Chapter 1142 - Returning In Failure

MGA: Chapter 1142 - Returning In Failure

“It’s you?”

After hearing what Chu Feng said, the two men immediately displayed extremely shocked expressions. Their wide open eyes were filled with emotion, the feeling of finding something to be unbelievable.

The two of them began to carefully inspect Chu Feng. From his head to his feet and then from his feet back to his head; from inside to outside and then outside to inside. They inspected Chu Feng over and over again, countless times, and even used spirit energy to assist with their inspections.

However, there was not the slightest trace of change to Chu Feng’s cultivation of rank one Martial King. This sort of man created the Asura Division? Bai Ruochen joined such a branch power organization? She was willing to allow someone this much weaker than her to lead her? How could this be?

“Junior sister Ruochen, is this the truth?” Being extremely puzzled, the two turned their gazes toward Bai Ruochen. They truly wished that Bai Ruochen would say that all of this was false.

“Absolutely true.” However, reality was a cruel thing. Bai Ruochen responded to their question with an absolutely certain answer.

“Junior sister Ruochen, have you gone crazy? How could you join that sort of branch power organization? There are simply no benefits to your future prospects by doing so, and this will instead hinder you.”

“That’s right. Junior sister Ruochen, how could you join this kind of branch power organization? A branch power organization established by mere Southern Cyanwood Forest’s disciple, exactly what sort of assistance could it provide you? That branch power organization is unable to provide anything at all for you and will instead rely on you for everything, dragging you down.” Hearing Bai Ruochen’s determined answer, the two men began hurriedly began to try to advise her against it.

“Who has gone crazy? Who did you say is crazy?” However, not only did Bai Ruochen not feel grateful for the well-intended advice given by the two men, she instead became extremely angry. She pointed to the two of them and said. “I, Bai Ruochen, have my own way of thinking, and also possess the ability to make decisions for myself. Regardless of what it is that I plan to do, I have no need for your criticism.”

“Right now, I shall clarify it to the two of you. I, Bai Ruochen, will not join your Ascension Division. The two of you are also not welcome in my territory. Please get out of my territory right now. Otherwise, do not blame me for being rude.”

“Junior sister Ruochen, that is not our intent. We are not scolding you, please do not get angry.” Seeing that Bai Ruochen was becoming angry, the two men started to panic. The two of them appeared to fear Bai Ruochen greatly.

However, Bai Ruochen was not lenient in the slightest. She pointed to her territory’s entrance and angrily shouted, “Scram~~~~~~~~”

In this sort of situation, the two of them did not dare to say anything anymore. Instead, they turned their fierce gazes toward Chu Feng. Their gazes were truly fierce; it was as if they wanted to kill Chu Feng using their gazes alone.

However, faced with this sort of gaze, Chu Feng merely smiled disdainfully and said. “What are you looking at? If there’s something you want to say, go ahead and say it.”

“Humph~~~” In the end, the two men did not say anything. Instead, they waved their large sleeves and left the plaza.

“I truly didn’t expect Lil Sis Ruochen to become this angry.” After the two men left, Chu Feng looked to Bai Ruochen with a smile on his face.

“I merely do not enjoy being criticized by others, as I am able to make decisions for myself. Moreover, I do not enjoy it being declared by others that my decisions are incorrect,” said Bai Ruochen.

“Mn, not bad. I like this sort of temperament. Actually… I am also this type of person.” Chu Feng started to clap his hands and applaud Bai Ruochen.

“What are you staying here for? Could it be that you wish to be treated like them?” Surprisingly, Bai Ruochen cast a fierce side eye at Chu Feng. Her face was a bit pale, and her angry expression was still present. It was evident that her anger had not gone away.

“How could you do such a thing? No matter what, I am still your head. If you are to treat me like you did them, then wouldn’t that be equivalent to offending your superior, an act of rebellion?” Chu Feng have a mischievous smile on his face. He knew that while Bai Ruochen’s temperament was icy-cold, she still knew how to distinguish right from wrong. At the very least, she would not truly get angry at Chu Feng.

“Don’t bother using this on me. You must know that in my heart, you are simply no head of mine. I have only joined your Asura Division so that you can agree to one of my promises,” said Bai Ruochen.

“Exactly what is it that you want me to do? You should be able to tell me about it now, right?” asked Chu Feng.

“I told you that I still haven’t thought of it yet,” said Bai Ruochen.

“In that case, if I was to listen to you and leave right away, would that be considered to agreeing to do one thing that you asked me to do? After that, I would not owe you anything, right?” Chu Feng smiled an extremely shameless smile.


“Do you believe that I will leave your Asura Division right now?” As Bai Ruochen said those words, she directly pulled down the armband on her arm.

