Chapter 1143 - Mission Plaza

MGA: Chapter 1143 - Mission Plaza

“Hua Xiang, Xia Yue, how was it? Did junior sister Ruochen agree to reconsider?” When Long Chenyi saw the two men, he hurriedly stepped forward to question them. At the same time, all of the people present in the palace hall turned their gazes onto the two men.

However, when faced with the crowd’s gazes that were filled with hope and deep concern, the two men remained silent. In the end, they helplessly shook their heads.

“She refused?” Upon seeing this scene, Long Chenyi’s eyes shone, and his mouth opened as he began to display a surprised expression.

“If it was only a refusal, then it would be fine. However, junior sister Ruochen has joined another branch power organization.” Hua Xiang said in a very helpless manner.

“What? Junior sister Ruochen joined another branch power organization? This…” Upon hearing those words, Long Chenyi’s face immediately displayed a dejected expression. A difficult-to-describe sort of heartache could be seen in his eyes.

Seeing this, Long Chenfu spoke in a very mocking manner. “Humph. As I expected, this Bai Ruochen refused to join our Ascension Division because she wanted to join another. Big brother, you’ve regarded her too highly, she is nothing more than a traitor.”

“Shut your mouth. If it wasn’t for you, would junior sister Ruochen refuse to join our Ascension Division?” Long Chenyi reprimanded angrily.

“Big brother, how could this be because of me? Clearly Bai Ruochen did not want to join our Ascension Division to begin with. We’ve encountered countless people like her.”

“It’s not like all of the disciples from the Ascension Sect end up joining our Ascension Division. Countless people with good talents decided to, for better future prospects, join other branch power organizations. Big brother, you should know more about this stuff than me, no?” said Long Chenfu in a very emotional manner.

“Shut up! Junior sister Ruochen is the sectmaster’s daughter. How could she possibly join other branch power organizations for the sake of her future prospects?” Long Chenyi displayed an expression of disbelief.

“The reality is right in front of your face, why do you refuse to believe it? So what if she is his daughter? It’s not like she’s his biological daughter.”

“Let alone her, there are all sorts of people in this world. There are even those who would kill their own parents. To betray her own family’s sect, that’s nothing alarming at all.” Long Chenfu was determined that Bai Ruochen had decided beforehand to not join their Ascension Division because she wanted to join a better branch power organization.

“Third Head, you are really truly wrong in your blaming of junior sister Ruochen on this matter. While it is true that junior sister Ruochen has joined another branch power organization, she did not join a branch power organization ranked above our Ascension Division. Instead, she joined a branch power organization established by a new disciple.” Seeing the situation, Hua Xiang explained.

“What? A branch power organization established by a new disciple?” Hearing those words, not only Long Chenyi and his brother Long Chenfu, practically everyone present were stupefied; they truly could not believe what they just heard.

“Hua Xiang, what exactly happened? Exactly what sort of branch power organization did junior sister Ruochen join? Who is it that established that branch power organization?” After being stunned for a while, Long Chenyi asked in a very emotional manner.

“This branch power organization’s name is the Asura Division. It was established by the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s disciple, Chu Feng.” Hua Xiang explained.

“For real? Junior sister Ruochen joined a branch power organization established by a Southern Cyanwood Forest’s disciple? Has she gone mad?” After hearing those words, everyone was shocked.

Only Long Chenyi said in a pensive manner. “It’s actually him.”

“Head, when junior sister Ruochen refused us earlier, it seemed to also be because of this Chu Feng. Could it be that this Chu Feng is truly someone with extraordinary origin?” Seeing the situation, the second head Meng Zhensuo asked.

Immediately, the crowd turned their curious gazes toward Long Chenyi. Although many disciples from the Ascension Division had gone to greet the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster and management elders during the Commander Competition, the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster had only chatted with Long Chenyi himself.

Thus, they actually did not know much about Chu Feng. Even the things that they did know were things that they had heard from Long Chenyi.

“Sigh, actually, I am also not familiar with this Chu Feng. However, it appears that he is of extraordinary origin, because Lord Sectmaster told me one thing.”

“It is best for you to get Chu Feng to become a member of the Ascension Division. If he refuses, do not force him. In short, you must not offend him. Bear that in mind, bear that in mind…” recalled Long Chenyi.

