Chapter 1140 - Bai Ruochen Joining

MGA: Chapter 1140 - Bai Ruochen Joining

“Whatever.” Faced with such a response from Chu Feng, Bai Ruochen gave him another side eye. She appeared to be a bit displeased that Chu Feng was unwilling to tell her the reason.

“Lil Sis Ruochen, for you to come and find me at such a late hour, it couldn’t possibly be just to eavesdrop on us, right? As the saying goes, to see is to participate, why don’t you join my Asura Division?” Chu Feng said with a beaming smile.

Once Chu Feng said those words, Wang Wei and the others all breathed in a mouthful of cold air, then looked to Bai Ruochen with expressions of anticipation. What sort of character was Bai Ruochen? She was the number one genius of the Ascension Sect, the daughter of the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster. If such a demon-level character was to join their Asura Division, she would, without a doubt, become an enormously helpful presence.[1. Raw says super helper] Likely, with merely Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen, they would be able to support the entire Asura Division. Like this, even if the Asura Division did not wish to emerge in power in the future, it would be difficult for it to do so.

“Join your newly created branch power organization that, other than you, is composed of only useless troops?” Bai Ruochen swept her eyes over the crowd that was present in the palace hall. Her gaze was filled with disdain. As for her words, they were very cold and direct.

However, these blatantly thorny words from Bai Ruochen did not anger Chu Feng in the slightest. Instead, with a beaming smile, he said. “I will give you benefits.”

“What sort of benefits?” asked Bai Ruochen.

“I’ll give you the position of my Asura Division’s Second Head, what do you think?” Chu Feng said those words with a mischievous smile.

“Who would want that?” Bai Ruochen’s face was extremely cold. An expression of annoyance covered her face. However, after that, she turned to Chu Feng and said. “It is also not impossible for me to join your Asura Division. However, you must agree to one thing from me.”

“What is it?” asked Chu Feng.

“Something that you can only agree to and not refuse,” said Bai Ruochen.

“Only agree to and not refuse? In that case, what if you wanted me to go and kill myself? I’ve not lived enough.” Chu Feng displayed an expression of unwillingness.

“If you’re afraid, then pretend I never mentioned it.” Bai Ruochen had a very determined expression.

Chu Feng clenched his teeth and then said resolutely, “Fine, I’ll agree to it. Whatever it is, go ahead and tell me.” He knew of Bai Ruochen’s strength and her status. If he was able to get her to join his Asura Division, the Asura Division would most definitely strengthen at a faster pace.

“I still have not thought of what it will be yet. When I figure out what it will be in the future, I’ll tell you then.” Bai Ruochen displayed a slight smile. It was very charming and beautiful. There were even traces of complacency in her smile. It was as if she felt joyous in finally winning against Chu Feng in their battle of words.

“In that case, it means that you’ve agreed to join?” asked Chu Feng.

“Naturally. However, you don’t have to give me any position like the Second Head or whatever, as I am not interested in it. I would rather be an ordinary member, as I would have more freedom this way. Also, I’ll speak these words beforehand, as long as there’s nothing major, do not come and find me, as I do not like being bothered,” said Bai Ruochen with a prideful expression.

“Haha, that’s truly great. With senior sister Bai joining our Asura Division, it would be hard for our Asura Division to not emerge and expand in the future.” Seeing that Bai Ruochen agreed to join, the person who was the happiest was not Chu Feng. Instead, it was Wang Wei and the others. They all began to cheer for Bai Ruochen’s acceptance in joining the Asura Division; they were truly endlessly excited.

“How could you all be this rude? This junior sister is so young, how could you all address her as senior sister? Isn’t this calling her old? You should be calling her junior sister instead. If you feel that your status is inferior to call her junior sister, then the least you could do is call her Miss Bai.” Surprisingly, when they saw Wang Wei and the others addressing Bai Ruochen as senior sister, Fang Tuohai and the other five scum senior brothers actually spoke to correct them with a very dissatisfied tone.

At this moment, Wang Wei and the others were truly speechless. They did not know how to explain things to Fang Tuohai and the other five scum senior brothers.

