Chapter 1147 - Firmament Medicine Garden

MGA: Chapter 1147 - Firmament Medicine Garden

“I truly do not understand, when have I ever lied to you?” Chu Feng nodded his head in an innocent manner.

Bai Ruochen cast a side-eye at Chu Feng. She then said, “You’ve lied to me countless times.”

“The missions from this Mission Plaza are separated into five different types. They are, respectively, wolf grade missions, leopard grade missions, tiger grade missions, lion grade missions and dragon grade missions.”

“The completion of different types of missions will reward different amounts of achievement points.”

“For wolf grade missions, the reward is a single achievement point. For leopard grade, ten achievement points, tiger grade, a hundred achievement points, and lion grade, a thousand achievement points,” said Bai Ruochen.

“In that case, what about the dragon grade missions?” Chu Feng pointed to the only dragon-shaped building, with its tightly-shut entrance doors.

“The amount of achievement points awarded for dragon grade missions are not fixed. Furthermore, not all disciples are allowed to take on a dragon grade mission. This is because the dragon grade missions are truly too dangerous. If ordinary disciples wanted to do them, they would simply be throwing their lives away.”

“When a dragon grade mission appears, that large bell over there will sound. Its noise will echo through the entire core region. At the same time, the elders will invite the excellent disciples to come to this place. At that time, the entrance to the dragon-shaped building will open,” said Bai Ruochen.

“In other words, if one wanted to do a dragon grade mission, they must be invited by an elder?” asked Chu Feng.

“It’s not that simple. While it is true that the elders would invite excellent disciples, the number of positions available for a dragon grade mission would always only be several.”

“In other words, those who are ultimately able to do a dragon grade mission would be the strongest several people among those invited by the elders.”

“In other words, they would also have the be the strongest several disciples among all the disciples of the core region.”

“I reckon that only the people on the Cyanwood Succession List would possess the qualifications to do the dragon grade missions,” added Bai Ruochen.

“Cyanwood Succession List? What’s that?” Chu Feng asked curiously.

“The Cyanwood Succession List is a list of rankings of core disciples. There are a total of nine different ranks on it.”

“Anyone capable of having their name be on the Cyanwood Succession List are all publicly renowned geniuses of the Cyanwood Mountain. In the Cyanwood Mountain’s thirty-first general assembly, they declared that anyone capable of being on the list would obtain the qualifications to become a management elder.”

“After one becomes a management elder, one would be qualified to compete for the position of the Cyanwood Mountain’s headmaster, the leader of the Cyanwood Mountain,” explained Bai Ruochen.

“So that’s what it is. In that case, what rank is Long Chenyi on the Cyanwood Succession List?” Chu Feng inquired.

Even though Long Chenyi was scared off by Chu Feng in their confrontation from Chu Feng’s usage of his sharp Heaven’s Eyes and killing intent, Chu Feng had to admit that Long Chenyi was a very powerful individual.

However, to Chu Feng, Long Chenyi’s powerfulness was only a temporary thing, and it would likely be very easy for him to catch up to Long Chenyi.

Thus, Chu Feng wanted to measure himself against Long Chenyi, and find out his current standing among the core disciples of the Cyanwood Mountain.

“Long Chenyi? Although his Ascension Division is ranked tenth in the branch power organizations, he is still not qualified to enter the Cyanwood Succession List.” Bai Ruochen shook her head.

“In that case, what about the disciples of the Three Cyanwood Forests and the Orion Monastery? Is there anyone among them on the Cyanwood Succession List?” Chu Feng asked again.

“None.” Bai Ruochen shook her head. Then, with a serious tone, she said. “You must not underestimate the people on the Cyanwood Succession List. All of them are genuine demon-level characters. Especially those with higher rankings, they are even more frightening.”

“Although I know that you fear nothing on Heaven or Earth, I must still warn you. If you are to meet someone on the Cyanwood Succession List, it would be best for you to not provoke them. That is because their talent is not inferior to your own. Furthermore, their cultivations all greatly surpass yours right now.”

“Interesting. After hearing your words, I am truly interested in knowing exactly what sort of people they are, exactly what sort of ability they possess in order to be qualified to take on the dragon grade missions.” After hearing what Bai Ruochen said, not only did Chu Feng not grow timid, he even displayed an expression of anticipation. “Lil Sis Ruochen, in that case, should we go and take on a lion grade mission now?” asked Chu Feng.

