Chapter 1157 - Breaking The Record

MGA: Chapter 1157 - Breaking The Record

“How could there be this many Firmament Medicinal Herbs? This is truly unimaginable!”

“That’s right, there’s at least a thousand of them, right? In that case, wouldn’t they be able to be exchanged for a hundred achievement points? When did the Firmament Medicinal Herbs become this easy to be gathered?”

As they saw the Firmament Medicinal Herbs that were orderly placed on the table and flickering with light, many of the disciples that walked by this mission palace were unable to stop themselves from gasping in surprise.

They knew very well how difficult it was to gather Firmament Medicinal Herbs. Although gathering Firmament Medicinal Herbs was a low-tier wolf grade mission, some disciples would rather go and complete leopard grade missions after their cultivation increased than gather the Firmament Medicinal Herbs.

As for why, it was very simple. While wolf grade missions were indeed very simple to do, gathering Firmament Medicinal Herbs was most definitely the hardest among the wolf grade missions. Especially for those without spirit energy, it was an unaccomplishable nightmare.

Thus, when comparing them, many leopard grade missions were much easier to accomplish than gathering Firmament Medicinal Herbs. However, everything changed right now.

At this very moment, there was someone that had gathered a thousand Firmament Medicinal Herbs. How much time was required to accomplish this sort of feat? How many days must she have stayed in the Firmament Medicine Garden?

Had they not known that Bai Ruochen had only entered the Cyanwood Mountain several days ago, they would all have suspected that she had spent many days to gather these thousand Firmament Medicinal Herbs.

However, when they found out that Bai Ruochen managed to gather a thousand Firmament Medicinal Herbs in only a few days, they were unable to help but see her with a whole new level of respect. Wholeheartedly, they began to feel that she was a demon-class character, an exceptional genius.

“There’s a total of a thousand one hundred and twenty-eight Firmament Medicinal Herbs, I should be rewarding you with a hundred and twelve achievement points.”

“However, taking into consideration that it must’ve been difficult for you to gather all of these, I’ll make an exception and reward you with a hundred and thirteen achievement points.”

After being shocked, the elder became extremely happy. Right away, he input a hundred and thirteen achievement points into Bai Ruochen’s identity plate.

“Heavens, she was actually able to obtain this many achievement points doing the simplest wolf grade mission. If she was to do a higher grade mission, oh how dreadful that would be?”

“This is truly inconceivable. A hundred and thirteen achievement points, isn’t this an even greater amount than the reward from the tiger grade mission that Yuan Qing completed?” At this moment, the crowd began to discuss spiritedly once again. As they saw the numbers that flickered on Bai Ruochen’s identity plate, the crowd felt both envy and admiration.

However, at this very moment, Yuan Qing’s expression became unsightly. Earlier, he was comparing the merits and drawbacks of a wolf grade mission to a tiger grade mission, declared the rewards he had obtained from completing a tiger grade mission, and indirectly mocked Bai Ruochen’s wolf grade mission.

However, what sort of f*cking situation was this? Bai Ruochen’s wolf grade mission actually rewarded an even greater amount of achievement points than the tiger grade mission that he completed. What the hell was this, was this even logic? At this very moment, he felt as if his cheeks were fiery hot, like he had been fiercely slapped a couple times; it was an extremely shameful situation for him.

“Elder, I would also like to hand in my mission.” Right at this moment, Chu Feng took out his identity plate, as well as his mission plate, and handed it over to the elder.

The elder casually took a glance at Chu Feng and asked in a very indifferent manner. “You’ve completed it?”

“Mn, I’ve completed it.” Chu Feng nodded.

Only then did that elder receive Chu Feng’s identity plate and mission plate. He directly entered a single achievement point into Chu Feng’s identity plate before returning it to Chu Feng. “You can hand over the Firmament Medicinal Herbs.”

“Elder, a single achievement point might not be enough.” Chu Feng looked at the ‘one’ on his identity plate and said in a slightly embarrassed and smiling manner.

