Chapter 1127 - Green Hat

MGA: Chapter 1127 - Green Hat [1. Green hat means ‘being a cuckold’ in Chinese.]

“Branch, was it? It kinda resembles the Azure Dragon School’s alliances.” Hearing till this point, Chu Feng recalled the days when he had first become an inner disciple of the Azure Dragon School.

However, the Azure Dragon School was nowhere near comparable to the Cyanwood Mountain.

Although Chu Feng was entering the Cyanwood Mountain as a disciple, he knew very well in his heart how far he had come on the path of cultivation.

“Chu Feng, go ahead and enter the Ascension Division. Although there will be elders protecting you after you enter the Cyanwood Mountain, it remains true that they will not be able to look after you the entire time.”

“If you are to leave the Cyanwood Mountain to conduct missions, it is inevitable for your enemies to fix their attention upon you. However, if you were to join the Ascension Division, you would be able to conduct missions together with other members of the Ascension Division. In that case, you would be able to avoid a lot of dangers.”

“That is because the Ascension Division that the Ascension Sect’s disciples have created in the Cyanwood Mountain is truly very powerful. Furthermore, they will only accept the people from the Ascension Sect to become members. Even if someone from a different power wanted to enter, they would be refused.”

“Right now, the Ascension Division only agreed to accept you as a member because the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster has deliberately gone out of his way to speak with them. You must not miss out on this great opportunity.” Seeing that Chu Feng was hesitating to respond, Sikong Zhaixing thought that Chu Feng was unwilling to join the Ascension Division and hurriedly spoke with him through voice transmission to try to advise him.

“Mn, I am willing to enter the Ascension Division.” Chu Feng nodded.

Actually, Chu Feng was not against joining the Ascension Division. After all, the reason why he had joined the Southern Cyanwood Forest was so that he could find backings that would allow him to have fewer obstructions in the Cyanwood Mountain.

And now, not only was the Cyanwood Mountain protecting him, there was also the colossal Ascension Sect behind him. Thus, Chu Feng was naturally very satisfied.

“Great, little friend Chu Feng joining the Ascension Division is also a blessing to our Ascension Sect.” Seeing that Chu Feng nodded and agreed to it, the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster and the numerous management elders all nodded happily. One by one, their smiles covered their faces.

After all, they all knew that Chu Feng was a very extraordinary character. Having Chu Feng join the Ascension Division was indeed a good thing for the Ascension Division.

“Well then, after we enter the Cyanwood Mountain, I’ll come and find you.” Seeing that Chu Feng had agreed to it, a rare and shallow smile appeared on Bai Ruochen’s icy-cold face.

After this, the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster personally contacted his trusted aides in the Cyanwood Mountain to send Chu Feng and the others to the core region.

The Cyanwood Mountain’s core region was very large. Practically every core disciple possessed their own territory. However, the majority of these territories were located beside other territories. Only core disciples with special identities were capable of having an entire mountain range or a vast territory to him or herself, separated from the rest.

Under the guidance of an elder, Chu Feng finally arrived at his own territory. It was not a very luxurious or enormous territory. However, it was definitely very presentable.

There were over a dozen palaces in this territory. Merely, their sizes were not very big. However, they were very pragmatic and refined.

Other than the palaces, there was also a back garden, a rock garden, a fountain, and a small plaza. It could truly be said that while everything here was small, it contained everything that was needed.

It was more than only Chu Feng who was moving into this territory. Joining him were the servants prepared for him by the Southern Cyanwood Forest and the Ascension Sect.

In fact, every core disciple was allowed to bring a number of servants with them to serve them. After all, regardless of whether it might be their identity or status, they would both be extraordinary.

However, the treatment that Chu Feng was receiving was different from that of Bai Ruochen. Without mentioning the servant girls that Sikong Zhaixing had meticulously selected for Chu Feng, even the servant girls the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster have prepared for Chu Feng were of outstanding quality.

At the very least, those servant girls were many times more outstanding than the servant girls prepared for ordinary Ascension Sect disciples. From this, one could tell that the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster was truly fond of Chu Feng.

After arriving at his territory, the first thing that Chu Feng did was change into the Cyanwood Mountain’s core disciple’s uniform. The Cyanwood Mountain’s core disciple’s outfit was deep green in color. Not only did it appear to be very stylish and pretty, it also appeared to be very extraordinary. The clothes were created from special materials and also possessed a function of protection.

Chu Feng changed into the disciple uniform and placed the core disciple title plate around his waist. He took a glance at himself in the mirror, and felt that he truly appeared to be quite handsome. At the very least, he now looked like an extraordinary and elegant martial cultivator.

However, after he carefully inspected himself in the mirror, and then recalled the previous core disciples that he had seen, Chu Feng felt that something was lacking.

“Oh, that’s right; I’m missing a hat.” Chu Feng suddenly smiled. He shifted his gaze behind him. It turned out that this core disciple uniform was an entire set. Other than a matching pair of boots, there was also a very pretty looking hat.

Chu Feng opened his hand; an attraction force directly sucked the hat into his hand.

“Hey, you couldn’t possibly be truly planning to wear this hat, right?” Seeing that Chu Feng was really planning to put this hat on, Eggy was unable to contain herself and shouted. Furthermore, she was displaying a very strange expression.

“What’s wrong, my queen? Could it be that there’s something wrong with this hat?” asked Chu Feng with a smile on his face while he fiddled with the hat in his hand.

“There’s nothing wrong with the hat itself. Merely, if you are to truly wear this hat, I fear that I will not be able to contain my laughter for you. Haha, hahahaha…”

Seeing that Chu Feng appeared to be confused, Eggy burst into a loud laughter. Although she possessed a very gorgeous appearance and her laughter was extremely enchanting, it remained that her current laughter sounded relatively vile.

“Why are you laughing at me?” Seeing Eggy’s reaction, Chu Feng was even more confused. However, he had managed to subconsciously sense that something was wrong.

“Could it be that you’ve never heard about the story of the green hat?” Eggy asked while smiling; she was trying her hardest to resist laughing.

“The story of the green hat? No, I’ve never heard about it before.” Chu Feng shook his head. He was truly confused.

“Sigh, you’re truly ignorant and inexperienced. This story is something that was spread to our Asura Spirit World from your world.” Eggy said.

“I’ve never heard about such a story. Exactly what sort of story is it, and what does it have to do with this hat I have here?” asked Chu Feng.

“Fine fine, since you’re the master of this queen, this queen will not allow you to suffer such grievances and be ridiculed by others. I’ll tell you about it.”

“Once upon a time, in your world, there was a merchant called Zhang San. This Zhang San was very smart. Doing business, he had earned quite a bit of money. However, he married an unfaithful woman.”

“Due to Zhang San always being away for business business, his wife, being unable to resist her sexual desires, got together with their neighbor Li Si and conducted adulterous behavior.”

“However, Li Si did not know when Zhang San would go out to do business, and thus did not know when would be the right time to find Zhang San’s wife to do their adultery. Constantly fearing that their adultery would be discovered by Zhang San, Li Si became extremely distressed.”

“In the end, Zhang San’s wife thought of a solution. Using an extremely good clothing material, she personally made a green hat for Zhang San. Furthermore, she requested that Zhang San wear the said green hat every time he went out to do business. As for when he was not out on business, she refused to allow him to wear the hat.”