Chapter 1130 - Spirit of Loyalty

MGA: Chapter 1130 - Spirit of Loyalty

Chu Feng had already anticipated such a reaction from Bai Ruochen, as he knew her character very well. It was only because Wang Wei and the others were his senior brothers and sister, else, with Bai Ruochen’s personality, not only would she not nod to them, she would likely not even bother to take a single glance at them.

“Lil Sis Ruochen, you’re certainly quick in your arrival at my place,” Chu Feng said with a smile. If Wang Wei and the others were extremely restricted before Bai Ruochen, then Chu Feng could be said to be completely unfettered.

“My senior brothers and sisters from the Ascension Division wish to see you. Follow me to the Ascension Division,” said Bai Ruochen.

“That’s without issue. However, Lil Sis Ruochen, there is a matter that I might have to trouble you with,” said Chu Feng.

“What is it?” asked Bai Ruochen.

“Is it possible to bring my fellow disciples from the Southern Cyanwood Forest to the Ascension Sect too?” Chu Feng asked without concealing anything.

Hearing that question, Bai Ruochen frowned. She did not say anything, and instead cast a glance at Wang Wei and the others. Then she turned to Chu Feng and asked, “It’s the three of them right?”

“It’s more than only the three of them. The total number of people from my Southern Cyanwood Forest that have joined the Cyanwood Mountain this time around is twenty-two,” said Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng, what sort of joke are you playing? What sort of place did you take our Ascension Division to be?” Hearing what Chu Feng said, the expression on Bai Ruochen’s face changed. Her tone of speech also turned emotional.

“What’s wrong? Is there something unbefitting?” Chu Feng asked.

“Of course! You must know that our Ascension Division will only accept disciples from the Ascension Sect and will never accept outsiders. It is already an exception for the Ascension Division to be willing to accept you. Yet, you actually wish for the Ascension Division to take in all of the disciples from the Southern Cyanwood Forest. This is simply wishful thinking,” said Bai Ruochen in an annoyed manner. One could tell that she was very unwilling to bring Southern Cyanwood Forest disciples other than Chu Feng into the Ascension Division.

“Since that’s the case, there is no need for me to go to the Ascension Division with you. You can go.” At this moment, Chu Feng had a very calm reaction as he waved his hand at Bai Ruochen. After that, he turned around and proceeded to walk toward the guest room.

“Stop!” Seeing this, Bai Ruochen hurriedly walked toward Chu Feng. She grabbed him and asked, “Chu Feng, what do you mean by this?”

“My intentions are very simple. If I am to enter the Ascension Division, then all twenty-two of my Southern Cyanwood Forest’s fellow disciples are to enter with me. Otherwise, I, Chu Feng, will not enter the Ascension Division either,” said Chu Feng.

“Chu Feng, say those words again.” At this moment, Bai Ruochen’s face had turned deathly white. One could tell that she was enraged by Chu Feng’s words.

“Junior brother Chu Feng, do not be like this. You must not do this because of us…” Seeing this, Wang Wei and the others also became worried, and hurriedly spoke to advise Chu Feng. They did not wish to harm the relationship between Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen, nor did they wish to hold Chu Feng back.

“Don’t bother persuading me.” To their surprise, Chu Feng suddenly shouted at them. Then, with a very serious expression, Chu Feng looked at Bai Ruochen and said these words one by one. “Listen carefully, I am not going to your Ascension Division.”

“Chu Feng, are you serious in this?” Bai Ruochen was deeply frowning. She asked those words with a deep tone of anger.

Chu Feng’s expression was unchanged. With determination, he said, “Very serious.”

Actually, Chu Feng wanted to enter the Ascension Division too. However, after Wang Wei and the others made their request, and he accepted it, he was unable to allow himself to enter the Ascension Division alone.

That was because what he shouldered now was different. Before he entered the Southern Cyanwood Forest, he did not possess any sentiment for the Southern Cyanwood Forest, and had wholeheartedly wanted to use it to help him in the Cyanwood Mountain.

However, it was completely different now. Sikong Zhaixing had treated Chu Feng well, and even declared him to be their Southern Cyanwood Forest’s hope. This caused Chu Feng to be unable to betray the hopes of the Southern Cyanwood Forest and even to feel that he must assist their disciples.

This was Chu Feng’s character, something that he could not change. Thus, even though he knew that entering the Ascension Division would make the path before him a lot smoother, he was unable to select this option.

