Chapter 1139 - Asura Division

MGA: Chapter 1139 - Asura Division

Finally, Chu Feng spoke. “Give up on this matter, I will not agree to it.”

Once Chu Feng said these words, everyone’s body stiffened, and dejected expressions covered their faces. Their current appearance was like that of deflated balls. Slowly, they lowered their heads. At this moment, the palace hall became silent as despair and grief filled it.

Even though they had guessed that Chu Feng might reject them, even though they knew that Chu Feng was completely justified in rejecting them; however, when Chu Feng really did reject them, they were still unable to contain their disappointment.

At this moment, they appeared like a pack of wolves that lost their leader. Although they were not weak, they were not strong either. In this jungle filled with beasts, they lost the sole person that they relied on and lost sight of their path; their future was now completely unknown.

Upon seeing the disappointed expression of the crowd, Chu Feng opened his mouth and laughed mischievously. He said. “However, the six of you, if you’re willing to dissolve this Smooth Steady Division, you would be allowed to join mine.”

“Join yours? Junior brother Chu Feng, you mean?...” After hearing those words, everyone was surprised. After that, expressions of joy filled their faces as they already managed to tell Chu Feng’s intentions from his words.

“I feel that what you all have said is reasonable. Rather than joining someone else’s branch power organization, it is better for us to establish our own. However, the branch power organization that I want to establish is most definitely not a Smooth Steady Division that wants only steady peace. The branch power organization that I will be establishing is one that will lead the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s disciples from the being at the bottom of the core region to the top.”

“To become the peak existence among the several thousand branch power organizations of the Cyanwood Mountain’s core region, that is my goal.”

“If there are gods blocking our path, we shall kill gods. If there are buddhas blocking our path, then we shall kill buddhas. Whoever dares to block my path, I shall turn into a demon and kill them all.”

“Thus, I am naming this branch power organization of mine the Asura Division.”

“Asura Division! Junior brother Chu Feng, you truly mean that?” Hearing what Chu Feng said, the crowd became incomparably excited. Although they expected such a situation to occur, they were still unable to contain themselves when it became reality.

That was because what Chu Feng said was not only Chu Feng’s aspirations, it was also the hope of the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s disciples. As the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s disciples, who among them did not wish to emerge in power, and make all those who looked down on them treat them with reverence and respect?

However, they never imagined having a branch power organization established by their Southern Cyanwood Forest’s disciples become the peak existence in the core region. What did it mean to be the peak existence? It meant to become the strongest. This was truly an enormous goal.

However, for some unknown reason, when these words were spoken by Chu Feng, they did not have the slightest doubt. Instead, they all believed in it. It was as if they would truly become the strongest branch power organization in the core region under Chu Feng’s leadership.

“I, Chu Feng, am never one to joke around regarding such matters.” With a smile on his face, Chu Feng looked to the six scum senior brothers and asked. “What do you think? Are you all willing to join my Asura Division?”

“Willing, of course we are willing. I declare that our Smooth Steady Division will be dissolved today, at this very instant. You all, do you have any objection?” Fang Tuohai looked to the other five.

“No objection.” The other five shook their heads like rattle drums. After that, they looked to Chu Feng in unison and said. “We are willing to join the Asura Division and follow junior brother Chu Feng.”

“Junior brother Chu Feng? It should be time to call him Head, no?” Right at this moment, Wang Wei laughed sweetly, and then surprisingly made a grand gesture of courtesy toward Chu Feng. “Wang Wei pays her respect to Head Chu Feng.”

“We pay our respects to Head Chu Feng.” Immediately after, the others also displayed grand gestures of courtesy toward Chu Feng to signify that they were willing to join Chu Feng’s Asura Division.

Their reactions were something that Chu Feng already anticipated. Nevertheless, it remained that he felt rather emotional in his heart, as this was the first date of his Asura Division’s establishment, as well as the first step that he had taken. Although the current standing of the Asura Division was very low, Chu Feng did not want to fail to live up to the name of Asura.

