Chapter 1132 - Refusal To Join

MGA: Chapter 1132 - Refusal To Join

“What? You want to use violence?” Sensing the change in Long Chenfu’s tone, Chu Feng turned around with cold eyes.

However, to Chu Feng’s surprise, when he turned around, not only had that Long Chenfu already removed his killing intent, he even looked at him with an amiable smile on his face.

Truly, his ability to change his attitude was even faster than one could flip through pages of a book. His ability to control his expression was truly unconstrained and unpredictable. However, from this, one could also tell that this Long Chenfu was a very vicious character, with great ability to pretend. Clearly, he was someone that one must be wary of.

“Junior brother Chu Feng, what kind of words are those? The Ascension Sect has entered into an alliance with your Southern Cyanwood Forest. We are family, so how could we possibly be planning to be violent toward you?” Long Chenfu asked with a polite tone and an amiable smile on his face.

“Senior Zhou mentioned to my older brother that junior brother Chu Feng is a rare genius that we must get along with well. From this, we can see how much importance Senior Zhou has placed on junior brother Chu Feng.”

“However, junior brother Chu Feng wants to bring all of those disciples from the Southern Cyanwood Forest into the Ascension Division with him. This is truly placing us in a difficult situation.”

“And now, if you are to not join our Ascension Division, junior sister Ruochen will also refuse to join our Ascension Division. If it’s you, it would be fine. After all, you’re a man, and would be able to withstand the sufferings outside.”

“However, junior sister Ruochen is different. She is, after all, a weak little girl. To have her wander around the Cyanwood Mountain by herself is truly too dangerous. Junior brother Chu Feng, you must know how many ruthless characters are hidden in the core region of the Cyanwood Mountain.”

Although Long Chenfu appeared to be giving Chu Feng earnest and well-meaning advice, he actually possessed hidden intentions. The more Chu Feng listened, the more displeased he felt.

In the end, he was unable to contain himself and said. “Senior brother Long, what you said is incorrect. Firstly, whether junior sister Ruochen is willing to join the Ascension Division or not is her own desire, and not related to me. Since she is unwilling to join, I fear that even I would not be able to help you all.”

“Besides, since you’re this worried about junior sister Ruochen, then even if she doesn’t join the Ascension Division, your Ascension Division is totally capable of protecting her. After all, no matter how outstanding your Ascension Division’s members are now, they were, at one point, all trained and educated by the Ascension Sect.”

“If it wasn’t for the Ascension Sect devoting all of their efforts and energies in nurturing you all and sending you all to this place, you all would not necessarily have been able to obtain your current accomplishments. As junior sister Ruochen is Senior Zhou’s daughter, isn’t having you all, her senior brothers and sisters, protecting her both completely logical and something that you should do regardless of whether or not she joins your Ascension Division? Say, isn’t that right?”

“Ha, reasonable. Truly reasonable.” After hearing what Chu Feng said, Long Chenfu was finally unable to contain his emotions anymore. Layer upon layer of coldness began to emerge on his face. Soon, they had completely covered his previous smiles.

Suddenly, he pointed at Chu Feng and angrily shouted. “Chu Feng, I, Long Chenfu, am not going to listen to your bullshit reasoning.”

“Since you refused to listen to reason, I will tell it as it is. In truth, our Ascension Division is completely unwilling to accept a Southern Cyanwood Forest trash like you. It is merely because Senior Zhou has spoken that we must give him face and accept trash like you.”

“To our surprise, we gave you an inch but you instead want a foot. Not only are you unsatisfied with entering our Ascension Division by yourself, you actually want to bring all of your Southern Cyanwood Forest’s trash to our Ascension Division. What sort of place did you take our Ascension Division to be? Are we the trash recycling station, or what?”

“Long Chenfu, you listen carefully too. Right now, it is not whether your Ascension Division is willing to accept me or not. Instead, it is that I, Chu Feng, am not willing to join your Ascension Division.” Chu Feng snorted coldly then waved his large sleeve. He was planning to leave this place, as he did not wish to bother arguing with this sort of people.

