Chapter 1137 - Blood Racing

MGA: Chapter 1137 - Blood Racing

After those five men fled from the scene, the entire plaza became oddly quiet. Everyone was looking at Chu Feng with stunned expressions.

What sort of situation was this? Where did this brat came from? The five people that he had beaten earlier were not only members of the Tiger Dragon Division, they were also rank two Martial Kings.

This young-looking brat who just entered the Cyanwood Mountain was actually able to instantly beat up five rank two Martial Kings to pig-heads, causing them to flee in terror, with his cultivation of a rank one Martial King. What sort of strength was this?

Especially after they recalled the terrifying oppressive aura displayed by Chu Feng the moment before he started attacking them, the crowd started to fear Chu Feng even more. After their period of fear, they realized that this brat from the Southern Cyanwood Forest appeared to be substantially different from other disciples; he was not someone easily bullied.

“Everyone, did you enjoy watching the liveliness of our Southern Cyanwood Forest?” Suddenly, Chu Feng turned his intimidating and cold, sword-like gaze at the crowd.

“This…” Being watched by Chu Feng with such a gaze, the crowd that had come to watch a show all hurriedly lowered their heads, as they did not dare to look at Chu Feng face to face. After what happened earlier, they already had a deep sense of fear of Chu Feng.

Suddenly, Chu Feng displayed an angry expression and shouted with a cold voice. “I shall count to three, you all are to f*cking scram. Anyone who remains here after I finish counting to three, I will make them crawl back home.”

“Woosh, woosh, woosh, woosh…”

Once Chu Feng said those words, the crowd did not dare to remain here anymore. Fearing that Chu Feng would attack them, they all leapt into the sky and started rapidly flying away from this place in quick succession. In a blink of an eye, only Chu Feng and the others from the Southern Cyanwood Forest remained on the plaza.

Currently, the six scum senior brothers had nervous expressions on their faces and eyes filled with fear. They were no fools; at this moment, they had already discovered that this junior brother of theirs from the Southern Cyanwood Forest was not a mediocre person like themselves, nor was he an ordinary individual. Instead, he was a demon-level character. [1. Super genius.]

All demon-level characters, as long as their development goes smoothly, would most definitely play a role in the Cyanwood Mountain in the future. These sorts of people were people that they would absolutely never dare to offend.

However, at this moment, regardless of whether they were willing or not, they had already offended Chu Feng. Thus, they currently had a feeling as if they were stuck between a rock and a hard place, unaware of what to do.

When they saw Chu Feng walking toward them, they looked to one another and shivered from head to toe while stepping back in succession. In the end, they began to kneel to the ground one after the other, kowtowing to Chu Feng and beginning to admit their mistakes.

“Junior brother Chu Feng, it is our fault. It is all our fault, we are the ones in the wrong, we shouldn’t have tried to intimidate you all to join our branch power organization. Please, junior brother Chu Feng, be generous and forgive the offenses that us lowly ones have committed. Please spare us.”

Faced with such a scene, Wang Wei and the others did not display any surprised expressions. That was because, since the first time they had seen Chu Feng displaying his might, they too felt the same sort of feeling as these senior brothers of theirs.

However, when Chu Feng looked at these six Southern Cyanwood Forest senior brothers, he began to frown. He felt an unspeakable urge in his heart.

In the end, he merely took a glance at them and said. “People from all different powers are gathered upon this Cyanwood Mountain. As for our Southern Cyanwood Forest, we are a grand genuine subsidiary power of the Cyanwood Mountain. Yet, we have been disdained by others to such a degree. Why is that?” Chu Feng asked.

“...” The six scum senior brothers stopped their kowtowing. They lowered their heads and did not speak anymore, as they did not know how to answer.

“That’s because our Southern Cyanwood Forest is weak. Every successive generation is weaker than the previous one. Even after thousands of years have passed, there would always be disciples from our Southern Cyanwood Forest joining the Cyanwood Mountain every year. To this date, the amount of Southern Cyanwood Forest’s disciples that have entered the Cyanwood Mountain would add up to several tens of thousands. Yet, even then, not a single one of them managed to emerge in power, not a single one of them managed to reach the peak of the Cyanwood Mountain. It was so much so that they have lingered at the bottom of the core disciples the entire time.”