“Lord Sectmaster truly said those words?” Hearing those words, the crowd all breathed in a mouthful of cold air. They felt that those words were truly inconceivable, as the sectmaster’s assessment of Chu Feng was truly too high.

“Yes, absolutely true. Originally, I was also not interested in this Chu Feng. However, for this Chu Feng to be able to make junior sister Ruochen do such a thing, it means that he truly possesses some ability.”

“After all, with junior sister Ruochen’s temperament, it is extremely difficult for others to get close to her, much less manipulate her,” sighed Long Chenyi.

“That’s true. Hearing what you said, I too felt that this Chu Feng is not a simple character,” Meng Zhensuo added.

“What’s not simple about him? He’s nothing more than a Southern Cyanwood Forest’s disciple. So what if he possess the cultivation of a rank one Martial King? In our Ascension Sect, disciples with this sort of cultivation are countless. In my opinion, it’s merely that Bai Ruochen has some sort of affair with that Chu Feng.” Long Chenfu displayed an expression of disapproval.

“What do you even know? If it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t have come to this. After all, both Chu Feng and junior sister Ruochen were planning to join our Ascension Division in the beginning,” Long Chenyi angrily rebuked.

Hearing this, Long Chenfu did not dare to talk back anymore. As for the others, they too grew quiet. With Chu Feng, it was easy for them to denounce him. After all, they all looked down upon the Southern Cyanwood Forest from the bottoms of their hearts. However, as for Bai Ruochen, they all knew that she was a true genius. To lose her was truly unfortunate.

“Head, in that case, what do you think we should do?” asked Meng Zhensuo.

“The only thing we can do is for me to personally go and try to see if I can persuade her tomorrow,” sighed Long Chenyi.

Early next morning, when glimmers began to shine from the eastern sky, Chu Feng had already gotten out of his bed. After inquiring of others, he arrived at the Cyanwood Mountain’s core region’s Mission Plaza.

In the Cyanwood Mountain, doing missions was a common occurrence for disciples. It was also the method for them to provide for themselves.

That was because in the Cyanwood Mountain, there were many things that one could not obtain as one wished. If one wanted to obtain those things, one must use achievement points to exchange for them. If one wished to obtain something better, one would have to spend a greater amount of achievement points in exchange.

As for the achievement points, how could one obtain them? Other than being given as rewards by management elders or the headmaster, one could only obtain them using one’s own abilities.

Although there were countless disciples in the Cyanwood Mountain, this Mission Plaza was still abnormally grand. Adding on the fact that Chu Feng arrived extremely early, there were truly few people on the Mission Plaza. Thus, with a single glance of his surroundings, Chu Feng was able to view the entire Mission Plaza.

While this Mission Plaza was called a plaza, it was more exactly an enormous building complex. Merely, the buildings were constructed on the four sides of a circular shaped plaza. If one was to look down from above, this Mission Plaza would appear more like a small field or a large disk.

As for those buildings, they were also very interesting. Although there were numerous buildings, there were only five different types,constructed in the shapes of five different animals.

There was a wolf-shaped building, a leopard-shaped building, a tiger-shaped building, a lion-shaped building and a dragon-shaped building.

Of these five different shaped buildings, the wolf-shaped type appeared to be the weakest, but was also the most numerous.

The dragon-shaped type was the rarest, numbering only a single one. However, its building construction was the most magnificent and enormous. Not only was it vivid and lifelike, it was even emitting a radiant light. It was as if the building was a true dragon crouching on this plaza, catching the attention of everyone present.

Chu Feng also noticed that although there were few people in the plaza right now, the majority of them were going in and out of the wolf-shaped and leopard-shaped buildings. Even the tiger-shaped buildings were infrequently visited. As for the lion-shaped buildings, he saw no one entering one of those.

As for the most enormous and magnificent dragon-shaped building, it was not even open. Like a decoration used to intimidate others, it was parked in the most dazzling place on the plaza.

“Hey, what’s your name?” Right at the moment when Chu Feng was enthusiastically checking out the Mission Plaza, an aged voice suddenly sounded from behind him. Although that voice was very aged, it was also very vigorous, and also contained traces of anger within it.