Chapter 1131 - Long Chenfu

MGA: Chapter 1131 - Long Chenfu

At this moment, Chu Feng wanted to catch up to Bai Ruochen and apologize to her and offer this loyal girl some words of praise.

After all, the attitude Chu Feng had toward Bai Ruochen earlier was not very good. However, for him, Bai Ruochen actually decided to give up on joining the branch power organization constructed by her seniors from the Ascension Sect. It must be said that Chu Feng was truly moved by Bai Ruochen.

However, who would’ve thought that right at the moment when Chu Feng was planning to catch up to Bai Ruochen, Bai Ruochen actually used a very powerful movement martial skill. As her skirt and long hair fluttered in the wind, she disappeared before Chu Feng’s line of sight with a very rapid speed. With the speed of her martial skill, it was likely that no one below a rank six Martial King could catch up to her.

As the situation stood, the entire crowd from the Ascension Division were staring at Chu Feng. Chu Feng did not want to expose his cultivation so early; thus, he gave up on his intention to chase after Bai Ruochen and decided to personally pay her a visit at her residence later.

“You, boy, are you Chu Feng?” Right after Bai Ruochen left, the crowd from the Ascension Division behind him pointed at Chu Feng and asked loudly.

Hearing that question, Chu Feng stopped flying. Standing in the air, he turned his body around, casually glanced at the crowd and said. “I am Chu Feng, what about it?”

“Woosh, woosh, woosh.” At this moment, several tens of people from the crowd in the Ascension Division suddenly caught up to Chu Feng and surrounded him completely. One by one, they were staring at Chu Feng with fierce and vicious eyes, like Chu Feng had slept with their wife or played with their younger sister. Their gazes were as if they wanted to stare Chu Feng to death.

At this moment, Chu Feng did not just stand there; he casually inspected these Ascension Division members. This group of several tens of people included both men and women. Their ages were mostly between twenty and thirty. Only a few of them appeared to be in their early thirties. Overall, they were all people of the same generation.

As for their cultivations, they were unevenly matched. Although the majority of them were Martial Kings, the strongest among them were only rank two Martial Kings. Furthermore, there were some that were only rank nine Martial Lords. Judging from their vicious and furious gazes, Chu Feng was able to tell that they were only ordinary members, and did not possess extraordinary battle power. Their current cultivations were likely something that they painstakingly trained to obtain.

From this, Chu Feng was able to tell that this Ascension Division was not as amazing as it was said to be. At the very least, these members from the Ascension Division that appeared before him were all ordinary individuals in the Holy Land of Martialism.

“Is there something you need?” After examining the strength of the Ascension Division’s crowd, Chu Feng asked in a very casual manner. There was not the slightest trace of fear on his face, because this group of Ascension Division members were equivalent to a group of ants before him; Chu Feng would be able to beat them all up without even trying.

However, the people from the Ascension Division naturally did not know of Chu Feng’s might. They already possessed a great grievance against Chu Feng because Bai Ruochen refused to join their Ascension Division, and now, with the attitude Chu Feng was displaying toward them, they were even more endlessly enraged.

There was even a rank two Martial King with a violent and fierce appearance among them that directly extended his hand and grabbed Chu Feng’s collar. Holding him up in mid-air, that man said in a very fierce manner. “Brat, you are awfully vicious with your words, huh?”

Chu Feng was a person with a good temperament most of the time. However, when faced with such a rude person, his anger immediately burst forth. Immediately, his gaze flashed with coldness, and with an ice-cold tone like that of a death god’s blade, he said. “Do you wish to die?”

“You…” Once Chu Feng said those words, that fierce looking man’s complexion immediately changed. Not only did he hurriedly remove his hands from Chu Feng, he even rushed to move away from him. Shock and panic covered his face; in this split second, he was already covered with sweat. As for his arm that had grabbed onto Chu Feng’s collar earlier, it was shivering from cold fear.

The reaction of this fierce looking man greatly surprised and confused all of the people from the Ascension Division. However, this also caused their expressions of anger to become even more pronounced. One by one, they rushed toward Chu Feng wanting to teach him a lesson.


