Chapter 1134 - Beaten Up By Someone

MGA: Chapter 1134 - Beaten Up By Someone

“Elder Xie, junior hasn’t let his emotions affect his decisions. I am truly unwilling to join the Ascension Division,” Chu Feng replied with a forced smile.

“Forget about it. Since that’s the case, follow me then. It just happened that the sectmaster had some things that he wanted me to pass on to you.”

Elder Xie was an experienced person. From Chu Feng’s forced smile, she understood Chu Feng’s intentions. After thinking about it, she decided to not force Chu Feng, and instead decided to bring him away with her.

Surprisingly, right at this moment, Long Chenfu asked, “Chu Feng, you are truly not willing to join our Ascension Division?”

“How many times do you want me to repeat myself?” Finally, an expression of annoyance appeared on Chu Feng’s face.

“Ha, forget about it. Our Ascension Division did not wish to accept you as a member to begin with. The reason why I’m trying to make you stay is all so that junior sister Ruochen can join our Ascension Division,” said Long Chenfu, as if he was intentionally trying to attack Chu Feng.

“I knew about that to begin with, there is no need for you to repeat yourself.” Chu Feng sneered and did not get angry at all.

“No, I am merely trying to tell you that you will be regretting your decision to give up on joining our Ascension Division. It is most definitely your loss,” said Long Chenfu.

“You are wrong. Me not joining your Ascension Division is your loss,” replied Chu Feng.

“What? Our loss?” Upon hearing Chu Feng’s words, Long Chenfu was at first surprised. Immediately after, he burst into loud laughter. “Hahahaha, this is truly the most ridiculous speech that I have ever heard.”

“Hahahaha… you are truly arrogant and conceited, truly stupid and ignorant!!!” At the same time, the crowd from the Ascension Division also burst into loud, mocking laughter. It was as if they truly heard a ridiculously funny joke.

“Ha…” Faced with their mocking laughters, Chu Feng merely smiled. He decided to ignore them. He turned to Elder Xie and said. “Elder Xie, can we leave now?”

“Mn, let’s go.” Elder Xie nodded. However, before she left, she cast a glance at Long Chenfu and the others who were laughing loudly. Only then did she sigh and shake her head helplessly as disappointment covered her face.

After that, Elder Xie brought Chu Feng to a quiet and uninhabited location. Only then did she stop her footsteps.

“Elder Xie, thank you very much for your assistance earlier.” Chu Feng displayed a courteous salute toward Elder Xie in a very grateful manner.

While it was true that even if Elder Xie had not shown up earlier, Chu Feng was still capable of handling the situation, the appearance of Elder Xie and her actions of speaking for him moved Chu Feng greatly. That was because, when all was said and done, Elder Xie was of the same family as Long Chenfu and the others. As for Chu Feng, he was merely an outsider.

“Sigh, as an elder, this is something that I should do. Moreover, Long Chenfu and the other brats are truly becoming more and more outrageous. It is about time for me to remind them before they get into trouble.” Elder Xie waved her hand.

Chu Feng smiled at Elder Xie’s words. Then he asked. “Elder Xie, may I know what it is that Senior Zhou wanted you to pass on to me?”

“Lord Sectmaster does not have anything that he wanted me to tell you. Merely, I personally have some words I wanted to tell you.”

“One must not try to show off one’s ability. Especially for youngsters like yourself, you must know how to display appropriate behavior in your conduct,” said Elder Xie.

“Senior, thank you for your reminder.” Chu Feng expressed his thanks with a courteous gesture.

“However, as a core elder of the Cyanwood Mountain, I have also discovered some difference after being here for so long,” added Elder Xie.

“Difference?” Chu Feng was puzzled.

“While being low-profile might be a good practice in other places, it is most definitely not in here.”

“In the Cyanwood Mountain, one must display one’s strength. Especially for core disciples, they must show off their chest and express their boldness.”

“What are the core disciples? They are the future hope of the Cyanwood Mountain, the future leaders of the Cyanwood Mountain. All of them are chosen from the core disciples.”

“The leaders are most definitely not going to be selected from those who only know how to submit to humiliation. Otherwise, the Cyanwood Mountain would most definitely be brought downhill by those leaders.”

“Thus, what I wanted to tell you is this: Do not reveal too much of your sharpness, but you cannot reveal none at all either. At the very least, do not allow yourself to be humiliated by others.”

“I am able to tell that you, boy, you are not someone who would accept being bullied by others. It’s fine; in this place, you do not have to endure it. If you must fight, then go ahead and fight. If you cannot win, then wait until you can win to fight again.”