“This is especially true when compared to the other three Cyanwood Forests. When compared to them, our Southern Cyanwood Forest appears to be even more useless; truly weak beyond comparison and failing to live up to the title of being one of the Cyanwood Mountain’s genuine subsidiary powers.”

“Who can we blame for us being looked down upon? We can only blame ourselves. The Southern Cyanwood Forest is clearly seated with very high status, yet it has failed to live up to that status. Even if we are looked down on with disdain by others, it would be deservingly so.” Chu Feng slowly said those words one word at a time. His tone was very heavy, but was also one of resentment toward the failure of the Southern Cyanwood Forest.

After hearing what Chu Feng said, it was not only the six scum senior brothers, even Wang Wei and the others silently lowered their heads and tightly clenched their fists. They felt endlessly depressed in their hearts.

They knew very well that what Chu Feng said was the absolute truth. If the Southern Cyanwood Forest was an ordinary second-rate subsidiary power, then even if the disciples they sent to the Cyanwood Mountain were mediocre, they would not have reached such a miserable state.

However, what the Southern Cyanwood Forest carried was the title of a genuine subsidiary power of the Cyanwood Mountain. Yet, it failed to possess the strength that a genuine subsidiary power should. This inevitably caused it to be despised and looked down on by others.

Chu Feng looked to the six scum senior brothers and asked, “We all carry on our backs the reputation of the Southern Cyanwood Forest; the label of the Southern Cyanwood Forest is with us all the time. With merely this label, it is enough to cause us to be looked down on by others. With all this, is there a need for internal strife on top of that? Did you all feel that we have not lost enough face here?”

“We…” The six scum brothers were silent. They did not know how to reply to him.

“The label of the Southern Cyanwood Forest being on us is a fact that none of us can change, for we are indeed the disciples of the Southern Cyanwood Forest, and will forever be.”

“As for the Southern Cyanwood Forest being looked down upon by others, it too is a fact. However, does it mean that we must obediently comply to this fact? No, we are entirely capable of changing this fact.”

“However, the way to change this fact is most definitely not to point your fist inward and create internal strife, nor is it to accept the insults of others without daring to raise one’s heads.” After he finished saying those words, Chu Feng soared into the sky and prepared to leave.

As for Wang Wei, Zhao Genshuo and the others, they too soared into the sky and prepared to follow Chu Feng.

Right at the moment when Chu Feng and the others were about to depart, the six scum senior brothers raised their heads and loudly asked. “Junior brother Chu Feng, can you tell us the method to change this fact?”

“The method is very simple. Strengthen your fists, and then beat up all those who looked down on us till they shut their mouths.” Chu Feng left those words in a very serious manner.

Upon hearing what Chu Feng said, the six scum senior brothers were all startled. A complicated frame of mind filled their thoughts, rushing into all parts of their bodies.

That sort of sensation was something that they haven’t felt in a very long time. It was a sensation that they used to frequently feel back when they were known to be geniuses in the Southern Cyanwood Forest. However, after they had arrived in the Cyanwood Mountain, that sensation had been repressed, and then obliterated by the countless demon-level characters. If one truly wanted to describe the sensation that they were feeling, it was actually very simple -- being fired up, having their blood racing.

Yes, that’s right, their blood was racing. It was the sensation that brings about one’s fighting spirit. After lying dormant for multiple years, this sensation was reignited once again. However, never had the six of them ever imagined that the person who would reignite this sensation for them was actually a junior brother from the Southern Cyanwood Forest that was over twenty years younger than themselves. Furthermore, this junior brother managed to reignite their fighting spirit with a simple sentence.

Admiration, it was an innermost admiration.

Hope, it was as if they have seen their life’s hope.

Regardless of whether it might be admiration or hope, the two of them both existed on a single person - Chu Feng.