Chapter 1124 - Abnormal Reaction

MGA: Chapter 1124 - Abnormal Reaction

“I’ll let you be complacent with yourself for a couple more days.” Seeing the beam of light that soared to the sky, the smile on Chu Feng’s face grew a bit wider. Chu Feng’s intention was actually very simple; he planned to temporarily give the credit of obtaining the Commander Flag to Yuan Qing.

When everyone felt that Yuan Qing was the person who obtained the Commander Flag, they would most definitely chase after him and flatter him. At that time, Yuan Qing’s pride would be brought extremely high. And, with Yuan Qing’s piss nature, he would most definitely borrow this opportunity to “take care” of Chu Feng, and maybe even offend others while doing that.

However, once the occasion arrived, Chu Feng would deprive Yuan Qing of all his glories. At that time, what sort of appearance would Yuan Qing have? If things went according to plan, then it could be described with a single word: miserable.

As the saying goes, the higher one flies, the harder one falls. As for Chu Feng, he wanted Yuan Qing to fall so deep and so hard that it would be tragic to watch.

Trash like Yuan Qing, not only did he pretend to be the person that triggered the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle, he even dared to act in such a reckless and unruly manner. Furthermore, he would even gesticulate while talking to Chu Feng, the person who actually triggered the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle. If Chu Feng did not make him fall so deeply and miserably, it would be unfitting of Chu Feng’s character.

“Woosh.” However, suddenly, Chu Feng’s eyes shrunk. At the same time, his expression made a huge change. He hurriedly turned around and shouted. “Who is it?”

However, when Chu Feng turned around in alarm to inspect the area behind him, he discovered that, other than some enormous stones, there was nothing else in his surroundings. When that happened, he began to frown.

Just earlier, Chu Feng clearly sensed that someone was watching him from behind. Yet now, he was unable to see a single person, nor was he able to sense anyone’s aura.

“What’s happening? Could it be a misperception?” At this moment, Chu Feng began to ponder. He possessed a certain level of confidence in his perception, and was rarely ever mistaken.

Thus, this sort of circumstance only meant two possibilities. It would either be that Chu Feng was truly mistaken in his perception, or that an individual with extremely frightening cultivation had been watching Chu Feng in the shadows earlier.

“May I know which Senior it is, and whether Senior might be willing to show himself?” Upon thinking of the second possibility, Chu Feng hurriedly cupped his fist respectfully and asked with a very respectful tone.

After all, this place was the Cyanwood Mountain, a place with a Martial Emperor. It was very reasonable for there to be people that could escape Chu Feng’s perception in this place. However, if such a person had truly shown up, then that person would most definitely be a Senior-tier expert of the Cyanwood Mountain, and therefore someone that Chu Feng must treat with respect.

However, after Chu Feng’s respectful gesture, the only response he obtained was the whistling sound of the wind as well as the dazzling light from the discovery of the Commander Flag.

This sort of situation caused Chu Feng to feel truly helpless. After thinking about his scheme, he ended up having no choice but to quickly leave this place.

After Chu Feng left, many people were attracted to this place by the dazzling light emitted by the region containing the enormous stone. In the end, they arrived before the enormous stone that was emitting the dazzling light that soared to the sky and began to surround it.

Due to the fact that it was the light from the Commander Flag being obtained, the light lasted for a very long time. Even after a large crowd was attracted here, the dazzling light continued to shine.

“Heavens, someone truly managed to find the Commander Flag? I never would have imagined it to be in such a desolate place. This is different from the previous years.”

“That’s right. Isn’t the Commander Flag in the depths of the stone forest every year? Why would it be placed in such a remote region this year?”

“Compared to those, I believe we are more interested in who exactly it was that obtained the Commander Flag.”

At this moment, more and more people gathered in this place. From the several people at the very beginning, it was now several hundred people. Even Wang Yan, Jiang Hao, Huang Juan and Bai Ruochen were attracted over here.

After the three General Flags were discovered, the only thing that geniuses like them were looking forward to was the Commander Flag. And now that the Commander Flag appeared, they all wanted to know who exactly it was that obtained the Commander Flag this year.

At the moment when the crowd was guessing among themselves, Yuan Qing woke up from within the beam of light. Although he woke up, he was unable to move, and even unable to speak.

