disciple and start becoming a garden watcher. With your genius in gathering medicinal herbs, it’s best for you to not waste it. Isn’t that right?”

Right at this moment, Yuan Qing spoke eccentrically again. He was unreconciled to be defeated by Chu Feng. Thus, he tried to invert right and wrong, and turn Chu Feng’s strong point into his shortcoming, and urged the crowd to once again ridicule Chu Feng.

“While it’s true that gathering medicinal herbs is a skill that could be envied and admired, was it necessary for you to attack him?”

Right after Yuan Qing finished saying those words, an elderly voice sounded from within the palace hall.

At the same time, the tightly closed gate in the deepest region of the palace hall slowly opened. After that gate opened, several figures walked out.

All of these people wore golden gowns. Their ages were all comparably old, they were evidently all elders of the Cyanwood Mountain’s core region.

However, the leader of the group was somewhat extraordinary. Firstly, the gown that he wore was slightly different. Although he was also wearing a golden gown, there was a word, ‘Medicine’, inscribed on its chest region.

As for his appearance, this elder was not very tall, and was slightly fat. Although he appeared to be very ordinary-looking, he gave off an extraordinary air.

Furthermore, the sensation that this elder gave off was completely different. As for his cultivation, it was as deep as the ocean, as thick as the earth, and impossible to assess.

“We pay our respects to Elder Wei.” Upon seeing this elder, many disciples immediately displayed an extremely courteous salute. Even that elder in charge of receiving completed missions hurried to courteously salute.

Naturally, this sudden scene caused Chu Feng and the other newly-arrived disciples to not know how to react. Although the Cyanwood Mountain placed importance on etiquette, it was not to a degree where one was required to courteously salute when seeing an elder. Only when one encountered a management elder would one be required to bow in salute.

However, for newly-arrived disciples like Chu Feng, they simply do not know who was a management elder and who wasn’t. However, it was now evident that the short and fat white-bearded old man should be a management elder. Otherwise, the crowd would not be this tense upon his arrival.

“You can all rise, there’s no need to be overly courteous. Remember this well, while I do not care about what you do when you encounter other elders, when you see me, there’s no need to salute.” Before Chu Feng and the others could salute, that Elder Wei waved his hand and indicated for everyone to rise.

Seeing this, the crowd hurriedly stood back up. As for that elder in charge of receiving completed missions, he hurriedly handed over the Cosmos Sack that contained close to five thousand Firmament Medicinal Herbs to Elder Wei. “Elder Wei, these are the Firmament Medicinal Herbs that were just received, please.”

“Mn, I saw what happened earlier.” Elder Wei received the Cosmos Sack and placed it into his bosom. Then, he walked over to Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen. “Children, your aptitudes are pretty good. If you have the time, come and visit my Medicine Concocting Department.”

“Thank you elder.” Seeing this, Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen both saluted to express their thanks.

Branch power organizations were not limited to only disciples. The Cyanwood Mountain itself also possessed many branch power organizations. For example, the Punishment Department, Medicine Concocting Department, Weaponry Refinement Department, Martial Skills Department, Mysterious Techniques Department, and so on...

All of them were branch power organizations of the Cyanwood Mountain. Furthermore, there were heads for every single department. Merely, the heads of these departments were no ordinary elders. Instead, they were all management elders.

While disciples were capable of joining a branch power organization established by other disciples, they were also allowed to join branch power organizations led by management elders.

Of course, it was extremely difficult for disciples to join a branch power organization led by management elders, as they would need to obtain the good graces and permission of the management elder in charge.

Till this date, the disciples that were capable of joining those branch power organizations could be counted with one’s fingers.

However, undoubtedly, all the disciples that were capable of entering those branch power organizations led by management elders would obtain a completely different identity and status. That was because, with the backing of a management elder, practically no one would dare to provoke those disciples. Even elders themselves would step back when encountering those disciples.

As this Elder Wei mentioned the Medicine Concocting Department and wore a gown with a special sign, it was evident that he was definitely one of the management elders in charge of the Medicine Concocting Department.

Although he only told Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen to visit the Medicine Concocting Department and did not directly invite them to become members, it still, at the very least, illustrated that he thought highly of Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen. Otherwise, he would most definitely have not said those words to them.

Thus, at this moment, Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen were overjoyed. As for the disciples in the crowd, they were incessantly envious. For the two of them to obtain the good graces of a management elder right after entering the Cyanwood Mountain, to those other disciples, it was most definitely an enormous fortune.

“Didn’t I say that there was no need to salute? Why are the two of you still this disobedient? Remember, do not salute next time.” Elder Wei smiled an amiable smile at Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen. He then waved his sleeve and walked toward the exit of the palace hall.

Right when Elder Wei walked by Yuan Qing, Yuan Qing suddenly spoke: “Elder Wei, the things that this disciple said earlier was merely me joking with junior brother Chu Feng. It is most definitely not an attack on junior brother Chu Feng, nor is it meant to look down upon those who harvest medicines.”

What sort of person was Yuan Qing? He was one who would sell his soul for gain. Yet, he was also one who enjoyed showing off. Earlier, he had received Elder Wei’s reprimand when he had mocked Chu Feng. Fearing that he would leave a bad impression on Elder Wei, Yuan Qing hurriedly tried to offered an explanation for his actions.

After all, regardless of how exceptional of a reputation he might have, he was still a disciple. If he was to truly offend a management elder, then his future days in the Cyanwood Mountain might not be good.

Yuan Qing, who was still thinking about his grand future prospects, did not wish to make such a mistake. Thus, he did not care about what others might think of him and tried to publicly justify his actions.

“Are you that Yuan Qing from the Orion Monastery?” Elder Wei stopped his footsteps and looked to Yuan Qing.