“Yoh, you truly decided to name it the Asura Division? I was merely joking around.” At this moment, within Chu Feng’s body, Eggy was laughing nonstop. It could be seen that she was very happy.

Actually, it was not Chu Feng who decided upon the name Asura Division. Instead, it was something that Eggy casually said. However, Chu Feng decided upon the name, as he became fond of it. After all, if it wasn’t for this Asura World Spirit Eggy, then Chu Feng would not necessarily have today’s accomplishments; he might not even have been able to survive till now.

Thus, this could be considered to be a commitment Chu Feng made to Eggy. Since he obtained the good graces of the Asura Spirit World, he would definitely not allow himself to fail to live up to the strength of the Asura Spirit World. Even though the strength of the Asura Spirit World was something that his mother forcifibly sealed in him, Chu Feng felt that the strength of Asura was intended for him to begin with.

Thus, Chu Feng snickered in his heart and said to Eggy. “This Asura Division is merely the beginning. There will be a day where I will spread the name of Asura throughout the world. At that time, I will be the representative of Asura. As for Asura, it shall become my alias.”

“Yoh, you truly have some huge aspirations. Although it is not that easy for others to obtain our Asura Spirit World’s power, the world is enormous, and the amount of World Spiritists that have managed to contract the Asura Spirit World is not limited to only you. Furthermore, every one of them are absolutely not weak.”

“You wish to become the alias of Asura, that is the same as becoming the strongest among all the World Spiritists,” said Eggy in a striking manner.

“Ha.” Chu Feng laughed lightly. After that, he said with a face filled with confidence. “I will most definitely become the strongest World Spiritist.”

“Very well, you’re arrogant enough. However, your lady queen is most fond of your enthusiasm. If you do not even possess this bit of confidence, then you would not be worthy of being this queen’s master.” Eggy pursed up her little lips and slightly narrowed her eyes to display a beautiful and enchanting smile filled with anticipation.

“Asura Division, what a strange name.” Right at this moment, a female’s voice was suddenly heard from outside. Turning their gazes toward the source of the voice, everyone was startled. That was because there was no one there at all.

“Why? Lil Sis Ruochen, is there something wrong with the name?” Only Chu Feng had an expression of expectation.

“You already knew that I’d arrived?” Right after Chu Feng said those words, the space from where the voice came from started to tremble. Soon, a beautiful female figure appeared.

Seeing this woman, everyone present was shocked. Especially those six scum senior brothers, their eyes even shone, and their mouths were open in shock.

That was because this woman not only possessed fairy-like beauty, her cultivation was also extraordinary - she was a rank three Martial King. As for who this woman was, she was naturally Bai Ruochen.

“Heh, I guessed.” Chu Feng’s eyes narrowed as he smiled mischievously.

“Che.” Bai Ruochen cast a side glance at Chu Feng and displayed an expression of disbelief.

“Lil Sis Ruochen, you’ve said earlier that the name of my Asura Division is strange. I wish to know why you think it’s strange.” Chu Feng asked.

“Of course it’s strange. By Asura, it means the Asura Spirit World. Legend has it that the Asura Spirit World is the strongest Spirit World among the seven Spirit Worlds. As for the power that they possessed, it is also the most wicked and vicious among all Spirit Worlds. It is said that the power of Asura Spirits are even more dark and frightening than Demon Spirits. For you to name your branch power organization as the Asura Division, could it be that you wish to make it into an existence even more cruel and frightening than demons?” asked Bai Ruochen.

“Does being a demon necessarily mean that it’s cruel? I do not believe that to be the case. Does being a god necessarily mean that it’s righteous? I feel that to be even less unlikely. As for why I decided to name my branch power organization the Asura Division, I naturally have my own reason. However, as for this reason, I do not plan to tell it to you right now. In the future, you will come to know why,” Chu Feng said with a beaming smile.