Chapter 1135 - Scum Senior Brothers

MGA: Chapter 1135 - Scum Senior Brothers

“Sigh…” When being asked about who it was, Wang Wei displayed an expression of helplessness and said, “It’s people from our Southern Cyanwood Forest.”

“What? People from our Southern Cyanwood Forest?” Hearing those words, Chu Feng was even more surprised; he even felt it to be unbelievable.

“That’s right, it’s our senior brothers from the Southern Cyanwood Forest,” said Wang Wei.

“Senior sister Wang Wei, what exactly happened?” Chu Feng was puzzled by what he had heard. The Southern Cyanwood Forest’s disciples were of the same root. As they were seniors that had entered the Cyanwood Mountain before them, they should be looking after their juniors that had just joined. So why did it turn into them beating their juniors up?

“Our several senior brothers from the Southern Cyanwood Forest have established a branch power organization in this core region. However, their branch power organization’s development did not go about smoothly; it seems that they were unable to recruit any new members. For the purpose of increasing their strength, they have come to forcibly pull us, the new arrivals from the Southern Cyanwood Forest, to join their branch organization. As for the people that they found first, it was precisely Zhang Bingnan and Liu Chao.”

“However, Zhang Bingnan and Liu Chao wholeheartedly wanted to join the Ascension Division. On top of that, our Southern Cyanwood Forest’s senior brothers’ branch power organization is truly too weak; even the leader of their branch power organization was merely a rank two Martial King at an age over forty.”

“Over forty years with the cultivation of rank two Marital King, this could be said to be an extremely common level of cultivation in the core region of the Cyanwood Mountain. It could even be said that this was at the lower tier of strength among all of the core disciples.”

“Naturally, no one wanted to join such a branch power organization. Thus, Zhang Bingnan and Liu Chao tactfully refused those senior brothers of ours.”

“However, who would’ve thought, they were enraged by the rejections, and said that Zhang Bingnan and Liu Chao did not respect their elders, and thus beat them up to teach them a lesson.”

“Not only did they beat them up, they even brought them away with them. After that, they declared that all of us, the newly arrived disciples, must go to the gates of their branch power organization. If we are not all gathered there before the day’s end, they said they will teach Zhang Bingnan and Liu Chao another lesson.”

“After we received this news, Zhang Genshuo and Kong Lianfeng feared that something might happen to Zhang Bingnan and Liu Chao, and have left already.”

“However, with their strength, they will not be able to change anything. Therefore, they told me to stay here and wait for your return.” Wang Wei narrated what had happened as she looked to Chu Feng with a gaze of hope. Evidently, she decided that Chu Feng would be their backbone.

“How truly preposterous!” Upon hearing Wang Wei’s narration of what had happened, Chu Feng was immediately enraged. In anger, he began to gnash his teeth.

He understood what had happened. The useless disciples of the Southern Cyanwood Forest had established a bullshit branch power organization, but because their strength was too weak, they were unable to recruit any new members. Thus, they moved their sights to the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s newly arrived disciples, and then decided to come and bully their juniors.

If it was said that they had come to bully all of the new disciples this year, then it could be forgettable. However, it would appear that the target of their bullying was only the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s disciples.

What did that mean? This meant that they did not dare to bully disciples from other powers, and only dared to bully the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s disciples. This was truly the archetype of being terrified of others while bullying one’s own. Chu Feng could tolerate this sort of people the least.

“Senior sister Wang Wei, do you know where the branch power organization created by those Southern Cyanwood Forest’s scum is?” asked Chu Feng.

“I do. The junior brother that came to report this matter to us also told us the location.” Wang Wei nodded.

“Lead the way.” Chu Feng had already soared into the sky as he said those words. He impatiently wanted to experience for himself these scum senior brothers from their Southern Cyanwood Forest.

Wang Wei did not dare to be slow either. She hurriedly soared into the sky as well, and began to lead the way according to the directions that had been left to her.

The core region was very enormous. However, that so called bullshit branch power organization was not located far from Chu Feng and the others’ territories. Thus, in a short while, Chu Feng and Wang Wei arrived.