“You…” Faced with such a response from Chu Feng, Bai Ruochen was truly and deeply angered. However, she soon closed her eyes, adjusted her frame of mind and said, “Forget about it. There is always a margin for compromises. Follow me, but they will have to stay here.” After she said those words, Bai Ruochen turned around and started to walk out.

“Eh? Lil Sis Ruochen, that means you’ve agreed to it?” Hearing those words, Chu Feng’s expression immediately changed. A mischievous smile appeared on his previously serious face as he hurriedly followed Bai Ruochen.

Although he had not known Bai Ruochen for a very long time, Chu Feng, to a greater or lesser degree, understood Bai Ruochen’s character. For Bai Ruochen to do such a thing meant that she yielded to him. Regardless of whether the matter of them joining the Ascension Division might be successful or not, Chu Feng was already extremely moved by Bai Ruochen yielding to his request.

“This is not a matter that can be decided just by my approval. Although the Ascension Division was created by our Ascension Sect’s disciples, they are, more precisely, all disciples of the Cyanwood Mountain now. The relationship that they have with the Ascension Sect only remains as previous disciples.”

“Therefore, the Ascension Sect does not have the power to order the people from the Ascension Division to do anything. For the Ascension Division to be willing to accept you as a member is already an exception. They are giving face to the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster. However, it remains their right to refuse to accept you as a member too.”

“However, Chu Feng, I am able to tell you with certainty that joining the Ascension Division is most definitely beneficial to you. However, if you wish to have all of your Southern Cyanwood Forest’s disciples join the Ascension Division, it will be very unlikely.”

“Are you really planning to give up on joining the Ascension Division for those Southern Cyanwood Forest’s disciples that you do not possess a deep relationship with?” Bai Ruochen asked in a very serious manner.

“Lil Sis Ruochen, you still do not understand me. I, Chu Feng, am someone who never jokes around with subjects such as this,” replied Chu Feng.

“In that case, I understand.” Bai Ruochen stopped speaking and began to increase her speed.

Under the guidance of Bai Ruochen, the two of them soon arrived at the Ascension Division. This was actually a disciple’s territory. Merely, this territory was extremely vast and very luxurious. As for the name of this territory, it was the ‘Ascension Division.’

In front of the entrance to the Ascension Division was an enormous round plaza. Many disciples were lingering on top of that plaza. Right before the entrance of the Ascension Division stood some disciples on either side like guards.

Furthermore, these disciples all wore a special armband on their left upper arm. On the armband was the word ‘Ascension.’ Evidently, they were all members of the Ascension Division.

“Wait for me here.” After arriving at this place, Bai Ruochen first entered through the entrance gate. The guards from the Ascension Division did not stop her. However, after Bai Ruochen entered the Ascension Division, the gazes with which those from the Ascension Division looked at Chu Feng turned slightly unkind, and even contained a deep sense of despise and discrimination.

However, this sort of gaze was something that Chu Feng was more than familiar with, something that he had grown accustomed to. He ignored their gazes completely, sat on a stone chair in the plaza, and began to wait for Bai Ruochen’s return.

Fortunately, Bai Ruochen’s speed was extremely fast. In less than half an incense stick’s worth of time, Bai Ruochen walked out. However, after she walked out, the icy expression on her face did not only not decreased, it increased. Not only did she not tell Chu Feng to enter, she instead waved her hand and said. “Leave.”

“Lil Sis Ruochen, what happened?” Seeing this, Chu Feng was completely confused.

“What’s with all this rubbish you speak of? I’m telling you to leave. If you’re not leaving, then I’m leaving.” Bai Ruochen cast a cold glance at Chu Feng, then soared into the boundless sky.

Seeing this, Chu Feng did not bother to ask anymore and also soared into the sky to follow her.

“Junior sister Bai, wait a moment. We can always talk about this; are you truly planning to give up on joining our Ascension Division for those Southern Cyanwood Forest’s disciples? Is this truly worth it?” Right at this moment, noisy voices sounded from behind them.

Turning his head back to look, Chu Feng was greatly shocked. There were several tens of people behind them. Furthermore, they were all Martial King level experts. In a group, they were chasing after them while waving and shouting.

At this moment, Chu Feng finally understood what happened. It was evident that Bai Ruochen requested for Chu Feng and the other Southern Cyanwood Forest’s disciples to join the Ascension Division, and was refused. After that, Bai Ruochen decided to give up on entering the Ascension Division herself.

As the matter stood, Chu Feng was speechless. Instead, he secretly extended his thumb to Bai Ruochen, who was flying with her dress fluttering in the wind and not even glancing back. He said. “Lil Sis Ruochen, great spirit of loyalty.”