Chapter 1126 - Ascension Division

MGA: Chapter 1126 - Ascension Division

“Boy, if you truly have this ability, I would naturally wish that you marry her. After all, a girl as outstanding as Bai Ruochen is very rare; she is also a pretty good match for you.”

As Sikong Zhaixing said those words, an expression of anticipation appeared in his eyes as he involuntarily remembered the joke that Bai Ruochen’s mother made that day. If possible, he truly wished for the words spoken by Bai Ruochen’s mother to not be a joke, but instead be real.

“Bai Ruochen is indeed a very good girl. Although her personality is a bit cold, I feel that her nature is good; she is of the cold exterior and warm interior sort.”

“However, love is not something that can be forced upon anyone. I am able to tell that she does not have that intention toward me. As for myself, the current me only thinks of her as a younger sister. If we are to talk about my current relationship with her, then it would be friends at best.”

“Maintaining a harmonious relationship with her is most definitely not an issue. However, if you wanted me to marry her, I could only say that it would all be left to fate.” Chu Feng shook his head. When he said those words, what he recalled was not how outstanding Bai Ruochen was, but the three girls that were waiting for him at the Eastern Sea Region.

Zi Ling, Su Ruo and Su Mei; these three girls were people who had moved Chu Feng’s heart, people that he had truly fallen in love with.

That sort of feeling, that sort of worry for each other, the connection of the heart and thinking about one another all the time was something that Chu Feng never felt from anyone else other than the three of them up to this point of his life.

However, Chu Feng possessed a free and easy-going personality. He was not someone who would deliberately hide his emotions. If someone was truly capable of shaking his heart, he would definitely not sit tight and do nothing about it. If he truly loved someone, he would wholeheartedly go after that person. If he did not have any feelings for someone, then he could not force it.

As for Bai Ruochen, she had truly not caused Chu Feng to have any romantic feelings for her at this time.

Even though Bai Ruochen’s beauty was like a lotus flower within a field of ice, a fairy on earth, it was still unable to tempt Chu Feng.

After all, in terms of beauty, none of the three girls from the Eastern Sea Region were inferior to Bai Ruochen. Especially Zi Ling, her beauty was even more peerless; she was truly devastatingly beautiful. Till this date, Chu Feng had never seen anyone whose beauty could compare to Zi Ling’s.

Of course, the queen within Chu Feng was naturally an exception. In terms of beauty, Eggy was simply the pinnacle of beauty. However, to be exact, Eggy was not a human therefore she could not be compared alongside Zi Ling.

However, if they must be compared, then even Zi Ling would be inferior to her majesty the queen. Zi Ling could be considered to be a pure and charming fairy. However, her majesty the queen was gentle, soft, charming and pure, while also extremely sexy; she was truly a goddess.

“The Commander Flag has been obtained. The person who obtained it is Yuan Qing! Yuan Qing has obtained the Commander Flag!!!”

Right at this moment, several people suddenly flew out of the stone forest. As these people flew, they shouted those sentences loudly.

“It’s indeed Yuan Qing?”

Upon hearing those words, the crowd once again burst into an uproar. Complicated expressions emerged on the faces of everyone present.

The people from the Orion Monastery were unable to contain their happiness. The people from the Three Cyanwood Forests were displaying expressions of disappointment. As for some others, they were purely shocked by the news.

“It’s actually the Orion Monastery’s Yuan Qing?” Compared to others, after hearing this news, Sikong Zhaixing displayed an expression of disappointment and suspicion.

Although he felt that it was unrealistic, he still hoped that Chu Feng would obtain the Commander Flag. Yet now, the Commander Flag had been obtained by Yuan Qing. This naturally caused Sikong Zhaixing to become disappointed.

“Senior Sikong, check this out.” Sensing the change in Sikong Zhaixing’s emotions, Chu Feng placed Sikong Zhaixing’s hand onto his Cosmos Sack and deliberately removed the seal on his Cosmos Sack so Sikong Zhaixing could sense what his Cosmos Sack contained.

“This is?”

“Heavens, this, this…”

Originally, Sikong Zhaixing was confused by Chu Feng’s actions. However, when he sensed the banner in Chu Feng’s Cosmos Sack, he became incapable of containing his state of mind.