“Even if you are to fight someone that you should not have fought, you do not have to fear anything. After all, there’s us, the old ones, standing behind you. As long as you do not go and knock on the doors of the management elders’ people, and do not cause a fatal accident, we are able to block everything that might come from it.”

“That Ascension Division, since you do not wish to join it, then don’t join it. Lord Sectmaster is not a muddled person, he knew very well what sort of morality that bunch of brats possessed. Thus, he did not explicitly tell them to do anything. That was because Lord Sectmaster knew that even if he told them to do it, they would not necessarily listen to him; and even if they did listen to him, it would not necessarily be of use either.”

“Thus, Lord Sectmaster has personally spoken to us, the bunch of old ones, that while we could disregard the others, we must definitely look after you and Ruochen.” Elder Xie said those words with an amiable expression. Furthermore, the gaze with which she looked to Chu Feng was rather complex too.

“I have truly troubled Senior Zhou.” At this moment, Chu Feng felt very moved as a warmth surged forth from his heart. That was because the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster had done everything thoroughly and attentively to provide assistance to him.

“Well then, I will be returning. You should return too. In the future, as long as you know of the appropriate behavior when doing things, it should all be fine. If there is something that you need, you can come and find me at any time.” At this point, Elder Xie turned around and leapt into the sky. However, not long after she left, she turned back and said.

“Oh, that’s right. Originally, I didn’t know about the things that were happening with you. It was that girl Ruochen who told me about it that made me rush over to you.”

“It is very rare for that girl to be concerned about others. Brat, your luck with women is pretty deep.”

Elder Xie laughed. Then, with a flutter of her gown, between the drift of the wind, she disappeared without the slightest trace.

“So it was Bai Ruochen? That girl, earlier she didn’t even bother to turn around; so she had actually gone to find a helper for me.”

“My luck with women is pretty deep? Ha, that girl has no interest in me. Merely, she could totally help me deal with Long Chenfu and the others by herself, so why did she go and find Elder Xie?” At this moment, Chu Feng began to contemplate. He was unable to understand Bai Ruochen’s intentions.

“Isn’t this obvious? If Bai Ruochen was to help you, it would only make Long Chenfu and the others with him hate you even more.”

“However, she went and asked that old woman to help. With that old woman, not only could she get you out of trouble, she was also able to reprimand that bunch of trash from the Ascension Division. That, in turn, would leave an imprint in their memories, so that even if they disliked you, they would not dare to do anything to you on the surface. I must say, that girl Bai Ruochen’s consideration for you is pretty deep,” Eggy said.

“Oh? Is that truly the case? If that is the case, then that girl’s thinking is truly meticulous.” After hearing what Eggy said, Chu Feng suddenly realized what Bai Ruochen did, and gained a bit more admiration for her.

After this matter, Chu Feng originally planned to go to Bai Ruochen’s residence and express his thanks to her. However, upon recalling Wang Wei and the others that were still at his residence, he decided to return to his territory first.

However, when Chu Feng returned to his own territory, he discovered that there was a person outside of his territory’s entrance gate, walking back and forth in a worried manner. As for this person, it was Wang Wei.

“Senior sister Wang Wei, what are you doing here?” Seeing this, Chu Feng hurriedly arrived before her.

“Junior brother Chu Feng, you’ve finally returned.” After seeing that Chu Feng had returned, Wang Wei heaved a long breath of relief. She hurriedly arrived before Chu Feng and grabbed onto his hands as if she were grabbing onto a savior.

“Senior sister Wang Wei, could it be that something has happened?” Chu Feng discovered that Wang Wei’s head was covered with sweat, and worry was written all over her face. Truly, she appeared as if she was deeply worried about something.

“Zhang Bingnan and Liu Chao were beaten up by someone,” said Wang Wei.

“Beaten up by someone? By whom?” Upon hearing those words, Chu Feng immediately frowned, and anger surged onto his face.

Zhang Bingnan and Liu Chao were both people that Chu Feng knew. They were Southern Cyanwood Forest disciples that had entered the Cyanwood Mountain with him.

Although Chu Feng have already thought that what awaited them in the Cyanwood Mountain would not be peace, and that troubles would come sooner or later, he did not expect it to arrive so soon.

After all, they had only just joined the Cyanwood Mountain today, and had only just moved into their own territories. Currently, they should all be in their own territories and arranging matters for their servants, as well as familiarizing themselves with their territories.

So how was it that they were beaten up so quickly? Could it be that someone had charged into their territories to beat them up? But who was it that was this daring to do such a thing, so unscrupulous as to bully another all the way to their own home?