Chapter 1138 - Establishing A Branch

MGA: Chapter 1138 - Establishing A Branch

At the moment when the six scum senior brothers came back to reality, they discovered that Chu Feng and the others were already gone; they had already left.

Chu Feng and the others did not immediately return to their respective territories after leaving the Smooth Steady Division. Instead, they all arrived at Chu Feng’s territory...

“What? Junior brother Chu Feng, you have broken off all relations with the Ascension Division?”

“Junior brother Chu Feng, it is all my fault. If I hadn’t asked you to help us, if it weren’t for us, you wouldn’t have missed the opportunity to join the Ascension Division.”

“Not joining the Ascension Division is not a major matter. However, right now junior brother Chu Feng actually got into a conflict with the Ascension Division. What if they come back for revenge in the future? We have truly created an enormous trouble for junior brother Chu Feng.”

After returning to his territory, Chu Feng told Wang Wei and the others about what happened between him and the Ascension Division. After they knew about what happened, all of them started to blame themselves.

While they felt very disappointed to not be able to join the Ascension Division, they felt a great deal of self-blame after knowing that they had ruined Chu Feng’s chances of joining the Ascension Division and even brought a great enemy upon him. After all, the Ascension Division was ranked tenth among the core region’s branch power organizations. As for their head, Long Chenyi, he was even a famous demon-level character. They had heard of Long Chenyi’s famous name even before coming to the Cyanwood Mountain.

“Senior brothers and sisters, do not worry. Our Southern Cyanwood Forest is now in an alliance with the Ascension Sect. Even if the Ascension Division loathed me, with the alliance in place and the constrictions from the elders, what could they possibly dare to do to me?” Chu Feng comforted the others.

“Is that true? If the Ascension Division would not make things difficult for junior brother Chu Feng, it would truly be great.” After hearing what Chu Feng said, half of the worries in Wang Wei and the others’ hearts were lifted. Their expressions of concern also lessened greatly.

“However, it is truly unfortunate that we have ruined junior brother Chu Feng’s chances of joining the Ascension Division. With junior brother Chu Feng’s talent, if you are able to join the Ascension Division, you would most definitely advance by leap and bounds. Perhaps one day junior brother Chu Feng might even be able to surpass Long Chenyi and become the head of the Ascension Division.” Someone voiced regret for ruining Chu Feng’s chances to join the Ascension Division.

Right at this moment, a servant walked in and reported to Chu Feng. “Master, someone has arrived.”

“Who is it?” asked Chu Feng.

“He said he’s your senior brother.” said the servant.

“Senior brother?” Chu Feng was confused. The others were also confused. They truly could not think of who it might be that had come to find Chu Feng, as everyone they knew were already in this place. So how could there be a senior brother?

“Junior brother Chu Feng, it is us.” Right at this moment, a voice was heard. At the same time, six figures appeared before Chu Feng and the others. It turned out that the so called senior brother was in fact the six scum senior brothers.

Seeing these six, Wang Wei and the others spoke with a displeased tone. “You all dare to come to this place? Did you felt that junior brother Chu Feng did not hit you enough?”

“Junior brothers and sisters, we were in the wrong earlier. However, we have not come here to create troubles. We truly have something that we wish to request of junior brother Chu Feng,” said the six scum senior brothers.

Chu Feng gestured for Wang Wei and the others to quiet down. Then he said. “What is it that you want, speak away.”

“Junior brother Chu Feng, please hear me out. I am Fang Tuohai. Back during the time when I entered the Cyanwood Mountain, I was most definitely not a bottom-tier existence, nor was I someone with no ambitions. It is only because I offended someone that no branch power organization was willing to shelter me. I ended up becoming the target of bullying in this core region. Even when doing missions, I would be hindered by others, causing my missions to fail time and time again. Being helpless, I ended up establishing the Smooth Steady Division.”