“This is great, truly great. Haha, this is truly great. Hahaha…”

At this moment, this old man who had lived for several hundred years was dancing and gesticulating in joy; he had completely lost the demeanor of an expert. Had it not been for the crowd being attracted by Bai Ruochen’s return and the news of Yuan Qing obtaining the Commander Flag, they would most definitely think that Sikong Zhaixing had gone insane.

“Chu Feng, could it be that you did something again?” Sikong Zhaixing was, after all, the headmaster of a school. Not only did he have a lot of experience, his thinking was also very nimble.

When he recalled Yuan Qing’s triggering of the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle to be taking Chu Feng’s credit and then thought about what had happened today, he felt that Yuan Qing must’ve been played by Chu Feng once again.

“Senior Sikong, soon, I will make Yuan Qing lose all that he has. At that time, the Orion Monastery will not be very well-off either. The southern region of the Cyanwood Domain will, sooner or later, be controlled by our Southern Cyanwood Forest.” Chu Feng said those words with great confidence.

Hearing those words, even someone like Sikong Zhaixing was stunned. That was because at the moment when Chu Feng said those words, Sikong Zhaixing felt from Chu Feng a trait that he himself did not possess - the bearing of a ruler.

Even though he knew the Southern Cyanwood Forest defeating the Orion Monastery was a very inconceivable thing, for some odd reason, when Chu Feng said those words, Sikong Zhaixing felt that it would, sooner or later, become true.

“Senior Sikong.”

“Chu Feng.” Suddenly, a pleasant voice sounded. Turning their heads to the source of the voice, it turned out that Bai Ruochen was walking toward them. Coming over alongside Bai Ruochen was the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster, elders and disciples.

“That Orion Monastery’s Yuan Qing is truly remarkable. It would appear that the Orion Monastery will be taking this opportunity to show off and act without regard again.” While they approached, the elders of the Ascension Sect were discussing the matter of Yuan Qing obtaining the Commander Flag.

After all, they possessed a hostile relationship with the Orion Monastery, and did not wish for the Orion Monastery to become too powerful. To them, Yuan Qing obtaining the Commander Flag was not good news.

“With the Orion Monastery’s manner of conduct, they would most definitely lose themselves in joy over this matter. However, the more they do such a thing, the closer they would be to their end,” said Sikong Zhaixing with a smile.

“Eh…” Once Sikong Zhaixing said those words, the Ascension Sect’s crowd were all startled; they do not understand what Sikong Zhaixing meant by those words. Only Bai Ruochen, who knew of the truth, nodded upon hearing those words.

“Chu Feng, after you enter the Cyanwood Mountain, join the Ascension Division alongside me.” Bai Ruochen walked over and said to Chu Feng.

“Ascension Division? What’s that?” Hearing those words, Chu Feng asked in a confused manner.

“Chu Feng, it’s like this; core disciples are allowed to establish power organizations. However, no matter what sort of power organization they establish, they will still be a part of the Cyanwood Mountain as branch powers. As for the Ascension Division, it is the Ascension Sect’s power organization within the core region of the Cyanwood Mountain.” Sikong Zhaixing explained.

“Ascension Division, it makes me truly nostalgic to hear that name. Back when I was training in the Cyanwood Mountain, I was also a member of the Ascension Division.”

“That’s true. However, I’ve heard that it is very different from back then. Under the leadership of that boy Long Chenyi, the Ascension Division has become one of the ten top branch powers in the Cyanwood Mountain’s core region.”

When the Ascension Division was mentioned, the elders of the Ascension Sect began to gasp with reminiscence. All of them had been core disciples of the Cyanwood Mountain at one point. During the time when they were training in the Cyanwood Mountain, they were all members of the Ascension Division. Although they were now elders over a hundred years old, the mention of the Ascension Division caused them to remember their youthful years.

As they were gasping and reminiscing, they all displayed prideful expressions on their faces. It could be seen that although the Ascension Division was a place controlled by the Ascension Sect’s disciples, these elders all felt honored by the Ascension Division.