Chapter 1148 - Spirit Winged Insect

MGA: Chapter 1148 - Spirit Winged Insect

After entering the Firmament Medicine Garden, Chu Feng discovered that there were a large number of people gathered here to pick medicines. Merely, the majority of them did not have much of a harvest.

A part of the reason for that was because the Firmament Medicinal Herbs possessed intelligence and were hard to gather. However, the main reason was because these people were too weak.

As for Chu Feng, he did not have the intention to gather Firmament Medicinal Herbs, as his purpose in coming here was only to find the treasures left behind by the Ascension Sect’s ancestor.

However, on his journey to find the treasure, Chu Feng, without even trying, encountered several tens of Firmament Medicinal Herbs. Even Bai Ruochen managed to encounter over a dozen Firmament Medicinal Herbs.

Although the two of them did not come here to gather medicinal herbs, it remained that they could be exchanged for achievement points. Even though it would require ten of them to exchange for a single achievement point, it remained that it was an achievement point. Thus, whenever the two of them encountered an Firmament Medicinal Herb, they would not let it get away.

“Strange, this is clearly the location, why is it that there are no clues? Could it be that the map is fake?”

However, following their fortune with the medicinal herbs came their misfortune. To achieve gains one would most definitely have losses too. As they unintentionally managed to reap a harvest, they ended up losing something along the way.

Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen had carefully inspected their maps, and arrived at the location listed on the map. However, it was an extremely ordinary mountain valley.

This mountain valley was overgrown with weeds. The weeds were extremely tall, having grown to more than a dozen meters in height; they simply appeared more like trees than weeds. However, other than the weeds, there was not even a single flower to be seen, much less any treasures.

It was an extremely underwhelming sight. This inevitably caused Bai Ruochen, whose heart was focused on finding treasures, to be extremely disappointed. However, right at the moment when her heart was distracted and her thoughts in turmoil, she discovered that Chu Feng was calmly sitting on the ground with his palms together and eyes closed. It was as if he had fallen asleep.

“Chu Feng, what are you doing?” asked Bai Ruochen.

“Shhh, don’t make noise…” Chu Feng suddenly opened his eyes and opened his hands.

“Buzz~~” Within his hands was a firefly-like thing of light. It flew out from Chu Feng’s closed palms.

When this firefly-like thing of light flew out, it immediately started to fly all over the place. Its speed was extremely fast, and it appeared as if it were trying to find something.

That firefly-like thing of light was truly miraculous, and appeared as if it were alive. Even Bai Ruochen’s attention was captured by that thing of light, and she began to observe it carefully.

The more she observed it, the more shocked her expression became. Using a voice transmission, she asked Chu Feng. “Chu Feng, could this be the legendary Spirit Winged Insect?”

“Spirit Winged Insect, what is that?” However, instead of answering her surprised question, Chu Feng instead asked a question of his own.

“Stop pretending to be stupid. This thing that you managed to condense is practically the same as the Spirit Winged Insect recorded in the legends. Yet, you’re actually telling me that you do not know of the Spirit Winged Insect?” Bai Ruochen responded.

“You’re talking about this thing? It is merely a method of detection that I managed to comprehend myself. However, I truly do not know what exactly that Spirit Winged Insect is.” Chu Feng replied.

“Really, you. The Spirit Winged Insect is a technique that only Royal Cloak World Spiritist have grasped. It is a method of separating their spirit energy from their body and forming a living thing with that spirit energy.”

“This living thing formed by their spirit energy possessed extraordinary instincts, and is capable of finding objects that even their masters cannot discover. As for this method, it is known to be called the Spirit Winged Insect,” Bai Ruochen explained.

“From what you have said, it truly seems that the Spirit Winged Insect is similar to the method that I’ve managed to comprehend. In that case, doesn’t it mean that I have already grasped the methods and techniques of Royal Cloak World Spiritists?” Chu Feng replied with a complacent expression.

This Spirit Winged Insect was indeed something that Chu Feng had managed to comprehend by himself without any help from others. The reason why World Spiritists possessed very high sensitivity was because of their spirit energy.

As for the spirit energy, their efficiency was not the greatest when being used by the World Spiritists themselves. This was something that could be seen by the fact that World Spiritists would instill their spirit energy into the World Spirit Compass to sense their surroundings. Through borrowing the power of external forces, their spirit energy’s effect could be even stronger.