“The Smooth Steady Division, as its name implies, the me from back then had lost all drive, and sought only peace. I had hoped that by creating my own branch power organization, I would be able to spend my remaining years in the Cyanwood Mountain smoothly and steadily. After twenty years had passed, my time in the Cyanwood Mountain was indeed smooth and steady. However, the time was spent under the others’ humiliations. This peacefulness was traded with accepting the humiliations.”

“It has been twenty years, our Smooth Steady Division has existed for twenty years. Yet, we only have six members. I truly did not wish for it to continue on like this. That is why I had thought about threatening you all to make you join our Smooth Steady Division,” said the Smooth Steady Division’s head Fang Tuohai with an expression of helplessness.

“Regardless of what sort of justification you have, it is wrong for you to bully juniors from the same school. You do not have to bother trying to absolve yourself of your wrongdoings, for it would only make me despise you more,” said Chu Feng.

“Indeed. Junior brother Chu Feng, what you say is absolutely right. I am in the wrong; that is something that cannot be changed. I have not said all these things for the purpose of trying to absolve myself from my wrongdoings. I merely do not wish to continue on like this. Today, I have seen hope; I have seen hope on you, junior brother Chu Feng.”

“Thus, I wish to request that junior brother Chu Feng join our Smooth Steady Division. I am willing to give my position of the head to you. Please, lead us to greater strength.” Speaking till this point, Fang Tuohai suddenly became emotional and directly knelt onto the ground with a ‘putong’ sound.

“Junior brother Chu Feng, we beg of you. Our Southern Cyanwood Forest’s disciples being bullied is the fundamental reason why it is so hard for us to emerge in the Cyanwood Mountain. Currently, there are still a lot of Southern Cyanwood Forest’s disciples that have not joined any branch organization power. It is not that they do not want to join any, but rather, that no one is willing to accept them.”

“However, if you are to become our Smooth Steady Division’s head; then, with someone with strength like you to be our head, we believe that our fellow disciples would all be willing to join the Smooth Steady Division too.”

“At that time, our Southern Cyanwood Forest’s disciples would not linger on with no aim in the Cyanwood Mountain. At the very least, our fellow brothers and sisters with low strength, those pushed aside by others, would have a place to call home.” At the same time, the other five scum senior brothers also knelt onto the ground and started to beg Chu Feng.

At this moment, Chu Feng’s heart was very emotionally moved. He carefully inspected the six of them, and discovered that there was a very intense emotion of longing in their eyes. It was a longing to change their situation after being oppressed for many years.

At this moment, for some reason, Chu Feng’s hatred for these six scum brothers lessened. At the same time, he began to feel pity for them.

As humans, who does not have pride and character within them? No one was born to serve another. However, as the saying goes, being underneath eaves, one has no choice but to lower one’s head. People have always tried to resist. However, they would be beaten down by the cruel reality around them until they had no choice but to lower their heads. As for these six scum senior brothers, they were evidently this sort of people.

From their words, Chu Feng was able to tell that there were many more disciples like them from the Southern Cyanwood Forest. Merely, those disciples were not even as courageous as them.

At the very least, these six scum senior brothers had the courage to establish their own branch organization power after being pushed aside by the other branch organization powers. However, the other Southern Cyanwood Forest disciples that were pushed aside did not even have the courage to establish a branch organization power, and continued to aimlessly linger about the core region like homeless people, living like neither humans nor ghosts as the true bottom-tier existences.

“Junior brother Chu Feng, as the Ascension Division is unwilling to shelter us now anyways, instead of joining other branch power organizations and sticking up to others, why don’t we…” At this moment, Wang Wei and the others had also turned to Chu Feng.

In reality, they also wished for Chu Feng to establish his own branch power organization. However, at the same time, they were feeling very conflicted too. After all, Chu Feng was unlike them, and possessed peerless talent. With Chu Feng’s strength, there were likely many branch power organizations in this core region that were willing to accept him.

To start one’s own branch power organization was indeed a much lower starting point than joining a powerful branch power organization. While it might be beneficial to them, it would not be very beneficial to Chu Feng.