Chapter 1122 - Giving Bai Ruochen Pointers

MGA: Chapter 1122 - Giving Bai Ruochen Pointers

Originally, Chu Feng wanted to point out a flag-containing stone to Bai Ruochen. However, right at this moment, he was surprised to discover that Huang Juan was closely staring at the stone that he was planning to indicate to Bai Ruochen.

Furthermore, Huang Juan was not only staring at it, she was also using a special method to examine that stone. It was obvious that she had taken note of that stone.

“Woosh.” Suddenly, Huang Juan released a boundless spirit formation technique. Like serpents, her spirit formation revolved around the stone and sealed it. At the same time, she sat down cross-legged and began to set up a spirit formation to break apart the seal on the stone.

Seeing Huang Juan’s actions, Wang Yan spoke. “Huang Juan, for you to act this hurriedly, be careful, you might’ve miscalculated.”

“That’s right. Only the four of us have a say in selecting the twenty stones here, no one is going to try to steal your portions.” Jiang Hao added. At the same time he spoke those words, he cast a glance at Chu Feng.

The hidden meaning behind his words was very obvious. These twenty stones were something that only the four of them could touch. Although Chu Feng had also come in here, he was not allowed to touch the stones.

“Even though it’s four people, it’s still a race against time. No one knows how many General Flags might be here, or if there’s a Commander Flag here at all.” Huang Juan cast a beautiful glance at Wang Yan and Jiang Hao. After that, she did not bother with them anymore. With a slight smile, she began to wholeheartedly focus on removing the seal.

“This Huang Juan seems to have some ability.” At this moment, Chu Feng sent a voice transmission to Bai Ruochen.

“Could it be that the stone that she chose possesses a flag?” asked Bai Ruochen.

“Mn, it’s a General Flag. However, the seal on the one that she chose is relatively hard to remove. You should go and remove the seal on the smallest one over there. It should be a bit easier to remove.” This time around, Chu Feng did not use his hand to point toward the stone and instead only cast his gaze toward it.

Following Chu Feng’s gaze, Bai Ruochen saw the stone that he spoke of. It was indeed the smallest stone within the twenty stones. Furthermore, from its appearance, this stone should be the least likely candidate for having flags hidden within it among the twenty stones.

However, Bai Ruochen was no ordinary character either. Not only did she possess extraordinary insight herself, she also believed in Chu Feng’s vision. Thus, she nodded and said to Chu Feng. “Then, which one are you going to choose?”

“What I want is not here.” Chu Feng lightly smiled and said, “extend your hand, I’ll teach you a spirit formation that will allow you to remove the seal on the stone sooner.”

“Oh?” Hearing those words, Bai Ruochen was startled. She knew that Chu Feng’s target was most definitely the Commander Flag; and since Chu Feng said those words, it meant that what was here would be three General Flags and no Commander Flag. At the same time, Bai Ruochen extended her fair and delicate hand over to Chu Feng.

With her hand before her, Chu Feng did not hesitate. He grabbed onto Bai Ruochen’s hand with his own and extended a finger with his other hand; he began to draw a pattern on Bai Ruochen’s palm. While the pattern did not remain on her palm, it went through her palm and entered her mind.

At this moment, even Bai Ruochen started to frown. That was because she felt a bit confused; the spirit formation given to her by Chu Feng appeared to be somewhat unusual, and was different from the the spirit formation techniques that she knew. It could be said that Chu Feng’s spirit formation technique undermined the traditional structure of spirit formations.

“This guy is truly deserving to die.” At this very moment, Wang Yan and Jiang Hao also noticed the actions between Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen.

From their point of view, Chu Feng’s actions were truly deserving of being killed. Not only did he firmly grab onto Bai Ruochen’s lily-white hand, he even drew on that exquisite hand with his filthy fingers. This was truly hard for them to tolerate.

However, a matter concerning their honor was of more important than the love between women and men. Their current mission was to quickly obtain a flag, thus they decided to not say anything to Chu Feng. After fiercely glancing at Chu Feng, they returned to observe the stones. At the same time, the two of them had already firmly remembered the hatred in their hearts.

“Well then, go on.” Finally, Chu Feng’s finger and his other hand were removed from Bai Ruochen’s exquisite hand.

At this moment, a shocked expression filled Bai Ruochen’s beautiful face. When she looked at Chu Feng, her gaze contained a whole new level of respect.

At the beginning, she was a bit doubtful because the spirit formation that Chu Feng was teaching her was really odd. However, she was now no longer skeptical, since she discovered the amazingness of Chu Feng’s spirit formation. The seal removing spirit formation given to her by Chu Feng could simply be said to be a perfect match with the sealing spirit formation on the stone, being able to perfectly remove the seal.

“I wish you luck.” After saying those words in a very thankful manner, Bai Ruochen’s body moved, and she arrived before the stone indicated to her by Chu Feng earlier then began to set up the spirit formation taught to her by Chu Feng.

“Junior sister Bai, you actually choose this stone?” Seeing the scene before him, Wang Yan displayed a face of surprise.

“Junior sister Bai, it’s not that I’m criticizing you, but that stone will have the lowest probability to contain a flag among the twenty stones here. It’s better that you change to a different stone. Otherwise, it’ll be equivalent to wasting your time.” At the same time, Jiang Hao directly arrived beside Bai Ruochen and began to advise against her choice of stone.

The two of them were sincere in their advice, because they both truly felt that this stone would have the lowest possibility of containing a flag. As they did not want Bai Ruochen to waste her time, they especially came up to her to advise her against it.

To their surprise, Bai Ruochen completely ignored them and began to wholeheartedly focus on setting up her spirit formation. In this sort of situation, Wang Yan and Jiang Hao would naturally not court another rebuff to themselves. Thus, the two of them left in succession.

Actually, when Huang Juan found out that Bai Ruochen had chosen the smallest stone, even she had cast her gaze over to her. When she saw that Bai Ruochen was really setting up a spirit formation to remove the seal on the smallest stone, Huang Juan also displayed a confused and surprised expression.

However, as it was, after all, something that was of no concern to her, she who disliked Bai Ruochen would naturally not go and advise her. Instead, a cold smile appeared on her face as she decided to sit tight and wait for Bai Ruochen’s self-humiliation. At the same time, she began to accelerate the speed of her spirit formation; she wanted to make a clear-cut distinction between herself and Bai Ruochen to display her superiority.


Right at this moment, Bai Ruochen’s spirit formation was finished. Light shone all over, and ripples swept out in all directions. Even this region of space began to tremble.

“How could this be? She actually finished setting up a seal removing spirit formation this quickly? Even if this stone is the easiest among the twenty, it shouldn’t be this fast. Exactly what sort of spirit formation did this girl set up for it to be this powerful?”

At this moment, the expression on Huang Juan’s face, who had originally been planning to wait for Bai Ruochen’s self-humiliation, took a huge change. It was not only her, both Wang Yan and Jiang Hao were also displaying expressions of shock.

That was because what Bai Ruochen did was not as simple as finishing her spirit formation. Instead, at this moment, her spirit formation was beginning to break apart the seal on that stone with very rapid speed.