The place that they have arrived at was actually also someone’s territory. However, before this territory’s entrance was a golden-bright and dazzling sign. On the sign were three words: Smooth Steady Division.

The Smooth Steady Division was the branch power organization established by those scum senior brothers of the Southern Cyanwood Forest. However, for them to place such a dazzling sign on top of their entrance gave off a sense of wretchedness.

That was because this territory was truly not up to much. To be exact, it was inferior to even Chu Feng and the others, the new disciples’ territories. Although it could still be considered to be passable when looked at on the surface, it was extremely beaten up when compared to the territories of other branch power organizations.

After all, there were numerous branch power organizations in the core region. As such, there would most definitely be a best and worst among them. As for the territory that the Smooth Steady Division was located in, it was one of, if not, the worst; a gathering of trash.

While those people of this branch power organization were core disciples of the Cyanwood Mountain, they were bottom feeders among the core region.

However, at this moment, Chu Feng’s gaze did not linger on the sign. Instead, his gaze was focused on the plaza before that Smooth Steady Division. Many people had gathered on the plaza, and Chu Feng managed to see people from his Southern Cyanwood Forest among those people.

Including Zhao Genshuo, Kong Lianfeng and the others, the amount of disciples from the Southern Cyanwood Forest this year numbered a total of twenty-two. Other than Chu Feng and Wang Wei, practically everyone else was present on the plaza.

At this moment, they were standing in an orderly fashion. Their appearance appeared like they were being reprimanded. As for the people reprimanding them, it was six men. The cultivations of these six men were not weak either. Among them, five were rank one Martial Kings, and one was a rank two Martial King.

However, while their cultivations weren’t weak, their age was rather old. Each and every one of them were in their thirties, while that rank two Martial King was even in his forties, passing middle-age.

When he saw these men, without even thinking, Chu Feng knew that they were the members of this Steady Smooth Division, their Southern Cyanwood Forest’s scum senior brothers. As for that middle-aged rank two Martial King man, he ought to be the Steady Smooth Division’s so-called head.

Other than these people, there were other people on the plaza. Their cultivations were both strong and weak. The strong ones among them were Martial Kings, whereas the weak ones were Martial Lords.

They were most likely not people from the Southern Cyanwood Forest. Due to the fact that this plaza did not belong to anyone’s territory, they had come to this place to enjoy the show. Chu Feng knew that because he could clearly see the mocking smiles on their faces.

“Chu Feng, quickly, look! Junior brother Chu Feng has arrived.”

While Chu Feng was surveying the situation, there were disciples from the Southern Cyanwood Forest that noticed him. At this moment, they were all overjoyed. Like Wang Wei before them, they appeared as if they saw their savior. Not only were their gloomy expressions replaced with excitement, they even began to shout emotionally.

At this moment, both Chu Feng and Wang Wei started moving once again. Like meteors, they landed on the plaza.

“The two of you are junior brother Chu Feng and junior sister Wang Wei, right? You are indeed very talented; not bad, not bad.”

“In that case, all of our Southern Cyanwood Forest’s juniors have gathered here. It is time for us to start our Smooth Steady Division’s new members’ ceremony.”

When they saw Chu Feng and Wang Wei, the six scum senior brothers seemed to still not understand the situation that they were in, and actually began to go on about their own things and started the new members’ ceremony.

As for Chu Feng and Wang Wei, they completely ignored these six scum senior brothers and directly arrived before Zhang Bingnan and Liu Chao to check out their conditions.

Chu Feng discovered that Zhang Bingnan and Liu Chao were indeed beaten up. However, their injuries were very light, there was only some slight redness on their faces. Likely, they had been slapped. Although they had been beaten, it was completely different from what Chu Feng had imagined it to be. At the very least, these six scum senior brothers of theirs did not gravely and excessively hurt them in their attacks.

However, it still remained that they were beaten up. Chu Feng’s anger did not decrease just because they did not beat them up too badly. Thus, he raised his hand, pointed to Zhang Bingnan and Liu Chao’s faces, looked to those six scum senior brothers and asked. “Who hit them?”