Thus, Chu Feng had thought over this for a very long time. He wondered if he was capable of separating his spirit energy from his body, and then forming it into a consciousness that possessed self-awareness which was also linked to his own thoughts. Then, perhaps, he might be capable of greatly increasing the sensitivity of his spirit energy.

Due to that, Chu Feng had experimented with his idea many times when he had free time. In the end, he managed to create the light lifeform that was before them today; the Spirit Winged Insect that Bai Ruochen spoke of.

However, never did Chu Feng expect that this method of detection that he comprehended himself was actually a method that only Royal Cloaked World Spiritists grasped.

“Buzz.” Right at this moment, that Spirit Winged Insect suddenly landed on the ground. At the moment when the Spirit Winged Insect touched the ground, it disappeared.

“I was wrong, although you’ve managed to comprehend the Spirit Winged Insect, you have not completely grasped it. This Spirit Winged Insect of yours is only a half-developed technique. Legend has it that the Spirit Winged Insects of Royal Cloaked World Spirtists possess an extremely long lifespan. As for this one that you created, it lived for barely any time at all,” said Bai Ruochen.

“Indeed, it’s lifespan is rather short. However, it would suffice as long as it serves its purpose.” Chu Feng smiled lightly. His body moved; he had arrived at the place where his Spirit Winged Insect had disappeared.

After Chu Feng arrived at this place, he immediately began to set up a seal breaking spirit formation. When his spirit formation was finished forming, and then activated by Chu Feng, the ground that he was on began to tremble slightly.

In the end, the ground began to surge forth from from the surface. Ultimately, a gate appeared before them.

“Really, you’ve actually managed to find the location?” As Bai Ruochen looked at the gate that appeared from the ground, her face immediately froze. Immediately after, she hurriedly arrived at Chu Feng’s location and began to inspect the gate carefully. The more she inspected, the more wondrous her expression became.

“What do you think, my Spirit Winged Insect is useful enough, no?” Chu Feng laughed in a complacent manner.

“Really, what exactly are your origins? With only your cultivation, you’re actually already capable of using the techniques of Royal Cloaked World Spiritists?” Bai Ruochen looked at Chu Feng with eyes filled with shock and astonishment.

That was because even though that gate was right before her eyes, she was still unable to detect it at all with her spirit energy. It was as if the gate was never there.

In other words, if Chu Feng had not been present, if Chu Feng had not used his Spirit Winged Insect, it would have been impossible for her to find this gate.

However, the Spirit Winged Insect was, after all, a technique of Royal Cloaked World Spirtists. What sort of people were Royal Cloaked World Spirtists? They were people that stood at the apex of the Holy Land of Martialism. All those Royal Cloaked World Spiritists, who among them were not grand, legendary characters?

Although the Spirit Winged Insect that Chu Feng created was only half developed, and he had not yet grasped it completely, to be able to grasp the essence of the Spirit Winged Insect with his age and cultivation was already an extremely inconceivable thing.

Even though she had already had a whole new level of respect toward the World Spiritist techniques that Chu Feng grasped, Bai Ruochen had no choice but to admit that, as matters now stood, she had still underestimated Chu Feng and his attainments in World Spiritist techniques.

“What are my origins? Aren’t I just your senior brother Chu Feng?” Chu Feng laughed mischievously. He then turned his gaze to the gate and said. “Your Ascension Sect’s ancestor truly made things difficult for his descendants.”

“After finding it through all the difficulties, it turned out to only be an entrance. Opening this gate will not be easy either.”

“That’s true. I don’t know how to open this gate either. Do you have any ideas on how to open it?” Even though Bai Ruochen felt that her attainments in World Spiritist techniques were very high, she truly possessed nothing up her sleeve when faced with this gate before them. Thus, she could only place all of her hopes on Chu Feng.

“While there is a method, it is rather troublesome.” As Chu Feng said those words, he pointed to the gate and continued, “Look. There are all these little holes on the gate. They’re not there to decorate it. I have already counted, there are a total of a hundred thousand such little holes on the gate. As for them, each and every one of them is a keyhole.”

“A hundred thousand keyholes, you mean?” Bai Ruochen was surprised. She had already noticed the little holes on the gate earlier.

That was because the gate was not extremely large. It possessed a height of five meters and a width of two meters. Other than runes and symbols, the gate was filled with densely packed holes. However, as the holes were arranged in an irregular manner and appeared to be very beautiful, she had thought that they were there for decorational purposes. Never did she think that they would be critical to opening the gate.

“What I mean is that if we want to open this gate, we would need a hundred thousand keys,” said Chu Feng.