Chapter 1136 - Beat You Up Every Time I See You

MGA: Chapter 1136 - Beat You Up Every Time I See You

Once Chu Feng said those words, those six scum senior brothers were all startled. After that, one among them with a rather fat build and a cultivation of a rank one Martial King stood forward and spoke with a very disdainful attitude. “I am the one who beat them, what about it?”

“Paa.” To his enormous surprise, right after he said those words, Chu Feng’s palm landed on his face. The speed of Chu Feng’s slap was so quick that he did not even have the time to react. The strength of the slap was so enormous that it caused him to do a 1080 degree turn.

“You bastard…” Dumbstruck, completely dumbstruck. It was not only that scum senior brother that was slapped by Chu Feng, the other five scum senior brothers were also completely stupefied by Chu Feng’s actions.

What sort of situation was this? A disciple that just entered the Cyanwood Mountain actually dared to attack his senior brother? Furthermore, it was a huge slap before such a large crowd. What sort of thing was this?

“This slap is for Zhang Bingnan.” Suddenly, Chu Feng spoke. Immediately after he finished saying those words, his arm moved once again. Like a divine dragon moving its tail, his palm fiercely landed on the other cheek of that fat scum senior brother.

“Paa.” Another sharp and resounding sound echoed. That scum senior brother once again did a 1080 degree rotation in the other direction. In the end, with a ‘putong’ sound, he dropped to the ground on his butt. With his eyes wide open, he looked at Chu Feng, at a complete loss.

If it was said that others were only shocked by Chu Feng’s actions, then this scum senior brother that he had been slapped twice was truly stupefied; he had been slapped dumb by Chu Feng’s two resounding slaps.

“That slap was for Liu Chao.” Chu Feng spoke again. His tone was so indifferent that it caused others to feel inconceivable.

After all, he had slapped his senior brother twice earlier. Yet, he was actually capable of speaking those words with such indifference. Truly, he was not placing them in his eyes.

“You bastard, you’re courting death!” Finally, that scum senior brother that was slapped by Chu Feng woke up from his shock. He stood up and planned to attack Chu Feng. At the same time, the remaining five scum senior brothers were also enraged. Especially that rank two Martial King head of this so-called Steady Smooth Division; he immediately displayed his majestic rank two Martial King aura and swept it toward Chu Feng.

However, even when faced with the anger of those six scum senior brothers, Chu Feng’s expression remained unchanged. Instead, he frowned and spoke with a cold voice. “You want to attack me? Do you all only possess the ability to bully your juniors from the same sect?”

“What? You…” Although the words spoken by Chu Feng appeared to be ordinary, they appeared like thunderous explosions when they entered into the of the six scum senior brothers. Not only did they cause their brains to feel confused, they even caused their hearts to tremble. Surprisingly, his words caused all of them to involuntarily remove their enraged auras and stop their movement of attack toward Chu Feng.

“Fight! Why are you not fighting? F*cking boring.”

“That’s right. Your daddy is not done watching the show yet. Why did you stop? Fang Tuohai, attack him. You are, after all, someone who has managed to survive in the Cyanwood Mountain for twenty years. Did you grow afraid of a brat that’s just entered the Cyanwood Mountain? You’re truly trash.”

“Trash, truly useless. It’s no wonder the Smooth Steady Division is the most rubbish branch power organization in the Cyanwood Mountain. From the way I see it, it’s better that you dissolve it immediately. Otherwise, you’ll shame our Cyanwood Mountain.”

Surprisingly, right after those six scum senior brothers stopped their attacks, the crowd immediately started to heckle.

Turning his gaze in the direction of the heckling, Chu Feng discovered that they were all people from a branch power organization. There were a total of five people; their ages were about the same as the six scum senior brother’s. However, their cultivation was much stronger. At the very least, all five of them were rank two Martial Kings.

Hearing the insulting words spoken by those five rank two Martial Kings, the expressions of those six scum senior brothers turned ashen. However, they did not dare to speak back. Evidently, they were afraid of those five.

“Look, it’s just like I said, they’re a bunch of trash, a bunch of good-for-nothings from the Southern Cyanwood Forest. Back then, they wanted to join other branch power organizations, but no one wanted them. Therefore, they created a bullshit Smooth Steady Division. It has been an entire twenty years since it was established, yet it only has six members.”