“Don’t don’t don’t. You’re my great aunt, I fear you, is that fine? I’ll leave right away, you don’t have to see me off.” Chu Feng hurriedly retreated backward. As he said those words, his foot touched the ground and, like a reverse meteor, he shot into the sky.

“Don’t forget about tomorrow. Come to the mission plaza early” said Bai Ruochen.

“Yep, I’ll see you there.” In the night sky that was not completely black, Chu Feng’s voice sounded out.

Hearing Chu Feng’s voice, Bai Ruochen displayed an extremely enchanting smile. Unfortunately, no one was there to bear witness to Bai Ruochen’s smile.

As she smiled, Bai Ruochen looked at the Asura Division’s armband in her hand. After thinking for a moment, she ended up putting it back on her arm, and even specially tidied it up as she placed it on her arm. Only then did she proceed to walk toward her own palace to rest.

At the same time, a different scene was occurring in the Ascension Division.

In a grand and imposing palace hall, several hundred people were gathered. Not a single one of these people were weak. They could be said to all be the upper echelons of the Ascension Division.

However, at this very moment, they were standing orderly on the two sides of the palace hall. Their faces were filled with seriousness, and their eyes were filled with reverence as they looked toward the figure sitting on the main seat of the palace hall.

It was a man sitting on the main seat. Judging from his outer appearance, he should have just entered middle-age, and was merely in his early thirties. However, not only did this man possess an extraordinary appearance, his aura was even more extraordinary; he possessed the air of a king that ordinary people lacked. This sort of people were natural leaders, capable of achieving great accomplishments.

However, compared to his appearance and aura, the thing that this person possessed that brought about the most fear would be his cultivation. He was a rank six Martial King. As for his identity, he was the head of the Ascension Division, their leader, Long Chenyi.

Long Chenyi was no ordinary character. Not only did he possess extraordinary talent, he was deemed to be a rare genius during the time when he was a disciple of the Ascension Sect. He shined even further after arriving at the Cyanwood Mountain.

The Cyanwood Mountain possessed several hundred thousand core disciples; it was so numerous that it’s simply uncountable. However, when Long Chenyi was mentioned, practically everyone knows who he is.

His fame rose especially due to an incident a year ago when Long Chenyi saved all of his teammates during a mission. That caused his name to be spread throughout the entire Cyanwood Mountain, making him one of the well-recognized geniuses.

That was because in that mission, Long Chenyi encountered an infamous bandit, a senior that had cultivated for several hundred years, a rank eight Martial King.

However, not only did Long Chenyi defeat this rank eight Martial King with his cultivation of a rank six Martial King, he even managed to catch the bandit alive. This was enough to ascertain his extraordinary genius and matchless martial power. To be able to step over two entire ranks, these sorts of people were all true geniuses.

However, at this moment, Long Chenyi had an angry expression on his face. He looked to his younger brother Long Chenfu, who was kneeling on the ground not far from where he sat, and angrily rebuked him. “You fool, you are truly a fool.”

“Do you not know what sort of character junior sister Ruochen has? Did you not remember what I told you? Her talent greatly surpasses mine! Do you know how enormous of a loss it is to our Ascension Division to not have her? If she was to join another branch power organization, it would be an even more enormous loss!”

“And you, you actually rejected her request because of some Southern Cyanwood Forest’s disciples?! Have you become stupid?”

At this moment, the kneeling Long Chenfu’s complexion turned ashen after being scolded by Long Chenyi. However, he did not dare to talk back and could only continue to endure all of this in silence. That was because he knew very well that the reason he possessed the status that he currently had today was all because of his elder brother. If he didn’t have his elder brother, he would most definitely not be the person he was today.

“Head, it’s enough. No matter what, it has already happened. Even if you blame Chenfu, it will not change anything. Furthermore, didn’t you also dispatch Hua Xiang and Xia Yue to talk to junior sister Ruochen? No matter what, the two of them are people that junior sister Ruochen knew. I believe they will be able to persuade junior sister Ruochen.” A burly man with a smile on his face spoke out to console Long Chenyi.

This burly man also possessed a cultivation of rank five Martial King, the same as Long Chenfu. However, his aura was completely different from Long Chenfu, greatly surpassing him. As for this person, he was the second head of the Ascension Division, Meng Zhensuo.

“Mn, as the matter stands, we can only rely on Hua Xiang and Xia Yue,” Long Chenyi said after a sigh.

“Rest assured. After all, junior sister Ruochen is a disciple of the Ascension Sect as well as the sectmaster’s daughter. How could she refuse to join our Ascension Division?” said Meng Zhensuo.

“Thump.” Right at this moment, the closed doors to the palace hall were abruptly opened and two figures appeared in the palace hall. As for these two people, they were precisely the two men that were sent to persuade Bai Ruochen, Hua Xiang and Xia Yue.