Chapter 1128 - Request

MGA: Chapter 1128 - Request

“At the beginning, Zhang San was confused by his wife’s strange request. However, because his wife was very diligent when making the green hat, and because he was also truly fond of this green hat, Zhang San decided to listen to his wife; wearing the green hat every time he left the house to conduct business.”

“However, Zhang San did not know that this green hat had become the signal for adultery between his wife and Li Si.”

“After this, whenever Zhang San would leave the house with the green hat on, Li Si knew that he had left on a business trip. Thus, when night came, Li Si would climb over the wall, enter Zhang San’s house, and conduct all kinds of illicit behaviors with Zhang San’s wife.”

“This was the story of the green hat. Ever since that, whenever one’s wife does something unfaithful to that person, that person will be known to be ‘wearing a green hat.’”

“Because of this, any man that has heard of this story will never wear a green hat. Even if their wife doesn’t betray their trust, they will still consider it ominous to wear a green hat.” Eggy narrated the story while smiling. Her narration of the story was very lifelike and vivid; she perfectly reconstructed the events with her words.

After hearing Eggy’s story, Chu Feng’s face started to look unwell. The more he looked at the green hat in his hand, the more awkward he felt. Although he was certain that his fiancees would most definitely not betray him, he began to involuntarily distance himself from the green hat.

Thus, Chu Feng ended up waving his large sleeve. “Pa.” The green hat in his hand was thrown to the ground.

After that, Chu Feng cursed in a displeased manner. “F*ck, who the hell designed this hat? Has that f*cker not heard of the story of the green hat?”

“Or could it be that he is that cuckold Zhang San, and deliberately made such a thing to damn others?”

Chu Feng’s actions could be said to be filled with grievance. That was because the more Chu Feng thought about the story of the green hat, the more hatred he felt towards it.

However, the more Chu Feng acted this way, the more joyous Eggy’s laughter became. Just thinking that Chu Feng had nearly worn the green hat, Eggy laughed so hard she nearly fainted.

“Master, a guest is seeking you outside.” Right at this moment, a shout suddenly sounded from outside. It was the voice of one of Chu Feng’s servant girls.

“Who is it?” Chu Feng opened the door to his room and saw two charming girls outside. The two girls had their heads lowered and their backs bent as they stood in a very uniform manner outside Chu Feng’s door.

The two of them were cultivators as well, however, their cultivation levels were not high. At the very least, when compared to core disciples like Chu Feng, their cultivations were truly weak; they had only just set foot in the Profound Realm.

However, they were chosen to serve Chu Feng and there was a reason behind that. While their cultivation might be weak, their ability to serve others was of the highest quality. On top of that, they possessed charming appearances. Thus, they could most definitely be considered top quality servants.

“Sir, they are your fellow disciples from the Southern Cyanwood Forest. This servant has already brought them to the guest room to wait for you,” the servant girl replied. Her gentle tone was filled with reverence and even a slight trace of fear.

“Mn, thank you for your troubles.” After Chu Feng finished saying those words, he immediately proceeded to walk toward the guest room. However, suddenly, Chu Feng turned around and said to the two servant girls. “Oh, that’s right. In the future, you do not need to be this reserved. There is also no need for you to make such grand gestures when seeing me. It has been a difficult journey for all of us to come here. It is fine for you to think of this place as your own home.”

“Remember, all of us here are family. Is there a need to restrain oneself before one’s family? However, if there is someone that dares to bully any of you, you must definitely inform me of it. I will not allow anyone to bully my family members.” After Chu Feng said those words, he continued to walk toward the guest room.

As for these two servants, they continued to hold their bowing postures and did not dare to raise their heads. Only when they felt that Chu Feng had left did they slowly raise their heads. First, they looked to the location that Chu Feng disappeared to, and then they looked to each other with pleasant smiles on their charming faces.

“It would appear that this master of ours is different from the norm; he is truly kindhearted.”

“That’s right. He does not have any arrogance at all and actually declares us to be his family members. For us to be able to serve such a master, we are truly fortunate.”

Chu Feng arrived at the guest room, and discovered that it was the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s Wang Wei, Kong Lianfeng and, the person who had previously provoked Chu Feng but now both felt very respectful and fearful of him, Zhao Genshuo, that had come to find him.

“Senior sister and senior brothers, you’ve changed your clothes quite quickly.” Chu Feng was not surprised by the arrival of the three.

In order to look after each other, they had deliberately requested for the elders to arrange their twenty-some fellow disciples of the Southern Cyanwood Forest to be placed in the same region. Although they all possessed their own territories, they neighbored one another. For them to arrive here so quickly was therefore reasonable.

However, when Chu Feng saw the dark green disciple uniform that the three of them wore, the corner’s of Chu Feng’s mouth trembled as an urge to laugh rushed forth. Especially after he saw the green hats on Kong Lianfeng and Zhao Genshou’s heads, Chu Feng felt extreme difficulty in resisting his urge to laugh. No matter how he looked at it, they appeared to be extremely amusing.

Faced with Chu Feng’s joking greetings, Zhao Genshou and Kong Lianfeng merely chuckled apologetically. They appeared as if they wanted to say something, but didn’t dare to, and began to send eye signals to Wang Wei. After all, in terms of their relationship, Wang Wei was much closer to Chu Feng than they.

Seeing the situation, Chu Feng took the initiative to ask. “Senior sister Wang Wei, is there something that brings you all here?”

“Junior brother Chu Feng, actually, we have indeed come with a hidden agenda. I’m afraid that we will have to inconvenience you again. However, if this matter is something difficult for you, it is completely fine for you to pretend that I have not spoken about it.” Mentioning this matter, Wang Wei displayed an awkward expression, as if it were very difficult for her to mention the matter.

“Senior sister Wang Wei, we are originally disciples of the same school. Thus, we ought to look after one another. Since there’s a matter that brought you here, there is no harm in you speaking of the matter. As long as I, your junior brother, am able to accomplish it, I will definitely not refuse you,” said Chu Feng.

After hearing what Chu Feng said, Wang Wei heaved a breath of relief. She hesitated no more and said. “I’ve heard that junior brother Chu Feng is going to enter the Ascension Sect’s disciple’s Ascension Division. We wish to ask junior brother Chu Feng to ask Bai Ruochen if we might be allowed to enter the Ascension Division alongside you.”

“Junior brother Chu Feng, we request of you. Currently, our disciples from the Southern Cyanwood Forest are not looked upon well in the Cyanwood Mountain. If we do not have the protection of a powerful branch organization, with merely the protection of our elders, it is inevitable that we will be bullied by others.”

“Junior brother Chu Feng, we know that this matter is very difficult for you. However, we wish that you might give it a try. We beg of you, please help us,” added Kong Lianfeng and Zhao Genshou.

“Oh? Could it be that our Southern Cyanwood Forest’s disciples are having a very difficult time here in the core region?” asked Chu Feng.

“Difficult and very miserable.” The three of them nodded together.

“Are you for real? Our Southern Cyanwood Forest is, after all, a genuine subsidiary power of the Cyanwood Mountain. Furthermore, we possess a lot of elders here too. How could our Southern Cyanwood Forest’s disciples be bullied that bad in the core region of the Cyanwood Mountain?” Chu Feng was somewhat skeptical.