Chapter 1146 - Chu Feng’s Victory

MGA: Chapter 1146 - Chu Feng’s Victory

“Bang.” As the two of them opposed one another with their gazes, rays of light began to emerge in the space between them. This was a collision of souls, a confrontation of killing intents. It was impossible for bystanders to detect anything, only the two people who were confronting one another were capable of sensing all of this.

“All of my anger was forced.” Seeing that Long Chenyi had stepped forward, Chu Feng did not fear at all. Not only did he not retract his gaze, he did not retract his killing intent either.

Instead, he began to gradually focus on Long Chenyi’s eyes and condense the anger in his heart into his gaze. Through his gaze, he sent forth all of the resentment in his heart, as well as his killing intent, toward Long Chenyi.

“You…” After seeing Chu Feng’s current gaze, Long Chenyi’s expression made a huge change. Not only did he hurry to move aside from Chu Feng’s gaze, he even retreated, like Long Chenfu before him.

In a flurry, he crashed into Long Chenfu and nearly fell to the ground. Furthermore, his current complexion was extremely pale. It was as if he had gone through countless trials and experienced an enormous shock. In merely an instant, he was already covered with sweat.

“Head.” Seeing this scene, the crowd from the Ascension Division all started to panic. Especially Long Chenfu, who hurried to support his elder brother.

Exactly what had happened? Long Chenyi, the grand head of the Ascension Division, a famed core disciple, nearly slipped and fell in a visual confrontation against another. This was truly too shameful.

Fortunately, the members of the Ascension Division already surrounded Chu Feng and Long Chenyi in multiple layers, blocking any outsider's’ view. Otherwise, they would truly have lost a great deal of face.

At this moment, Long Chenyi managed to regain his composure. He looked at Chu Feng once again. This time around, he no longer had the drive he had had before. He said, “What junior brother Chu Feng says is correct. We are of the same family; for junior sister Ruochen to be in your branch power organization is essentially the same as having her be in our branch power organization.”

“Since this is the case, let’s settle this matter then. If anyone is to make things difficult for you all, you can come and find me at any time. Our Ascension Division will forever be on the same boat as your Asura Division.”

“Head, you, what is…” When Long Chenyi said those words, he stupefied all of the Ascension Division’s members, causing their eyes to be filled with expressions of shock. They were all confused by Long Chenyi’s decision.

Earlier, Chu Feng had clearly mentioned that he wanted to kill Long Chenfu. It was extremely arrogant behavior. Because of that, Long Chenyi also displayed his own might to confront Chu Feng. This had already led to the two of them becoming hostile. Logically, Long Chenyi should be teaching Chu Feng a lesson right now.

However, Long Chenyi’s attitude changed enormously in an instant. Didn’t this meant that Long Chenyi just indirectly admitted his defeat?

But, Long Chenyi admitted his defeat? He admitted his defeat to Chu Feng? This was truly something that no one expected. Thus, the crowd from the Ascension Division were all confused; they simply did not understand what had happened.

In fact, even Bai Ruochen, who was always calm, displayed an astonished expression on her beautiful face. Even though she did not know Long Chenyi well, she knew of him to a more or less degree. In her impression of Long Chenyi, he was most definitely not a weak and feeble character. The behavior that he was displaying right now meant that something must’ve definitely happened.

“What senior brother Long Chenyi says is extremely correct. However, senior brother Long Chenyi, you must truly curb this younger brother of yours. Otherwise, he will sooner or later bring about a calamity to you, as not everyone is as kindhearted and capable of letting bygones be bygones as myself.” Chu Feng took a glance at Long Chenfu. Then, he turned around to Bai Ruochen. “Lil Sis Ruochen, let’s go.”

Immediately after he said those words, Chu Feng began to lead Bai Ruochen toward the crowd. The people from the Ascension Division hurriedly moved aside for the two of them. Just like this, before the gazes of the crowd from the Ascension Division, Chu Feng left with Bai Ruochen toward the depths of the Mission Plaza.