“No, we are not going to do a lion grade mission.” Bai Ruochen shook her head.

“Could it be a tiger grade mission then?” asked Chu Feng.

“That’s not it either.” Bai Ruochen shook her head again.

“Then, what is it?” Chu Feng was confused.

“Wolf grade mission,” said Bai Ruochen.

“You’re kidding. Aren’t we going to do a mission at the location where the Ascension Sect’s ancestor hid his treasures? Are you telling me that the location is where one does wolf grade missions?” Chu Feng showed an expression of disbelief.

“I have made inquiries about it. According to the map, the place we need to go to is called the Firmament Medicine Garden. Missions in that place are limited to gathering medicinal herbs, the lowest sort of wolf grade missions,” said Bai Ruochen.

“Eh, okay then. This is fine too. At the very least, it meant that the dangers are very low,” said Chu Feng with a laugh.

After that, the two of them casually entered a wolf grade mission’s palace hall, and each accepted a mission to gather medicinal herbs in the Firmament Medicine Garden.

Although they had accepted the mission so that they could enter the Firmament Medicine Garden to search for the things left behind by the Ascension Sect’s ancestor, Chu Feng still inspected the briefing for this wolf grade mission.

“Gathering ten Firmament Medicinal Herbs would complete the mission. If I gathered over twenty Firmament Medicinal Herbs, the reward would increase.”

“Ten Firmament Medicinal Herbs are equivalent to an achievement point; if I gathered several thousand of them, wouldn’t I be able to exchange them for several hundred achievement points?”

“Judging from this aspect, it would appear that even the lowest wolf grade missions could give quite a good reward. No wonder so many people select wolf grade missions to do, the rewards are much better than the leopard grade or the tiger grade missions,” said Chu Feng.

“You’re truly naive. How could there be such a great thing in this world? How could a low rank mission possibly give more achievement points than a higher ranked mission?”

“As far as I know, those Firmament Medicinal Herbs possess intelligences. Not only are they capable of hiding themselves, they are also capable of dodging detection from spirit power. For some people, even if they searched for ten days to half a month, they would not be able to find a single Firmament Medicinal Herb.” Bai Ruochen spoke those words ruthlessly.

However, immediately afterward, she said. “However, for someone like you, who is capable of finding even the Commander Flag, it would not be difficult at all for you to gather Firmament Medicinal Herbs. But, the purpose of me bringing you to the Firmament Medicine Garden is not so that we can gather Firmament Medicinal Herbs.”

“Of course. How could I possibly not expect the difficulty in gathering the Firmament Medicinal Herbs? I was merely joking around. Oh, right, Lil Sis Ruochen, do you know about your greatest shortcoming?” Chu Feng asked with a shameless expression.

Bai Ruochen took a glance at Chu Feng. She was able to tell that Chu Feng had evil plans. Thus, she said decisively. “Not interested.”

“That is, that you lack a sense of humor.”

“I’ve already said that I’m not interested.”

“But I must still tell you.”

“Senseless…” [1. Senseless/boring is literally written as ‘no talk.’]

“Not at all, I actually feel that we could get along pretty well.” [2. Chu Feng literally said that they have a lot to talk about.]


“Me, toothless? Look, a mouth full of teeth, I lack not a single one.” [3. Shameless and ‘toothless’ sounds the same in mandarin.]


As the two exchanged words, they soon arrived at the Firmament Medicine Garden.

Although this place was called a medicine garden, it was actually an overwhelmingly large medicine mountain. At the very least, countless mountains now covered their views. There were even peaks so tall that they reached the sky, and ravines so deep that one could not see the bottom.

This Firmament Medicine Garden was enormous. However, it was also not a place that anyone could enter as they wished. That was because a formless spirit formation was covering the horizon surrounding the Firmament Medicine Garden.

This spirit formation was extremely powerful; so powerful that not even Half Martial Emperors would be able to break through it. There was no need to mention the ordinary disciples. Thus, if one wanted to enter the Firmament Medicine Garden, one had to go through a designated entrance.

And if one wanted to enter through the designated entrance, one had to display their mission plates.