“Stop!” Seeing Chu Feng’s actions, Long Chenfu suddenly shouted explosively again. Once he said those words, the crowd behind him immediately started to move. In an instant, they surrounded Chu Feng completely. Furthermore, each and every one of them had displeased expressions on their faces.

“Chu Feng, taking Senior Zhou and junior sister Ruochen into consideration, I will give you another chance. Right now, enter our Ascension Division, and then go and urge junior sister Ruochen to come back.”

“You do that, and I’ll allow you to enjoy the benefits that our Ascension Division’s other members possess. I will also pretend that the rudeness that you displayed toward me today had never occurred, forgiving all of it.”

“However, you are to also give up on those Southern Cyanwood Forest’s trash of yours joining our Ascension Division, because that is never going to happen.” Long Chenfu had an ashen complexion as he pointed at Chu Feng and spoke those words with an unquestionable commanding tone.

“He...hahahaha, hahahaha…” When Long Chenfu said those words, Chu Feng was unable to contain himself, and burst into loud laughter. He was laughing so hard that he started to rock his body backward and forward.

“What are you laughing about?” Seeing Chu Feng who was convulsed with laughter, Long Chenfu and the others from the Ascension Division were all stupefied. Confusion and anger filled their faces.

“I had originally thought that my ability to express myself with words was not good enough. Yet now, I realized that it is your comprehension ability that’s truly lacking.”

“Long Chenfu, it is fine if you do not understand human speech. I, Chu Feng, can repeat myself for you a couple more times.” Suddenly, Chu Feng stopped himself from laughing and pointed at Long Chenfu. With a loud voice, he shouted. “Long Chenfu, open your ears and listen carefully. I, Chu Feng, am not interested in your Ascension Division. Not to mention those twenty-two Southern Cyanwood Forest disciples that have joined alongside me this year joining your Ascension Division, even if you are to invite all of our Southern Cyanwood Forest in the Cyanwood Mountain to your Ascension Division, your daddy here will still not join.”

Chu Feng spoke those words with powerful and intimidating strength. However, when they arrived in the ears of the Ascension Division’s crowd, they turned into sharp blades that pierced into their bodies. They all felt this to be inconceivable. At the same time, this brought them incomparable anger.

“Chu Feng, don’t you f*cking refuse the face that I am giving you.” At this moment, Long Chenfu was completely enraged. A boundless killing intent emerged from him, causing this region of space to shake and tremble violently. With that sort of vigor, he simply seemed to want to rip Chu Feng to pieces.

“Hah…” However, faced with such a Long Chenfu, not only did Chu Feng not show the slightest bit of fear, a disdainful smile even appeared on his face.

“Courting death.” Faced with Chu Feng’s disdainful smile, Long Chenfu finally exploded. He made a fist with one hand and shot said fist out explosively. Immediately, a boundless martial power surged forth like a violent ocean wave. Like a formless god of death, he started to charge toward Chu Feng.

Seeing this scene, the crowd from the Ascension Division all started to frown. One by one, cold sweat appeared on their bodies. That was because they felt a truly strong killing intent from Long Chenfu’s attack. They did not know if Long Chenfu was truly planning to kill Chu Feng.

If it was merely teaching Chu Feng a lesson, then that would be alright. After all, with the background of their Ascension Division, it was a trivial matter for them to teach a mere Southern Cyanwood Forest disciple a lesson.

However, if Long Chenfu really killed Chu Feng, it would be a major event. After all, no matter what, this was the core region of the Cyanwood Mountain. Killing a fellow disciple in this place was a crime punishable by death.

However, they never would have imagined that all of their worries were unnecessary. While Long Chenfu was very strong and could even be considered to be a genius in this core region, the attack that he used was incapable of harming Chu Feng.

At this moment, Chu Feng had already made his preparations to accept the fight. In his heart, he was planning to teach Long Chenfu a lesson.

Thus, with an intention of his mind, the lightning within his blood began to surge and rage. It was preparing to rush out from his body to form the Thunder Armor for Chu Feng.