Chapter 1129 - A Visit From Bai Ruochen

MGA: Chapter 1129 - A Visit From Bai Ruochen

“Junior brother Chu Feng, this is something that you don’t know about. In the past, things were relatively fine. However, in recent years, the strength of the Three Cyanwood Forest Division constructed by the disciples of the Eastern, Western and Northern Cyanwood Forest increased with each passing day, and they have now become one of the ten most powerful branch organizations in the Cyanwood Mountain’s core region.”

“They who have despised our Southern Cyanwood Forest the entire time have began to beat down upon our Southern Cyanwood Forest’s disciples. Although it has not reached a degree where we cannot survive here anymore, our Southern Cyanwood Forest’s disciples are indeed very miserable compared to other disciples.”

“That’s right; the Three Cyanwood Forest Division currently possesses a very powerful amount of strength in the core region. In order to obtain a friendly relationship with them, the other branch organizations have also started to beat down upon our Southern Cyanwood Forest’s disciples. Currently, our Southern Cyanwood Forest’s disciples could be said to be the target of scorn; we are truly in deep water and scorching fire.”

“However, the Ascension Division is also one of the ten largest branch organizations in the core region. Although they are only ranked tenth, there is not much difference in strength between them and the rank nine Three Cyanwood Forests Division. Especially with Long Chenyi leading them, this has caused the Three Cyanwood Forests Division to have a restraining fear of the Ascension Division.”

“Thus, as long as we join the Ascension Division, we believe that those people from the Three Cyanwood Forests Division will not dare to bully us excessively,” said Wang Wei and the others in unison.

“Huuu~~~, for me to spend all this effort to join the Southern Cyanwood Forest; I actually nearly threw myself into a pit of fire.” After hearing Wang Wei and the other’s narration, Chu Feng gave a long sigh.

Why did he join the Southern Cyanwood Forest? It was all so that he could have something to rely on after entering the Cyanwood Mountain.

After all his efforts, he discovered that the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s disciples were one of the most mistreated in the Cyanwood Mountain. This was especially because the Three Cyanwood Forests actually joined hands to beat down upon the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s disciples.

Had the Southern Cyanwood Forest not entered an alliance with the Ascension Sect, then, after he entered the Cyanwood Mountain, wouldn’t it mean that he would not be able to obtain any benefits for being a disciple of the Southern Cyanwood Forest, and would instead be oppressed by others because he was a disciple?

However, things were very different now. Owing to Chu Feng’s efforts, the current Southern Cyanwood Forest was no longer the same Southern Cyanwood Forest as before. At the very least, they now possessed the Ascension Sect as their ally.

Adding on how Chu Feng was an individual who treated outsiders badly and insiders well, no matter what sort of disagreement he had had with Zhao Genshou and the others in the past, they were, after all, on the same boat now. Thus, Chu Feng nodded and said. “I can bring this matter to junior sister Bai’s attention. However, I cannot guarantee that it will work.”

“That’s truly great. Junior brother Chu Feng, many thanks. We will forever remember your great grace and kindness toward us.”

“Junior brother Chu Feng, we are truly too fortunate to have you. You are truly our support, our hope.” Seeing that Chu Feng agreed to help them, Wang Wei and the others were overjoyed.

If they failed to become members of the Ascension Division, it would not necessarily mean that they would be unable to survive in the Cyanwood Mountain. However, if they were able to enter the Ascension Division, it would mean that they would be under an enormous parasol of protection, and their days of cultivation in this place would be much easier compared to others.

In the past, there was simply no chance of such a thing being a possibility. However, because of Chu Feng, they now had a chance to enter the Ascension Division. This naturally caused them to be extremely joyous and emotional.

Suddenly, Chu Feng curiously asked, “Oh, that’s right. You all mentioned that the Three Cyanwood Forests Division created by the Three Cyanwood Forest’s disciples, and the Ascension Division created by the Ascension Sect’s disciples, are only ranked ninth and tenth among the branch organizations in the core region. In that case, what are the other eight branch organizations above them, and who is it that created those eight branch organizations for them to actually be even more powerful than the branch organizations from the Three Cyanwood Forest’s disciples and the Ascension Sect’s disciples?”

After all, the other three Cyanwood Forests and the Ascension Sect were all first-rate subsidiary powers. They were all very powerful, and would send their finest geniuses to the Cyanwood Mountain every year. Logically, they should be the strongest existences in the core region.