“A bunch of trash like you all, even if you are to become elders in the future, you would only be able to become outer court elders, teaching those bunches of trash with extremely low aptitudes.”

“As core disciples, if you’re not able to stay in the core region and become elders, then it’s better to leave the Cyanwood Mountain. If I were you all, I would’ve already left. I definitely would never continue to stay here and shame myself.”

Seeing that the six scum senior brothers did not dare to speak back, the five men became even more joyous as they spoke. Being mocked by these five men, the other surrounding crowd also started to laugh. At this moment, the plaza was filled with disdain for the Southern Cyanwood Forest.

“Stinky brat, what are you looking at? What, you have complaints?” To everyone’s surprise, when one of the five saw Chu Feng looking at them, he shouted at him explosively, with an expression stating that Chu Feng was unworthy of looking at him.

Faced with that man’s provocation, Chu Feng merely laughed. He said. “Complaints I have not; merely, I wanted to remember the appearances of you five.”

“Remember our appearances? What do you mean by that?” Once Chu Feng said those words, the five men were all confused. They have no idea what Chu Feng meant by that.

“Ha, that’s because I’ve decided that every time I see you five, I’ll beat you up.” Chu Feng suddenly laughed.

“What? You bastard, what did you say? Say it again!” At this moment, those five men finally understood Chu Feng’s intentions. One by one, they began to tremble with rage.

“Woosh.” However, right at this moment, Chu Feng’s figure suddenly moved. He shot toward the five men like a sharp arrow. Chu Feng’s movement appeared to be motionless; it was truly astonishing.

While his speed was not very fast, and his movement was extremely insignificant, his aura was omnipresent, like a mountain reaching the sky, a boundless ocean, a wild ferocious beast or a cruel god of death.

Before such an aura that Chu Feng displayed, not only were those five individuals intimidated, practically everyone present on the plaza was intimidated by it. One by one, they opened their mouths in shocked expressions as they watched Chu Feng flying through the sky and finally landing before those five men.

However, this was not the most shocking thing. What was most shocking was that Chu Feng actually really attacked the five men. Furthermore, his attacks were so heavy and beyond the crowd’s imagination.

“Slam, slam, slam, slam…”

Chu Feng’s arms swung back and forth. In an instant, countless fist silhouettes were formed in succession. The speed of the fist silhouettes were so fast that no one was able to tell exactly how many fists Chu Feng had thrown. However, in merely an instant, those five men were already bleeding from their noses and mouths. As for their faces, they were covered with bruises as they were knocked flying several meters away from the plaza. After they landed on the ground, their appearance was much like that of roasted pig heads. No longer did they possess human faces; it was truly a tragic and pitiful sight.

To be beaten like a dog by Chu Feng in merely an instant caused those five men to become extremely frightened. They rolled and crawled on the ground as they frantically tried to get up. Without even bothering to look back at Chu Feng, they immediately ran away from the plaza. However, right before they were about to disappear from Chu Feng’s sight, they shouted. “Bastard! Our Dragon Tiger Division is not going to let you get away with this!”

“Dragon Tiger Division? Humph, might as well call it the Trash Rubbish Division.” Chu Feng sneered. Regardless of whether the Dragon Tiger Division might be powerful or not, these five men had left an imprint of themselves as trash in Chu Feng’s heart.

What sort of people were trash? For ordinary people, perhaps trash might be individuals who possessed low aptitude, and were incapable of doing anything or learning anything.

However, Chu Feng’s definition for trash was completely different. To Chu Feng, trash was not necessarily the weakest people. Instead, they were people who would fear the strong and bully the weak.

For some people, before others weaker than them, they would act as if they were the Prince of Heaven. Regardless of whether it might be the elderly, people with disabilities or weak individuals, they would not give two damns when beating them up. However, when before individuals stronger than themselves, they would appear like a grandson. [1. Grandson is an insulting term. Much like how people insult others by forcing them to call them ‘uncle.’ If we take it literally, being a grandson would be more insulting than being a nephew.] Even if they were being spit on the face, they would not dare to say anything back.

These sorts of people were those that others despised the most. Thus, Chu Feng felt that this sort of people were the true scum of society, the true trash.

As for the five men that he had beaten earlier, they were undoubtedly that sort of people.