Chapter 1144 - Making Things Difficult In Public

MGA: Chapter 1144 - Making Things Difficult In Public

Even though he heard this aged voice, Chu Feng decided to pay no attention to it. As there were so many people in the Cyanwood Mountain, not to mention the elders, there were even disciples that already entered old age. Since that voice was not directly directed toward him, Chu Feng could not say for certain that it was directed at him.

“Hey, I’m speaking to you, are you deaf or what? What are you looking at still? I’m talking to you, brat without the hat.” However, that voice sounded once again. Furthermore, it grew closer and closer. At this moment, Chu Feng finally realized that this voice seemed to be calling for him.

Chu Feng turned around and looked toward the source of the voice. As expected, he saw an old man wearing an elder’s outfit walking toward him.

This elder’s appearance was ordinary. However, there was one aspect regarding him that was special; he had a crooked nose. But, at this moment, his eyes were shining, and he was displaying a very ferocious expression as he stared at Chu Feng.

“Crap, he’s come to pick a quarrel.” Chu Feng shouted in his heart. Chu Feng’s sensitivity was extremely strong. He was able to tell that this elder was looking at him with a very displeased expression; it was as if there was an enormous hatred between them. However, Chu Feng clearly did not know who he was; it was the absolutely the first time he had met this elder.

Furthermore, if this elder wanted to call out for Chu Feng, he was totally able to shout at him directly. However, he did not do that, and instead shouted with an open voice toward a general direction. This in turn caused his voice to not be directed toward Chu Feng, and instead caused everyone on the plaza to hear it. It was evident that he was trying to gather the attention of the crowd.

As for why he was doing such a thing, Chu Feng had already managed to guess. Likely, this elder was trying to make things difficult for Chu Feng and embarrass him before the crowd.

It was only yesterday that Chu Feng entered the Cyanwood Mountain’s core region and became a core disciple of the Cyanwood Mountain. It should be too early for him to make enemies with others. Who was it that could bring out an elder to make things difficult for him?

Other than the Orion Monastery and the Three Cyanwood Forests, Chu Feng was unable to think of any others.

“It would appear that my days of living in the Cyanwood Mountain will not be smooth.” Seeing that crooked nosed elder arriving before him, Chu Feng grinned in his heart. It was only the second day since he had entered the Cyanwood Mountain, yet there was someone creating trouble for him already. In that case, how could his future days possibly be peaceful?

“Are you deaf? I called for you, why did you make me shout twice?” The crooked nose elder arrived before him and said as he stared at Chu Feng.

“Heh, elder, your voice is too loud. While I managed to hear your shout, I truly did not know that you were shouting at me,” Chu Feng replied with a beaming smile and an easy-going expression. However, there was not the slightest trace of respect in his tone.

“Impudent, not only did you not salute to greet me, an elder, you actually dare to speak to me in such a manner. You are the rudest disciple that I have ever met.”

“What is your name? Which sect or school did you come from? I truly want to know which subsidiary power delivered such a disappointing disciple like you,” the elder shouted angrily.

His continuous loud shouts had already gathered the attention of the crowd. This caused all of those people that were nearby to stop their footsteps and turn their ears over to hear what sort of thing was happening.

“Reporting to elder, this junior’s name is Chu Feng. However, this disciple is very curious. Elder, you should have never met me before, so how is it that you know that I am from a subsidiary power? Could it be that I cannot be a disciple from the inner region that managed to pass the test to become a core disciple myself?” Chu Feng replied.

“This…” Being spoken to in such a manner by Chu Feng caused the elder’s expression to change slightly. He suddenly realized that he had misspoken. Especially as there were many people in the crowd watching what was happening, if he were to continue to bicker about this matter, he would most definitely be placed in a difficult spot.

Thus, he hurriedly shifted the topic of discussion and pointed to Chu Feng’s head. “Regardless of where you have come from, to not wear the core disciple’s hat is an enormous disrespect to the Cyanwood Mountain. Slap yourself in the face ten times for me right away, and then put on the hat. Otherwise, I will send you over to the Punishment Department and have them handle you.”

“There’s a need to slap yourself ten times for not wearing the hat? I have never seen such a rule in the Cyanwood Mountain’s disciples’ rules and regulations.” Right at this moment, a soft yet powerful and pleasant voice sounded.

Turning their gazes toward the voice, the crowd’s eyes all shone. A fairy-like figure was currently descending from the sky. She landed beside Chu Feng. As for this woman, it was Bai Ruochen.

“Who are you? To punish a disciple is within my authority as an elder. It is best for you bystanders to step aside.”

When the crooked-nosed elder saw Bai Ruochen, he became a bit timid. After all, Bai Ruochen was a genius with outstanding talent. With her cultivation and her appearance, the first sensation that she gave to others was that she was an exceptional genius. For people like her, not to mention disciples, even ordinary elders would not dare to provoke them.

“Bystanders?” Hearing that word, Bai Ruochen smiled an enchanting smile filled with mockery. After that, she raised her arm and took off the hat on her head. At the time when her beautiful silky-black hair fell down from her head like a waterfall, she asked with a disdainful tone. “Now, I can’t be considered to be a bystander anymore, right?”

“You…” Even though he was fearful of Bai Ruochen’s talent, the crooked-nosed elder was still extremely enraged by Bai Ruochen’s actions. What she did was simply equivalent to giving him a slap to the face before all these people.

Thus, in order to uphold his honor as an elder, he decided to not care about the consequences anymore. He looked to the armband on Bai Ruochen’s left arm and sneered. “Oh, so you two are together. No wonder you dared to talk back to me.”

“To not wear your hats is deemed justifiable for you to be punished. The two of you, slap yourselves in the face ten times each. Otherwise, I will be sending both of you to the Punishment Department and imprisoning you there for a year or two. Let me see if you dared to act so impudent toward me again.”

“What a great not wearing your hats would be punished by ten self-slaps to the face. In that case, do all of us need to slap ourselves ten times?”

Surprisingly, immediately after this elder said those words, another voice sounded. Turning his head toward the source of the voice, he discovered that several thousand figures were descending from the sky. In the end, they landed on the plaza and completely surrounded that elder.

Most shockingly, all of them were not wearing hats. Furthermore, their hats were in their hands. It was evident that they have just taken them off their heads.

When they discovered the origin of this crowd, not to mention the surrounding crowd, even the elder’s face turned pale, and his gaze turned dim. That was because these people were from the Ascension Division. Furthermore, the person leading them was one of the great forces among the core region’s disciples, Long Chenyi.

“Ascension Division? Long Chenyi!” At this moment, even that crooked-nosed elder was frowning deeply.

What sort of place was the Ascension Division? It was the tenth among the core region’s branch power organizations, a colossus with several tens of thousands of members. Most importantly, standing behind the Ascension Division were the powerful elders of the Ascension Sect. Very few people would dare to make themselves an enemy of the Ascension Division. As for elders with a status like himself, no one among them would dare to make themselves an enemy of the Ascension Division.

“Although I do not know who you are, for elder to know of me, Long Chenyi, it means that we have been brought together by fate. Might elder be capable of giving me some face and letting this little brother here go?”

Long Chenyi had a smile on his face. However, he was neither servile nor overbearing. His tone did not appear to be one who was speaking on equal footing with this elder. Instead, it was more of one speaking on a higher level than this elder.