However, right at this moment, a explosive thunder-like shout sounded. When this voice was heard, the crowd that had surrounded Chu Feng immediately dispersed, and turned their gazes toward the direction of the Ascension Division. There were eight men and a woman walking toward them in the air.

These nine individuals were all members of the Ascension Division. However, compared to those that had surrounded Chu Feng, the five of them were much more outstanding. Judging from their ages, they should only be in their early thirties, neither too old nor very young; an age that was young, yet mature; simply, the golden age of one’s life.

As for their cultivations, none of them were weak. Even the weakest among them were rank three Martial Kings. As for the strongest, it was actually a rank five Martial King. However, their cultivations were not the things that attracted Chu Feng’s attention the most; what attracted him the most, and caused him to look at them with a whole new level of respect, were their auras.

These nine individuals possessed outstanding battle power, and strength that surpassed ordinary people. Although it was greatly inferior to the battle power that Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen possessed, they were likely not inferior to Yuan Qing. Especially that rank five Martial King; his battle power was likely above Yuan Qing’s, and he could be considered to be a genius.

However, most importantly, behind these nine individuals was a large group of people. They numbered several thousand, a very large amount. Wearing the same sort of uniform, these several thousand people all flew over in unison. It was truly a grand appearance.

One must say that after this crowd of people appeared, Chu Feng finally had a whole new level of respect for the Ascension Division.

“What are you all doing? Move aside. Little friend Chu Feng is a guest, how could you treat our guest in such a manner?” That rank five Martial King was naturally the leader among the crowd. After he criticized the people who had previously surrounded Chu Feng, those people immediately moved aside, and proceeded to stand behind the nine individuals, joining the army of thousands.

“Junior brother Chu Feng, it is a pleasure to meet you. My name is Long Chenfu. I am the third head [1. Third person in charge.] of the Ascension Division. I would like to welcome you to our Ascension Division.” With a smile on his face, Long Chenfu walked over to Chu Feng.

At this moment, Chu Feng finally knew the identity of the person before him. Long Chenfu was someone that Chu Feng had heard a bit about from Bai Ruochen. He was the younger blood brother of the current Head of the Ascension Division, Long Chenyi.

However, compared to Long Chenyi, Long Chenfu was not a good character. Although he was showing a sincere smile toward Chu Feng right now, Bai Ruochen had deliberately warned Chu Feng to be careful of Long Chenfu in the Ascension Division because he was most definitely a smiling tiger.[2. Man with a big smile and evil intentions.]

Although he might appear to be amiable on the surface, he was actually a very narrow-minded person that would always hold grudges. In the Ascension Division, there was practically no one who would dare to offend him.

“It is a pleasure to meet you, senior brother Long. Since senior brother Long has spoken in such a manner, does it mean that you have agreed to have all of my Southern Cyanwood Forest’s fellow disciples join the Ascension Division?” Chu Feng asked with a beaming smile.

“Junior brother Chu Feng, you truly jest. You joining our Ascension Division is something that our Ascension Sect’s sectmaster personally asked for us to do. Thus, we are obligated to oblige. Although we are currently the disciples of Cyanwood Mountain, he was, after all, once our headmaster and we must give him face.”

“However, allowing junior brother Chu Feng’s Southern Cyanwood Forest’s fellow disciples to join our Ascension Division is out of the question. Firstly, Lord Headmaster made no mention of having them join our Ascension Division. Besides, even if Lord Headmaster had mentioned it to us, we would still not agree to it. After all, their strength is too weak. If we were to accept them, I fear that our Ascension Division’s members would not be able to accept it. Furthermore, we would also be looked down on and ridiculed by outsiders,” said Long Chenfu.

“Since that is the case, there is no need for us to discuss this further.” Chu Feng smiled coldly and prepared to turn to leave. That was because he was able to tell that although this Long Chenfu was displaying an amiable smile on his face, he looked down on their Southern Cyanwood Forest deeply. For such an individual to be able to become the third head of the Ascension Division, it would not be a loss for him to not join the Ascension Division.

“Stop!” Right when Chu Feng was preparing to leave, Long Chenfu suddenly shouted explosively. At the same time, Chu Feng was able to sense a killing intent coming toward him from behind.