However, it would appear that that was not the case. At the very least, other than them, there were eight other powerful branch organizations. Furthermore, the ranks of those eight branch organizations were all above them.

“Junior brother Chu Feng, this is something that you do not know. It is true that the Three Cyanwood Forests and the Ascension Sect are very powerful. However, they are not necessarily the true overlords of this place. When all's said and done, they are still nothing more than subsidiary powers.”

“For a colossal power like the Cyanwood Mountain, there would be several tens of millions of people seeking to become their disciples every year. Other than people who sought to become disciples on their own, the elders of the Cyanwood Mountain would also go around the Holy Land of Martialism to search for outstanding talents to bring to the Cyanwood Mountain.”

“For those people, they have obtained the most optimal nurture from the Cyanwood Mountain since their youth; they are the true children blessed by the heavens.”

“Thus, in the Cyanwood Mountain’s core region, although the disciples of the Three Cyanwood Forests, the Ascension Sect and the Orion Monastery are acknowledged by the others, they are not the strongest existences.”

“The strongest existences in the core region are all disciples nurtured by the Cyanwood Mountain itself. Those people are extremely powerful. It could be said that all of the successive generations of Cyanwood Mountain’s headmasters and management elders have all come from those disciples.”

“Therefore, the branch organizations created by those disciples are naturally extremely powerful too. If it wasn’t for the Three Cyanwood Forests joining hands, and the genius that appeared in the Ascension Sect in the past years, Long Chenyi, the Three Cyanwood Forests and the Ascension Sect would likely not even be able to obtain the bottom two ranks of the top ten branch organizations.”

“That’s right. Actually, a lot of the disciples from the Ascension Sect, the Orion Monastery and the Three Cyanwood Forests have not joined the branch organizations their predecessors created, and have instead joined the even more powerful branch organizations,” explained Wang Wei and the others.

“So that’s the case. It would seem that I have overestimated the first-rate subsidiary powers.” Hearing till this point, Chu Feng understood everything. At this moment, he thoroughly understood the phrase ‘hidden dragon, crouching tiger.’ [1. Concealed talents.]

This core region of the Cyanwood Mountain was most definitely a place filled with hidden dragons and crouching tigers.

Suddenly, a servant girl ran in and announced, “Master, the Ascension Sect’s Eldest Senior Sister Bai Ruochen has arrived to visit you.”

“Oh? Lil Sis Ruochen has come? Quickly, bring her in.” As Chu Feng said those words, he moved away from his seat; he was planning to personally welcome Bai Ruochen. Seeing this, Wang Wei and the others also hurriedly followed him.

Right after walking out of the guest room, they immediately saw Bai Ruochen walking over. She was wearing a dark green skirt, the same one as the one that Wang Wei was wearing. Although they were both new and spotless disciple’s uniforms, they gave two completely different sensations.

Although Wang Wei was beautiful, she was only ordinarily beautiful. As for Bai Ruochen, she was completely different; she was like a lotus fairy that walked down from the peak of an ice mountain. She was so beautiful that her beauty caused men’s heartbeats to accelerate, and women to feel inferior.

However, Bai Ruochen had an expressionless face; as if a layer of ice covered her matchlessly beautiful face. From head to toe, she emitted a sense of distance. Only when she saw Chu Feng did a very difficult to detect gentleness shine through her beautiful eyes.

“I am Wang Wei…”

“I am Zhao Genshuo…”

“I am Kong Lianfeng…”

“We pay our respects to senior sister Ruochen.”

Upon seeing Bai Ruochen, Wang Wei and the others were unable to remain calm. After all, a grand genius like Bai Ruochen was a very terrifying existence to people like them.

Thus, the three of them did not dare to neglect their courtesy toward Bai Ruochen, and hurriedly stepped forward to greet her like subordinates encountering their master. Even though they were all older than Bai Ruochen, upon recalling how the Ascension Sect’s disciples all addressed Bai Ruochen as Eldest Senior Sister, the three of them did not dare to address Bai Ruochen as junior sister, and instead addressed her as senior sister.

Faced with the great amount of respect displayed by the three of them, Bai Ruochen did not have any change in her expression, nor did she speak to them. Instead, she merely nodded her head in a casual manner before turning to and directly walking toward Chu Feng. She completely ignored Wang Wei and the others.