Chapter 1156 - Shocking Everyone

MGA: Chapter 1156 - Shocking Everyone

“That’s right, it’s impossible, I am most definitely overthinking it. If it was him who triggered the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle, then how come he didn’t admit to it? Why did he not expose me back then? Could it be that he does not know about the fame and benefits one would obtain from triggering the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle?”

“Without mentioning hiding it, for him to willingly allow someone else to take the credit for all his work, what sort of benefit would this possibly bring him? Unless he’s a fool, he most definitely would’ve admitted to it right away.”

“All in all, everyone feels that I am the person who triggered the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle. I am the hero in their eyes. This Chu Feng is simply incomparable with me.”

As the crowd voiced their contempt for Chu Feng, Yuan Qing once again regained his confidence and believed himself to be an exceptional genius that no one could compare with.

Thus, the gaze with which he looked at Chu Feng turned to one of disdain once again.

Coldly, he said. “Ah, the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond you said? Of course I remember that. Being beaten by me and then pissing his pants in terror, fleeing in fear, losing his way and nearly dying in the pond, that trash from the Southern Cyanwood Forest, isn’t that you, Chu Feng?”

“Chu Feng, so his name is Chu Feng? So he’s actually a disciple from the Southern Cyanwood Forest? No wonder he’s this ignorant. Haha. Sure enough, the Southern Cyanwood Forest is a place that specializes in fostering trash. Haha…” When they knew of Chu Feng’s identity, the crowd’s laughter became even louder and more filled with mockery. They were completely basked in joy as they laughed.

There were two reasons why they were acting in such a manner. First, they truly looked down upon the disciples of the Southern Cyanwood Forest. Secondly, they wanted to use this opportunity to curry favor from Yuan Qing. After all, they believed Yuan Qing to be a genius, and an existence that might even become the future leader of the Cyanwood Mountain.

Since an opportunity to curry favor from Yuan Qing was presented before them, they would naturally seize this opportunity and do their best to leave a favorable impression for Yuan QIng. Even though their actions might not bring them anything at all, they were still very willing to do such a thing.

Especially after they knew that the target of their mockery was a disciple from the Southern Cyanwood Forest, they felt that it was even more natural for them to do this.

In fact, their mockery of Chu Feng actually did managed to obtain a favorable impression from Yuan Qing. However, they did not know that their actions had not only obtained Yuan Qing’s favorable impression, they also boosted his confidence. Most importantly, they had also pushed Yuan Qing toward the inevitable pit of fire.

“Oh? Hah…” Chu Feng appeared to have already anticipated such a reaction and attitude from Yuan Qing. Thus, he did not get angry at all. Instead, he sneered in his heart.

“Who dares, to laugh again, I’ll tear his mouth apart.” However, right at this moment, Bai Ruochen was unable to continue watching this. Not only did she shout loudly at the crowd, she even emitted her oppressive might.

Her oppressive might was extremely fierce; it turned into a visible hurricane. As the hurricane revolved around her, those below Martial King level were all knocked to the ground. As for those at the Martial King level, they were forced back several steps.

Even the expressions of Yuan Qing and the two rank five Martial Kings beside him took a huge change.

Even though Bai Ruochen only possessed the cultivation of a rank three Martial king, her true strength was something that only rank six Martial Kings could match. Frankly speaking, even the two members of the Heaven Inquiring Division beside Yuan Qing would be no match for Bai Ruochen.

“That girl is actually this powerful…”

“Heavens, she’s too powerful. How come I have never heard of her famed name before?”

“It would appear that another demon-level character has appeared.”

Bai Ruochen’s oppressive might not only intimidated the entire crowd and caused all of them to stop their laughter, she even caused people from far away to notice that something was happening over here. Thus, more and more people began to cast their eyes toward this location.

“Junior sister Ruochen, never would I expect that not only are you beautiful, you are also this strong. I must say, I have still underestimated you.”

“I sincerely wish that you will be willing to leave this Asura Division. This Asura Division could be said to have no future at all. Join our Heaven Inquiring Division; this is where you belong,” said Yuan Qing to Bai Ruochen.