Right at the moment of awkwardness, Bai Ruochen spoke. “Forget about it. Regardless of what status I might possess in the past, as I am now in the Cyanwood Mountain, I will have to follow the hierarchy of the Cyanwood Mountain. As my age is younger, just go ahead and address me as junior sister.”

“Look, didn’t I say to address her as junior sister? Hahaha…” After hearing what Bai Ruochen said, Fang Tuohai and the other five scum senior brothers began to laugh loudly. However, as they were people who could be considered to be uncles with their ages, for them to laugh so loudly while looking at the beautiful fairy-like Bai Ruochen, it was truly gave off a wretched appearance regardless of how one looked at it.

“What Lil Sis Ruochen said is correct. Everyone, there is no need for you all to address me as Head. It would be fine for you all to continue to address me as junior brother. Otherwise, it is also weird for me to hear myself being addressed as the Head.”

“In essence, all the members of our Asura Division are family. While there are rules in the family, as long as one does not break the rules, they would all be considered to be on equal footing, and will not have to bother with the needless formalities.”

Although Chu Feng was not fond of being looked down on by others, he also dislike being placed in too high of a standing by people that he was close with because it would bring about a sense of distance.

“As per your orders.” Once Chu Feng said those words, other than Bai Ruochen, everyone else stood up and shouted in unison while cupping their fists respectfully.

“Sigh, forget about it. Pretend that I never mentioned such a thing.” Faced with the extremely respectful gesture displayed by the crowd, Chu Feng shook his head. He suddenly felt that it was impossible for him to make them treat him as an equal like Bai Ruochen.

Establishing a branch power organization was no small matter; there was a lot of preparations to be made. After finishing the creation of the Asura Division, Chu Feng began to make arrangements. First, he designed an Asura Division armband. After that, he had Wang Wei and the other female disciples go and create armbands with that design in large quantities. As women were more attentive, they would be more diligent when making the armbands.

At the same time, Chu Feng began to personally create a formation to create an enormous sign and personally placed it on top of the entrance gates to his territory.

The Asura Division was formally established. In excitement, some people began to cheer. The cheering and clamor attracted the attention of many people.

“Here I was wondering who it is that’s making all this noise here. So it’s a bunch of newbies that do not know about what being reckless is.”

However, when those people discovered that it was Chu Feng and the other new disciples establishing a new branch power organization, they all began to look at them with expressions of disdain and even began to mock them.

That was because in the Cyanwood Mountain, branch power organizations would sometimes be challenged by other branch power organizations. As for the branch power organizations created by newly joined disciples, they were the ones that would be challenged the most. After all, if one managed to win a challenge, they would obtain quite a bit of glory and cause more people to be willing to join their branch power organization.

Thus, to the crowd that gathered from the noise, a new branch power organization created by new disciples was equivalent to a stepping stone. What awaited new branch power organizations was only the fate of being challenged, devastated and humiliated.

“That girl…”

However, when they saw Bai Ruochen, their eyes shone. Unable to contain themselves, they breathed in a mouthful of cold air.

After all, Bai Ruochen was stunning. Not only did she possess an exquisitely beautiful appearance, she also had the strength of a rank three Martial King. While rank three Martial Kings might not be anything amazing in the core region, a rank three Martial King as young as Bai Ruochen was still very shocking to find. As long as one was not a fool, they would be able to tell that Bai Ruochen was a demon-level character.

Thus, when they discover that Bai Ruochen was wearing the Asura Division’s armband, the bystanding crowd that were looking at Chu Feng and the others with disdain began to feel that this newly established branch power organization might not be as simple as it appeared to be. Thus, they hurriedly dispersed from this place; they did not dare to make thoughtless remarks or even continue to watch.

Wang Wei and the others noticed what was happening and felt extremely happy because of it. It was as if they saw the hope for the Asura Division’s future.

As for Fang Tuohai and the other five scum senior brothers, they were even more incomparably happy. Their Smooth Steady Division had been established for twenty years, yet all it brought them was more humiliation. However, this Asura Division had only just been established, yet it was already capable of bringing restraining fear to others. The gap between them was so incomparably enormous. This, in turn, boosted their confidence by quite a bit.