Chapter 1162 - Closed Door Training Breakthrough

MGA: Chapter 1162 - Closed Door Training Breakthrough

“I anticipated that the Orion Division would attack me. However, never would I have expected that they would dispatch this sort of lapdog first.”

“I believe that they have done such a thing, firstly, so that they could test us out. Secondly, with the strength and status of their Orion Division, it would be too humiliating if they were to attack us personally.”

“However, regardless of what their intentions are, since they have already slapped us in the face, we must definitely retaliate. The honor of our Asura Division cannot be allowed to be trampled upon by anyone,” Chu Feng spoke with a very calm tone. However, within his tranquil gaze was a restlessly overflowing fury.

“Head, what do you plan to do? Go ahead and tell us. No matter what your decision is, as long as you give the command, it will become our bounden duty.”

After hearing what Chu Feng said, the crowd spoke loudly in unison. Even though unease appeared in their hearts after they found out about the grudge between Chu Feng and Yuan Qing, they did not cower in the slightest when facing their enemies.

“That’s right. These years, we’ve pent-up our frustrations. We’ve sought only for peace, yet still continued to be humiliated by others. Might as well risk our lives and fight back. At the very least, if we were to die, we would still die honorably.” Fang Tuohai and the other scum senior brothers thought the matter to be even more serious, they actually had the determination to face death with equanimity.

“Everyone, do not be so emotional yet. Naturally, we cannot let the Dragon Tiger Division get away with what they have done to our Asura Division. However, we must also consider our timing when making our decision. Thus, in this period of time, I wish to trouble everyone with gathering information about the Dragon Tiger Division for me,” said Chu Feng.

“Information about the Dragon Tiger Division? Junior brother Chu Feng, what sort of information are you looking for?” Fang Tuohai asked in a confused manner.

“I want to know the profiles of all the members of the Dragon Tiger Division. They do not have to be extremely detailed, it would be fine as long as one thing is known -- the locations of their territories,” Chu Feng replied with a beaming smile.

“You want to know about the location of the Dragon Tiger Division’s members’ territories?” Hearing what Chu Feng said, the crowd was a bit confused. However, they did not hesitate, and instead spoke in unison. “We will go find out right away.”

After they finished speaking those words, the crowd left in succession. Evidently, they had gone to gather information regarding the Dragon Tiger Division’s members.

Only Wang Wei, Bai Ruochen and Fang Tuohai remained.

“We can leave the matters of gathering information to them. You can just call for me when all the preparations are finished.” Bai Ruochen left those words and then left right after without turning her head back. Truly, she arrived in a hurry and left in a hurry.

As he looked at Bai Ruochen’s back, a smile emerged on Chu Feng’s face once again. Although Bai Ruochen had still expressed a cold and detached appearance, Chu Feng remembered the reaction she had had when she discovered that the Asura Division had been challenged and left in ruins. Chu Feng had not been mistaken to befriend this girl.

“Junior brother Chu Feng, earlier the Dragon Tiger Division had threatened us by saying that we cannot restore your territory’s entrance gates and the Asura Division’s signboard, or else they will break them apart every time they are restored. Furthermore, the next time, it would not be limited to only the entrance gates.”

“As you were not present back then, and we were no match for them, we did not dare to decide what to do. However, since you’ve returned now, do you want us to restore the entrance gates and the signboard?”

“While our Asura Division is newly established and does not possess any reputation, it remains that we are a branch power organization. Over the past few days, many people have already started to chatter and make fun of us outside of your territory,” Fang Tuohai said with unwillingness. It could be seen that he cared greatly about the Asura Division’s reputation.

“There’s no need to be impatient about fixing them. Since there are people who have come to watch and laugh, we shall let them watch and laugh. However, sooner or later, I will make it so that they cannot laugh anymore,” said Chu Feng.

Seeing this, Fang Tuohai and the others did not ask anymore. They knew that Chu Feng was not only a person with strength, he was also a person with firm decisions and insights. There was only a single thing that they, the members of the Asura Division, had to do; comply with Chu Feng’s orders.

After everyone left, Chu Feng returned to his territory and entered an underground palace hall used for training.

As for what Chu Feng was planning to do, it was naturally to refine all of the cultivation resources that he had obtained in the Firmament Medicine Garden.

Currently, what was most important for Chu Feng was to increase his cultivation. Even if it was only a small bit, it would still be fine. As for these cultivation resources, they should be able to help him do just that.

The reason he planned to do this was not because he feared the Dragon Tiger Division. After all, the head of the Dragon Tiger Division was merely a rank four Martial King, someone that could be easily taken care of by Bai Ruochen alone.

However, Chu Feng knew very well that the Dragon Tiger Division was merely a lapdog. As for the true enemy, that they faced, it was the Orion Division.

Thus, Chu Feng had not placed the Dragon Tiger Division in his eyes from the very beginning. What he must truly face, or, in other words, the people that he wanted to truly retaliate against, were the Orion Division.

Chu Feng’s method of training was very simple. All he needed to do was refine cultivation resources. With the frightening devouring power that the Divine Lightnings in his body contained, refining cultivation resources was easier than eating for him.

Eating would, at the very least, fill his stomach. When he overate, he will become full. However, the natural energies of the refined cultivation resources would be completely devoured by his Divine Lightnings. The Divine Lightnings that occupied Chu Feng’s dantian were like bottomless pits. No matter how many cultivation resources Chu Feng provided for them, he would still not be able to satisfy them.

Logically, it would be extremely difficult for Chu Feng to make a breakthrough from his current cultivation level.

For many people, they would spend many years trying to make a breakthrough. Some, even after growing old and dying, would still be unable to break through. It was not that they did not obtain enough natural energy required for breaking through, it was instead because they were incapable of crossing through the obstruction required for breaking through, and were unable to comprehend the new realm.

However, Chu Feng was different from ordinary people. It was not that he could not sense the breakthrough obstruction, it was just that his comprehension was truly powerful. Furthermore, his comprehension grew simultaneously as he grew older, and his fusion with his Divine Lightnings became more and more powerful as well.

As long as he possessed enough cultivation resources, making a breakthrough in cultivation would be easier than eating for him. Chu Feng would be able to make his breakthrough effortlessly, in a very short period of time.

As Chu Feng had anticipated, the king level Martial Medicines that he had obtained this time managed to provide a great amount of natural energies for him.

As the enormous amount of natural energies existed in his body’s dantian for a split second before being devoured by the Divine Lightnings, Chu Feng grasped the opportunity and began to comprehend the entirely new realm.


Suddenly, a formless ripple swept out from Chu Feng’s body. The enormous shockwave brought forth by the ripple caused the entire palace hall to tremble.

At the same time, Chu Feng’s tightly closed eyes also opened.

At this very moment, lightning flickered in Chu Feng’s eyes; they were emitting a very powerful killing intent.

Those eyes simply did not appear to be the eyes of a human, they were extremely terrifying in appearance. However, undoubtedly, those eyes were most definitely capable of causing others to cower and tremble with fear.

“Dragon Tiger Division? Orion Division? Yuan Qing?”

“It’s time for you all to settle your debts.”

Chu Feng slowly stood up. Even though the lightnings disappeared from his eyes, the killing intent on him was still present.

Chu Feng successfully broke through. He was no longer a rank one Martial King. He was now a rank two Martial King.