“One’s not enough? In that case, how many achievement points would you need? You must know that ten Firmament Medicinal Herbs can only be exchanged for a single achievement point, right? Have you not read the explanation for the mission carefully enough?”

Surprisingly, after hearing what Chu Feng said, that elder became enraged, and actually reprimanded Chu Feng before everyone present.

“Haha, truly an ignorant person who doesn’t know what’s good for himself. As expected from a Southern Cyanwood Forest’s disciple, truly stupid beyond help.”

“That’s right. To not even know the rules of the mission, it’s a waste for such a person to be alive.”

“That’s wrong, I don’t think that’s the case. I think he’s trying to use petty tricks, he must’ve become envious after seeing junior sister Ruochen obtaining that many achievement points, and wanted to try to obtain some small advantages from the elder, seeing that he was in a good mood.”

“However, unfortunately for him, the elder has always been a fair and impartial person. How could he possibly give him advantages for no reason? So what if he might be from the same branch power organization as junior sister Ruochen and the head of said organization? Hahaha…”

People always loved to watch interesting and amusing things. As Chu Feng did not come from a powerful location, nor did he possess a high cultivation, he became the focus of everyone’s mockery, and was naturally mocked and laughed at even more after being reprimanded by that elder.


However, right when everyone was ridiculing Chu Feng, Chu Feng casually took out his Cosmos Sack. After a radiant light flashed through his Cosmos Sack, a large amount of densely packed Firmament Medicinal Herbs appeared in front of the elder.

The number of Firmament Medicinal Herbs were so numerous that they greatly surpassed the amount that Bai Ruochen had brought out earlier. From a glance, there appeared to be at least three times as many.

“Elder, are you certain that you’ll only be giving me a single achievement point?” Chu Feng asked with a smile.


At this moment, not to mention the ordinary crowd, even that elder was stunned by Chu Feng’s actions.

That was because as long as one was not a fool, one could tell that the amount of Firmament Medicinal Herbs that Chu Feng had harvested was greater than Bai Ruochen’s.

However, Bai Ruochen was a genius. Even if her gathering that many Firmament Medicinal Herbs might be unimaginable, it was still something that they could accept.

Yet, Chu Feng was completely different. He was a disciple of the Southern Cyanwood Forest. How could a disciple of the Southern Cyanwood Forest possibly be extraordinary and unnatural? Furthermore, how could they possibly be extraordinary to such a degree?

“How is that possible? This guy, he actually….” Compared to the others, the person who was most shocked at this moment was Yuan Qing.

Since the first time he had met Chu Feng, he had humiliated him, as both Chu Feng’s status and cultivation were inferior to his own. Thus, it was natural for him to humiliate Chu Feng and no one felt it to be wrong.

However, what sort of situation was this? Chu Feng had actually gathered this many Firmament Medicinal Herbs. In other words, wouldn’t the number of achievement points that Chu Feng obtained be greater than his own?

If it was hard for him to accept the fact that Bai Ruochen obtained more achievement points than him, then Chu Feng obtaining more achievement points than him would be truly difficult for him to accept.

“Three thousand four hundred and ninety-seven Firmament Medicinal Herbs. Naturally, you should be rewarded three hundred and forty-nine achievement points.”

“However, the amount that you have gathered has surpassed the previous record of Firmament Medicinal Herbs ever gathered for this mission. Thus, you will obtain an additional reward.”

“The additional reward is a hundred achievement points. I’ll be adding the total amount to your identity plate.”

After being shocked for a moment, that elder finally managed to react. At this moment, the gaze with which he looked at Chu Feng with had changed completely. No longer was there the contempt from before. Instead, he now looked at Chu Feng with a gaze that contained a much greater regard than the one that he used to look at Bai Ruochen with.

As he spoke those words, he had taken back Chu Feng’s identity plate and entered in the number of achievement points.

At this moment, no longer was there the word ‘one’ on Chu Feng’s identity plate.

Instead, there was ‘four hundred and fifty.’

Although wolf grade missions were indeed the lowest tier missions, Chu Feng was able to obtain four hundred and fifty achievement points from it. This was most definitely something that no one had ever accomplished before.