Thus, this led to him being able to clearly hear the discussion of the crowd outside. He already knew that he subconsciously obtained the Commander Flag.

However, he was not daring to believe, and not certain as to whether all of this was real or not. After all, he had gone to chase after Chu Feng and gotten beat up by a mysterious man earlier.

So how could he possibly have fallen asleep at this place with not the slightest injury on his body? Furthermore, he even obtained the Commander Flag. In that case, where was the Commander Flag? There was simply no trace of the flag beside him.

Was being badly beaten earlier a dream or was what was happening now a dream? All of this made Yuan Qing very confused.

“Buzz.” Right at this moment, the dazzling beam of light finally began to disappear. As the light disappeared, Yuan Qing also managed to finally regain his ability to move.

He hurriedly stood up and tidied his clothes. While he was not certain whether this might be a dream or not, he knew very well that even if it was a dream, he was determined to enjoy the glorious dream.

Thus, as the beam of light was disappearing before the gazes of the surrounding crowd, a figure began to gradually appear before the crowd. Everyone managed to immediately recognize that it was the well-renowned genius, the person who had triggered the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle, Yuan Qing.

“Yuan Qing, it is indeed him. The person who obtained the Commander Flag is indeed him.”

“Heavens, it’s really Yuan Qing! He was able to find the Commander Flag in such a remote place, isn’t he a bit too amazing?” At this moment, the crowd immediately burst into an uproar, gasping in amazement and surprise. It was as if Yuan Qing obtaining the Commander Flag was something that they had all expected, something that was inevitable.

However, compared to the ordinary and simple crowd, traces of disappointment and displeasure appeared on the faces of Wang Yan and Jiang Hao.

After all, the two of them did not treat Yuan Qing to be an actual friend of theirs. From the bottom of their hearts, they hoped that they would be able to obtain the Commander Flag. Yet, before their eyes, it was Yuan Qing who obtained the Commander Flag. This led to their hearts feeling extremely displeased.

“How could it be him?” At this moment, Bai Ruochen was frowning. She was different from Wang Yan and Jiang Hao; no matter how unhappy Wang Yan and Jiang Hao were due to Yuan Qing obtaining the Commander Flag, the two of them already accepted this to be fact.

However, Bai Ruochen was completely different. In her heart, she felt that only a single person would be capable of obtaining the Commander Flag. As for that person, it was Chu Feng. Yet, how could it be Yuan Qing who obtained it instead? Could it be that Yuan Qing truly possessed strength even stronger than Chu Feng?

“Brother Yuan Qing, congratulations on obtaining the Commander Flag with the greatest reward.” At this moment, Wang Yan, Jiang Hao, Huang Juan and the others all walked forward to congratulate Yuan Qing.

Faced with their congratulations, Yuan Qing was startled. He thought in his heart, “This feels so real, could it be that this is not a dream? But then, how did I fall asleep, and how did I come to this place? Also, where is the Commander Flag?”

It could be said that countless thoughts were running through Yuan Qing’s mind at this moment. While he did not understand how the situation came about, he still displayed a joyous expression and cupped his fist with a smile in return for the courteous congratulations from the crowd. He accepted that it was he who truly obtained the Commander Flag.

To him, while the Commander Flag was important, it was most definitely inferior to the glory of obtaining it. No matter how this glory came about, since it was given to him, he would most definitely accept it.

“Brother Yuan Qing, where’s the Commander Flag? How about taking it out so that we can broaden our horizons?”

“That’s right. We have only heard about the Commander Flag and never seen it before,” said Wang Yan, Jiang Hao and Huang Juan with expressions of anticipation as they stared at the hole underneath Yuan Qing’s foot that the Commander Flag had been struck into.

“I have already put the Commander Flag away. It’s actually nothing extraordinary.” Yuan Qing smiled as he waved his hand; he had tactfully refused Wang Yan and the others.

Faced with the reasonable and natural reaction of Yuan Qing, Wang Yan, Jiang Hao, Huang Juan and the rest of the crowd present became somewhat disappointed. However, none of them managed to see that something was wrong.

However, at this moment, the starry-bright eyes of Bai Ruochen were shining. She thought in her heart, “There’s something wrong with his reaction.”