“We’re letting him get away like this? Big brother, what exactly happened to you?” Long Chenfu asked with an unreconciled expression. At the same time, the other members of the Ascension Division also looked to Long Chenyi, waiting for him to give them an explanation.

“Huff…” Faced with the questioning gazes from the crowd, Long Chenyi breathed in a mouthful of cold air and then closed his eyes.

Earlier, during his visual confrontation with Chu Feng, Long Chenyi planned to use his aura to beat Chu Feng back. He wanted to scare Chu Feng off without using any martial power and take the opportunity to display how powerful he was before Bai Ruochen.

However, never did he imagine that he would see a very frightening thing from Chu Feng’s gaze. That thing was extremely hard to describe. If he must describe it, then it would appear to be a kind of premonition.

He was able to sense that Chu Feng was extremely powerful, frighteningly powerful. If he was to make himself an enemy of Chu Feng, it was likely that Chu Feng would really massacre his entire family.

That was because he was able to, from Chu Feng’s gaze alone, see that Chu Feng was someone who was polluted with blood. The number of people that he had killed had already reached a frightening amount; he was most definitely a cold-hearted murderer.

Most importantly, the killing intent displayed by Chu Feng’s gaze was truly too frightening. That sort of killing intent simply did not appear to have originated from a human. It was so much so that even blood-sucking monstrous beasts did not possess that sort of killing intent. It simply appeared to have originated from a demon from the depths of hell.

As Chu Feng was able to control this sort of killing intent with ease, this was even scarier. Without mentioning Chu Feng’s cultivation, with merely his killing intent, it was the most frightening killing intent that Long Chenyi had ever encountered.

That was the reason why Long Chenyi had said the words he had said earlier, and admitted his defeat. While his cultivation might be above Chu Feng’s, his intuition told him that he should not provoke Chu Feng...

After several deep breaths of air, Long Chenyi managed to calm himself down. He opened his eyes, looked to the gradually disappearing backs of Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen and slowly said, “That child is exactly as Lord Sectmaster said, it is best that we do not provoke him.”

“This…” Those words came as a great surprise and astonishment to the people of the Ascension Division. However, when they recalled the events that had occurred earlier, as well as Long Chenyi’s actions, they began to involuntarily turn their gazes toward Chu Feng’s back.

Although they found it to be unbelievable, they, more or less, still believed that this Southern Cyanwood Forest’s disciple was somewhat different from all the others.

Chu Feng did not bother with how the Ascension Division’s members thought of him. Instead, he began to casually ask Bai Ruochen about the Mission Plaza. “Lil Sis Ruochen, there are this many buildings in this Mission Plaza, are all of them places where one could receive a mission from?”

“What did you do earlier? How did you make Long Chenyi become that scared of you in an instant?” Bai Ruochen did not respond to Chu Feng’s question, and instead asked a question of her own.

“What could I possibly do? My cultivation is inferior to his. If we were to truly fight, the person who would suffer would most definitely be me. As for his sudden reaction, perhaps the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster mentioned something to him?” Chu Feng knew of the reason for Long Chenyi’s reaction. However, he did not tell Bai Ruochen about it.

After all, if he was to declare to Bai Ruochen that Long Chenyi was scared by a single gaze from him, then, without mentioning whether she would even believe him or not, even if she believed him, it would make it appear as if he was trying to show off.

“If you don’t want to tell me why, then forget about it. Regardless, I know you definitely did something.” Bai Ruochen did not believe in Chu Feng’s explanation. She was certain that Chu Feng did something to make Long Chenyi cower.

However, seeing that Chu Feng was unwilling to tell her, she also decided to not inquire further. Instead, she took a glance at the many buildings in the Mission Plaza, turned to Chu Feng and asked. “You couldn’t possibly not know anything about this Mission Plaza, right?”