Chapter 1155 - Laughter of Mockery

MGA: Chapter 1155 - Laughter of Mockery

After they obtained the things that they had come here for, Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen left the Firmament Medicine Garden without any hesitation.

The harvest the two of them obtained this time around was truly enormous. However, after the two of them left the Firmament Medicine Garden, they did not immediately return to their own residences. Instead, they once again returned to the Mission Plaza.

They did not come to the Mission Plaza only so that they could return the mission plates, they had also come to take care of the Firmament Medicinal Herbs that they had with them.

Although Chu Feng used a hundred thousand seeds to open the gate, all of those seeds were obtained from the ocean of Firmament Medicinal Herbs; he had not used any of the Firmament Medicinal Herbs that he harvested himself.

In other words, the Firmament Medicinal Herbs that Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen harvested over the past days were still in perfect condition and capable of being used in exchange for achievement points.

Bai Ruochen had over a thousand Firmament Medicinal Herbs. As for Chu Feng, he had even more than her, numbering over three thousand.

Although it was only a wolf grade mission, for them to obtain this enormous number of Firmament Medicinal Herbs, the number of achievement points they would obtain through the exchange was not small either.

“Yoh, isn’t this junior sister Ruochen? What a coincidence to encounter you so quickly.”

Right at the moment when Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen arrived at a wolf grade mission palace hall, a sharp and unkind voice was suddenly heard, “Aiyah, why are you still together with this trash from the Southern Cyanwood Forest? Do you not fear that he’ll drag you down?”

Turning toward the source of the voice, three men appeared in Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen’s line of sight. Furthermore, these three men were walking toward them.

Among the three men, two of them were in their middle ages. Their cultivations were not weak either, both being at rank five Martial King.

As for the man in the middle, he was someone that both Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen knew, Yuan Qing.

Merely, at this moment, Yuan Qing did not have an armband of the Orion Division on his arm. Instead, he had the same armband as the two men beside him, an armband with the words ‘Heaven Inquiring Division.’

This meant that Yuan Qing did not join the Orion Division, and instead joined a different branch power organization. As for this Heaven Inquiring Division, Chu Feng had heard about it from Bai Ruochen before. It was currently the strongest branch power organization in the Cyanwood Mountain.

When he saw the armband, Chu Feng understood everything. It was impossible for the Orion Division to not want Yuan Qing to join them. However, as Yuan Qing’s fame had risen greatly, he had evidently been invited to join many other different branch power organizations.

As for the final conclusion, it was very clear. For his own future prospects, Yuan Qing chose not to join the Orion Division, and instead joined the strongest branch power organization in the Cyanwood Mountain, the Heaven Inquiring Division.

“You need something?” Bai Ruochen cast a cold glance at Yuan Qing and asked in an indifferent manner.

“Of course, I’ve come to find junior sister Ruochen to invite you to join our Heaven Inquiring…” With a bright expression, Yuan Qing began to speak his reasons in coming. However, as he spoke, he suddenly noticed the Asura Division armband that Bai Ruochen was wearing on her arm.

At this moment, he was completely stunned. In an incomparably shocked manner, he said. “Junior sister Ruochen, you’ve already joined a branch power organization?”

“Are you blind? Can you not see for yourself?” said Bai Ruochen coldly. Evidently, she was starting to become annoyed.

Seeing this, Yuan Qing hurriedly turned to the two men beside him and asked, “Asura Division? What sort of branch power organization is that? How come I’ve never heard of it before?”

“Asura Division? We’ve never heard of it before either.” Those two men both shook their heads.

Right at this moment, Chu Feng spoke, “Don’t bother thinking anymore, this Asura Division is a newly established branch power organization. As far as I know, it has been established for less than four days.”

“Four days? Who established this branch power organization?” asked Yuan Qing.

“I did, what about it? You have a complaint?” asked Chu Feng.

“What? You’ve created this branch power organization? Haha, truly ridiculous. You’re truly killing me with this joke.”

“Trash like you actually dared to establish a branch power organization? You truly do not know your standings.” Hearing what Chu Feng said, Yuan Qing immediately started laughing frantically. The mockery within his laughter was completely evident.

Following him, the two members from the Heaven Inquiring Division beside him also burst into loud laughter. Even passersby stopped to listen upon hearing the laughter of those two men, and then started laughing themselves, rocking their bodies backward and forward. It could be said that they were all laughing enjoyably.

After all, Chu Feng’s cultivation was clear to everyone; he was a rank one Martial King. Perhaps if one were to judge Chu Feng by his age, then he would not be considered to be weak. However, to be the head of a branch power organization, his cultivation was way too weak.

A branch power organization with a head like that would simply not be able to survive because countless other branch power organizations would go and challenge them. What awaited such a branch power organization would only be successive defeats. When its reputation sunk through the ground, no one would be willing to join it. Thus, to the crowd, there existed only a single fate for the branch power organization that Chu Feng had created; death.

After all, it was not the first time that this sort of thing had happened. None of them felt that Chu Feng would be an exception.

“Trash?” Surprisingly, Chu Feng disapproved of the ridicule of the crowd and laughed a profound and meaningful laughter. Then, he turned to Yuan Qing and said. “Yuan Qing, could it be that you yourself do not know who among us is the trash?”

“You, what do you mean by that?” Hearing those words, Yuan Qing was startled. For some unknown reason, he felt diffident.

As he was being gazed at by Chu Feng, he started to feel nervous. The confidence and conceit that he had displayed earlier had all crumbled.

Suddenly, he recalled that both triggering the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle and obtaining the Commander Flag were actually not his deeds and, what he possessed was merely a false reputation.

As for Chu Feng, although Yuan Qing looked down on him, he was only able to do that because his current cultivation was higher than Chu Feng’s.

Yuan Qing had never forgotten how his speed had been much inferior to Chu Feng’s in the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond. Suddenly, Yuan Qing recalled that Chu Feng had dived into a region of water that he was incapable of diving into.

“Why did he say those words? How come he dared to ask me who’s the trash? Could it be that the person who triggered the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle is him?”

Suddenly, Yuan Qing thought of a possibility. However, this possibility that he thought of caused his entire back to feel cold, and his body to tremble with fear. Because if the person who had triggered the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle was Chu Feng, then he, who was already extremely antagonistic with Chu Feng, akin to fire and water, wouldn’t he be facing an imminent catastrophe?

After all, if it was truly Chu Feng that had triggered the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle, then it meant that he possessed true abilities. And as for himself, he did not possess any.

“Who’s the trash? Isn’t this obvious? With merely you, you’re not even worthy enough to be compared with my junior brother Yuan Qing.”

“That’s right. Do you not know who my junior brother Yuan Qing is? He is the exceptional genius that triggered the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle and obtained the Commander Flag. And you, who do you think you are?”

However, when Yuan Qing was feeling nervous, the two Heaven Inquiring Division members beside him started to mock Chu Feng.

Once the two of them said those words, the surrounding crowd started to loudly laugh again.

Indeed, Yuan Qing’s famed name had spread throughout the entire Cyanwood Mountain; he was a publicly-renowned genius, a demon-level character that everyone believed would soon join the Cyanwood Succession List.

As for Chu Feng, who was he? He was simply someone that no one had ever heard of. Thus, when Chu Feng asked Yuan Qing who among the two of them were trash, he naturally became an enormous joke in the eyes of the crowd.