Chapter 1133 - One Must Not Forget One’s Roots

MGA: Chapter 1133 - One Must Not Forget One’s Roots


Right at the moment when Chu Feng was preparing to counterattack and teach this Long Chenfu a lesson, an ear-piercing voice suddenly exploded in the distance.

Immediately after that explosive voice sounded in the distance, thunder and gales covered the distant horizon. Black clouds rolled about as a very powerful and choking aura began to surge toward them, oppressing everyone present.

Before that aura, Long Chenfu’s attack was like a gentle breeze before a fierce hurricane and in an instant, it vanished.

Powerful, frighteningly powerful. Before this aura, even Chu Feng started to frown. He felt how small he was. He knew that as long as the opposing party wished for it, then, with merely a thought, that person would be able to crush all of the people present till there was nothing remaining. Even Chu Feng himself would be no exception.

After this aura appeared, the expressions of everyone present took a huge change. Especially those from the Ascension Division, the angry expressions that they used to have were now completely gone, and replaced with fear. They all knew that someone had arrived, and that this person was most likely a Cyanwood Mountain elder.

At this moment, from the direction where the frightening oppressive might came from, a tiny figure began to slowly appear before the crowd’s eyes. This figure was walking in the air toward them.

It was an old lady wearing a golden robe, the symbol of Cyanwood Mountain’s core elders. Her tidy silver hair appeared like snow. With her golden robe, her silver hair gave a contrast of gold and silver.

This old lady’s appearance was truly old. Her face was covered with wrinkles and she appeared as if she had lived for at least two hundred years. She ought to be someone from Sikong Zhaixing’s generation.

Not to mention her old appearance, even her aura was very similar to Sikong Zhaixing. From this, Chu Feng was able to tell that she should be a Half Martial Emperor.

“We pay our respects to Elder Xie.” Once the old lady appeared, the oppressive might she had displayed before was immediately removed. Thus, the crowd from the Ascension Division were finally able to move again. Immediately, they greeted her with great respect.

“Elder Xie? Could it be that Elder Xie?” Upon hearing the words ‘Elder Xie’, Chu Feng’s mind was immediately set in motion.

Before arriving at this place, the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster had deliberately informed Chu Feng of several elders with status in the Cyanwood Mountain from their Ascension Sect. He told Chu Feng that if he needed something, he could go and search for them directly, as they were the most loyal people to the Ascension Sect.

Earlier, before participating in the Commander Contest, Chu Feng had already met several elders from the Ascension Sect that held offices in the Cyanwood Mountain. However, those several elders were not all of the trusted aides that the Ascension Sect possessed in the Cyanwood Mountain; there were several other elders that were not there. As for this Elder Xie, she was one of them.

Chu Feng had only heard about her renowned name, but had actually never met her before. However, it would appear that the old lady before him was likely that Elder Xie.

“What are you all doing? Trying to revolt or what?” After this Elder Xie approached them, she cast a sharp glance at the crowd. In the end, her gaze landed on Long Chenfu.

She said. “Long Chenfu, when can you start acting like your older brother and do things that would give face to the Ascension Sect? To bully a fellow disciple that has just joined, do you not feel shame?”

“Elder Xie, this is not… please hear my explanation…” Seeing that Elder Xie had suddenly become angry, Long Chenfu hurriedly stood up and tried to explain.

“Enough. You don’t have to explain. Do you take me to be a blind person? I have seen all that happened earlier.”

“As a core elder of the Cyanwood Mountain, I shall give you all a warning. The Cyanwood Mountain allows disciples to create branch power organizations for the sake of tempering your ability to interact with one another, as well as your ability to work in a group. However, it is most definitely not so that you could bully the weak.”

“As former disciples of the Ascension Sect, I shall tell you all this: one must not forget one’s roots, you must not forget who it was that helped you reach this point.”

“Don’t you go thinking that you are truly amazing just because you’ve managed to obtain some strength and abilities. Senior Zhou? That’s right, you all can address him in such a manner. However, in your hearts, you must never forget that not only is he an elder, he was also your sectmaster.”

“Did you all truly think that it is all based on your own abilities that your Ascension Division was capable of obtaining a place in the core region? Without the support of us old fellows from the Ascension Sect, who would protect you all?”

“Right now, the Ascension Sect is in an alliance with the Southern Cyanwood Forest. The Ascension Division is now of the same roots as the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s disciples. You all looking down on the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s disciples is the same as looking down on yourselves.”

“Furthermore, do you even know what time it is now? Your Ascension Division still only accepts Ascension Sect disciples? Even the Cyanwood Mountain has opened their gates to everyone since several thousand years ago. Regardless of whether they might be humans or monstrous beasts, as long as they possessed talents, they were all able to come to the Cyanwood Mountain and obtain nurture from it.”

“And now, several thousands of years later, you bunch of little brats are actually still this narrow-minded. Is this what it means by getting dumber as time passes on? Did you all even grow any brains?”

Elder Xie pointed to Long Chenfu and the others as she criticized them deeply. As for Long Chenfu and the others, their complexions turned green from being criticized in such a manner by her and they did not even dare to raise their lowered heads. After all, what Elder Xie said was very reasonable, and not something that they could refute, nor did they dare to refute her.

“Forget about it, the paths of individuals must all be walked by they themselves. You all are no longer children either. Reason, logics and such, I believe you all understand them. Well then, I hope you all shape up.” Elder Xie sighed, and then waved her sleeves. She had an expression of disappointment and resentment for the Ascension Division failing to meet her standards. .

“Elder Xie, this junior knew of your intentions. Earlier, it is I who was muddled. One should not forget one’s roots. This junior has never forgotten his roots either. Although I am now a core disciple of the Cyanwood Mountain, it is engraved in my mind that I am a disciple of the Ascension Sect.”

“It’s just that for junior brother Chu Feng to request that all those disciples from the Southern Cyanwood Forest join our Ascension Division is truly going against the rules of our Ascension Division. And that, I am unable to make the decision,” said Long Chenfu with an expression of being wronged.

“If you cannot make the decision, then what about your older brother? Where did Long Chenyi and Meng Zhensuo go to?” asked Elder Xie.

“This…” Long Chenfu had a face filled with hesitation. He did not know how to respond to her question.

Right at this moment, Chu Feng suddenly spoke. “Elder Xie, this junior appreciates your kindness toward him. However, currently, junior is really not planning to join the Ascension Division.”

Chu Feng was not a fool. He was able to tell that this Elder Xie had come for him. However, he was also able to tell that Long Chenfu was only saying things like that because he feared Elder Xie. In reality, Long Chenfu still looked down on those from the Southern Cyanwood Forest and also looked down on Chu Feng. From the bottom of his heart, he did not wish for them to join their Ascension Division.

Why did Chu Feng want to enter the Ascension Division? It was all so that he could obtain some benefits from them. However, it would appear now that it would be the exact opposite. Thus, there was simply no reason for him to join their Ascension Division now.

“Chu Feng, they are indeed in the wrong. However, what they did was also within reason. This Ascension Division indeed possesses a rule that states that they will not accept anyone other than the Ascension Sect’s disciples. Thus, you must not let your emotions affect your judgement.” Elder Xie spoke to advise Chu Feng. The tone with which she spoke to Chu Feng was very good-natured.

This sort of amiable attitude that she displayed toward Chu Feng shocked Long Chenfu and the others. In their memories, Elder Xie was not such an amiable person. However, why was she acting so courteous towards Chu Feng?