Chapter 1123 - Obtaining the Commander Flag

MGA: Chapter 1123 - Obtaining the Commander Flag


At the moment when everyone was stunned by Bai Ruochen’s finished spirit formation, a most shocking scene suddenly occurred before their eyes. The stone that was covered with Bai Ruochen’s spirit formation actually released an explosive shockwave and then shattered.

“Buzz.” At the same time, a dazzling ray of light soared into the sky and into the clouds. Following that ray of light, numerous ripples appeared.

The ripples were extremely wondrous. They did not contain a large amount of energy, and appeared to not even be able to create a wind that could move grass. However, the ripples were capable of conveying a message. As for the message, it was two words: General Flag.

“Are you kidding? Could it be that she succeeded?” Seeing the dazzling light and feeling the message that flashed through their minds, everyone felt a sense of disbelief. After all, the speed with which Bai Ruochen had broken the seal was truly too fast.

At a time when people were doubting, the beam of light began to slowly wane. When the light completely disappeared, a large banner appeared in the center of the shattered rock.

“Heavens! It’s really a General Flag!!!”

After seeing the banner, everyone was stupefied. That was because the banner before them was not an ordinary banner. On the fluttering banner was a dazzling golden word: General!

That’s right, it was the General Flag. What appeared before the crowd’s eyes at this moment was a General Flag.

Although they had already guessed that there would be a General Flag or flags within the twenty stones present, they were still extremely surprised and emotional when they saw a General Flag appearing before their very eyes. Not only would a General Flag bring about a large amount of rewards, it was also an honor to obtain one.

Furthermore, Bai Ruochen displayed exceptional foresight and chose the stone so accurately. Then, using an awe-inspiring speed, she broke the spirit formation seal on the stone to obtain the General Flag within it. Such a display inevitably caused the people present to gasp with admiration.

At this moment, Bai Ruochen was overjoyed too. She ignored the views that the crowd currently had of her and opened her lily-white hands to grab the General Flag. As the General Flag flickered with light, she placed it into her Cosmos Sack.

After she finished all of these, a fascinating smiled appeared on Bai Ruochen’s face as she turned her gaze to where Chu Feng was.

However, when her gaze turned to where Chu Feng should’ve been, she was surprised to discover that Chu Feng already disappeared. Furthermore, she was unable to sense Chu Feng’s aura in the surrounding area at all. It was evident that Chu Feng already left.

Actually, Chu Feng left immediately after he taught Bai Ruochen the seal breaking spirit formation. That was because as long as Bai Ruochen did as he said, he could guarantee that she would obtain the General Flag.

Thus, at this time, Chu Feng was flying toward the direction of the Commander Flag. After all, as he had finished helping Bai Ruochen, it was now time for Chu Feng to take care of his own business.

“Win or lose, it all ends here. I hope I didn’t make an error in judgement.”

Finally, Chu Feng arrived before that enormous stone. For the sake of not being disturbed by others, Chu Feng deliberately cast a concealing spirit formation around both himself and the enormous stone.

After that, he began to set up his spirit formation. Chu Feng was able to tell that although the stone appeared to be ordinary on the surface, the spirit formation seal on it was actually extremely exceptional. Even for Chu Feng, it would take him quite some time to break the spirit formation seal; at the very least, it’d take him two days.

However, the spirit formation Chu Feng taught Bai Ruochen was able to break the spirit formation seal on the stone in merely a short period of time. From this, one could tell how hard it was to break the spirit formation seal on this enormous stone.

Thus, although Chu Feng was certain that the Commander Flag was hidden within this stone, he was still a bit worried; as the saying goes, better safe than sorry.

However, since he decided, he would not regret. Chu Feng began to directly create a spirit formation that covered the enormous stone and its giant spirit formation.

Time passed. In the short period of two days, many things occurred.

The three General Flags appeared in succession. Each and every one of the General Flags created a beam of light that soared into the sky as well as message ripples to inform everyone that they had been discovered, as well as where they had been discovered.

As for the people who obtained the three General Flags, they were, respectively, Bai Ruochen, Huang Juan and a man by the name of Nie Fan.

Bai Ruochen was the first to obtain a General Flag and also the fastest to obtain one. Thus, her famed name had already spread throughout the entire stone forest two days ago. Even people outside of the stone forest knew of her accomplishment. Thus, undoubtedly, she was the one with the most vigorous fame right now, the genius that was being discussed the most. There were even people who felt that Bai Ruochen’s strength was above Wang Yan, Jiang Hao and Huang Juan.

Other than Bai Ruochen, the name of that man called Nie Fan was also spread throughout the region. This man from a second-rate subsidiary power, with the cultivation of a rank two Martial King, was clearly the dark horse in this year’s Commander Contest.

Compared to Bai Ruochen, his origin was even more commonplace. Furthermore, before he obtained a General Flag, no one knew that he was a rank two Martial King. He concealed his strength very deeply, and possessed a spirit formation technique that was no weaker than any of the others. This caused others to have no choice but to place him in their eyes.

Other than Bai Ruochen and Nie Fan, the renowned genius Huang Juan was overlooked by the others. As her fame was already well-spread, she was deemed to be expected even though she obtained a General Flag. On the other hand, if she failed to obtain a General Flag, it would instead be seen as unexpected.

Thus, this led to the equally famous Wang Yan, Jiang Hao and Yuan Qing becoming the focus of the crowd.

According to the rules, those who obtained a General Flag would not be allowed to break the seals on other stones. In other words, they no longer had the qualification to obtain the Commander Flag. Thus, the hottest contenders for the Commander Flag were Wang Yan, Jiang Hao and Yuan Qing.

Among the three of them, Yuan Qing was expected to have the highest hopes in obtaining the Commander Flag.

Right at the moment when the crowd was guessing who it was that would obtain the Commander Flag, Chu Feng successfully broke apart the seal on the enormous stone before him. “Boom.” Following a loud explosion, a golden light soared to the sky.

However, this light beam was over ten times the size of the beam of light from Bai Ruochen’s General Flag from two days ago. At the same time, a message containing ripples rapidly swept across the region.

The light beam lasted for quite some time without any indication of disappearing. However, Chu Feng was unwilling to wait anymore. Thus, in spite of the dangers, he directly entered the beam of light. Finally, on top of an enormous stone, Chu Feng discovered a banner. As for this banner, it was the Commander Flag.

“Heh, you’ve truly not wasted my efforts of the past two days.”

Holding the Commander Flag in his hand, Chu Feng was incomparably excited. After all, the Commander Flag possessed extraordinary significance. One must know that the purpose of this so called ‘Commander Contest’ was all for this ‘Commander’ Flag.

However, Chu Feng did not lose himself in joy after obtaining the Commander Flag. Instead, he immediately put the Commander Flag away, and opened the large sack on his shoulder. He then cast the still unconscious Yuan Qing onto the large stone where the Commander Flag used to be.

Yuan Qing was still unconscious even after two days’ time because Chu Feng had given him a special medicinal pellet. Thus, the first thing Chu Feng did was feed Yuan Qing a medicinal pellet that could wake him back up.

After feeding Yuan Qing that medicinal pellet, a scheming smile appeared on Chu Feng’s face. After that, Chu Feng’s body moved and he left the dazzling beam of light.