“That’s right. Junior sister Ruochen, as long as you’re willing to join our Heaven Inquiring Division, I believe that no matter what sort of request you make, the Second Head would definitely agree to it.” The two Heaven Inquiring Division’s members also began to urge Bai Ruochen.

Originally, they had only come to invite Bai Ruochen because of Yuan Qing. However, after they saw Bai Ruochen’s strength, they truly wanted to have her as a member of their Heaven Inquiring Division.

“Not interested.” However, the three men’s sincere invitations were firmly rejected by Bai Ruochen. Furthermore, as she spoke, she turned her head behind her and coldly shouted, “Move aside, do not block me in delivering my mission.”

As they looked at the beautiful yet ice-cold looking Bai Ruochen, the crowd did not dare to provoke her. Immediately, they spread aside. Finally, Bai Ruochen and Chu Feng were able to enter the wolf grade mission palace hall.

“Junior sister Ruochen, you couldn’t possibly have completed a wolf grade mission, right?” Right after the two of them entered into the wolf grade mission palace hall, Yuan Qing once again chased after them inside.

“Something wrong?” asked Bai Ruochen.

“Heh, there’s of course nothing wrong. Junior sister Ruochen is free to do whatever kind of mission she wants.”

“Merely, junior sister Ruochen, although the wolf grade missions are simple, the achievement points they give are truly too few.”

“I hope that you will consider joining our Heaven Inquiring Division because not only are we capable of helping you bring about your innate abilities, the senior brothers will also be able to provide with you a great amount of assistance.”

“For example, today, with assistance from the two senior brothers, I completed a tiger grade mission and obtained a hundred achievement points.”

“Even though I would be able to easily completely a tiger grade mission with my own cultivation, I must admit, with assistance from the two senior brothers, the tiger grade mission was simply too easy.”

“Moreover, a couple days from now, the senior brothers from the Heaven Inquiring Division are planning to bring me along to complete a lion grade mission. Furthermore, in order to encourage me, they are planning to give all of the achievement points from the completion of the mission to me.”

“Compared to that, the single achievement point from the completion of your wolf grade mission is simply too worthless. I fear that you would have to complete a hundred such missions to compare to a single completion of a tiger grade mission from me.”

“As for this, this is the difference between joining the Heaven Inquiring Division and joining the Asura Division. Junior sister Ruochen, for the sake of your own future prospects, you should carefully reconsider.”

Yuan Qing said those words with a complacent expression. As he said them, he even took out his identity plate. When he instilled his aura into the identity plate, the plain identity plate actually began to emit light, which formed the number one hundred.

This was the true usage of the Cyanwood Mountain’s disciples’ identity plates. Not only did they identify a disciple to be a core disciple, they also stored one’s accumulated achievement points. Most importantly, only the person who held the identity plate was capable of using this achievement point tool. Like this, it would prevent others from stealing another’s identity plate for their achievement points.

“A tiger grade mission and a hundred achievement points, is it that worthy of flaunting?” Faced with Yuan Qing’s flaunting of his achievement points, Bai Ruochen laughed coldly. She then walked deeper into the palace hall and handed her mission plate to the elder in charge of receiving completed missions.

After receiving the mission plate, that elder said indifferently, “Gathering Firmament Medicinal Herbs, one achievement point.”

Faced with this sort of situation, Yuan Qing and the others laughed mockingly. Pride and disdain were both present on their faces. After all, the reason why they looked down upon wolf grade missions was because the one achievement point given by the completion of a wolf grade mission was truly too little.

“Elder, may I know how many Firmament Medicinal Herbs are needed in exchange for a single achievement point?” asked Bai Ruochen.

“Ten Firmament Medicinal Herbs can be exchanged for a single achievement point,” the elder replied.

“In that case, what about a thousand of them?” Bai Ruochen took out her Cosmos Sack. After her Cosmos Sack shone with light, a total of a thousand Firmament Medicinal Herbs appeared before the elder in an orderly pile.

“Heavens, this…”

At this moment, everyone present, including the elder in charge of receiving completed missions, was stunned.