Chapter 1121 - Discovering the Flags

MGA: Chapter 1121 - Discovering the Flags

At this moment, Chu Feng was carrying the sack with Yuan Qing in it and rapidly flying toward the deepest region of the stone forest to find Bai Ruochen.

As Chu Feng had promised the girl that he would help her obtain a General Flag, he was determined to keep his promise. However, Chu Feng’s eyes suddenly shone, and he abruptly stopped.

At this moment, Chu Feng’s gaze was fixed upon a fifty meter-tall mountain-like stone. Using his Heaven’s Eyes to inspect it carefully, Chu Feng became more and more emotional. In the end, his eyes started to shine with light, and an indescribable happiness appeared on his face.

“Although I thought that I would be able to obtain the Commander Flag, I never thought that I would be able to have a chance encounter with it here.” At the moment, Chu Feng was truly overjoyed and extremely emotional.

Chu Feng had surprisingly discovered that the spirit formation on this enormous stone was very special, and a very extraordinary energy was leaking from within it. That sort of sensation was something that he had never felt from any other stone.

Before they had come to this forest of stone, the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster, for the purpose of assisting them in obtaining the Commander Flag or General Flags, had told Chu Feng and the others what was different about stones that contained flags.

Although what the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster told them was extremely vague, and it was up to the individual to determine how much of the difference they could sense, Chu Feng was certain that not only did this stone before him contain a flag, it was also the most precious Commander Flag.

After determining that it was the Commander Flag, Chu Feng did not hurry to create a spirit formation to remove the spirit formation on the stone, and instead created a concealing spirit formation around it, causing the stone to appear to be the same as other stones. After that, Chu Feng left this place.

As for why he left, it was naturally to find Bai Ruochen.

After Chu Feng discovered the Commander Flag, he no longer had any interest in any of the other stones. Thus, on his way to find Bai Ruochen, Chu Feng did not bother to inspect any other stones. This led to an increase in Chu Feng’s speed.

In this sort of circumstance, Chu Feng arrived at the depths of the stone forest in no time. There were a lot of people in the depths of the stone forest. Although it could not be considered to be a vast crowd, one could see people placing spirit formation techniques to break apart the seals on the stones all over.

However, because Bai Ruochen carried Chu Feng’s tracking talisman with her, Chu Feng was able to determine her position even with all these people around him. However, after Chu Feng arrived beside Bai Ruochen, he discovered three familiar faces near her.

They were Wang Yan, Jiang Hao and Huang Juan. However, the three of them were not conversing with one another. Instead, they were carefully inspecting twenty stones.

At the same time the three of them were inspecting those twenty stones, there were many people around them that looked at those twenty stones with drooling faces.

However, as if they feared the existences of Wang Yan, Jiang Hao and Huang Juan, those people only dared to watch from afar, and did not approach them.

“Ruochen.” Chu Feng suddenly shouted, breaking the serenity of this place and causing practically everyone to cast their gaze at him.

When they saw Chu Feng, everyone displayed a shocked expression. When they heard how intimate Chu Feng greeted Bai Ruochen, the crowd was shocked.

At this moment, Wang Yan and Jiang Hao subconsciously displayed expressions of displeasure. However, the two of them did not bother with Chu Feng, and instead continued to inspect the twenty giant stones. It was as if the twenty stones were even more attractive than Bai Ruochen.

“Can’t you be more uniform in the way that you address me?” When she saw Chu Feng, Bai Ruochen frowned. During the time Chu Feng had gotten to know Bai Ruochen, his address for her had already changed from Miss Bai to junior sister Bai and now to Ruochen. It had changed three times now, and become more and more intimate and dubious every time. However, while Bai Ruochen was feeling uncomfortable because of that, she did not oppose it greatly.

“Heh, I only felt that our relationship is getting closer, and thus called you out by your name subconsciously. That being said, it’s only a way to address you. There’s no need for you to mind it this greatly, no?” said Chu Feng with a beaming smile.

“Do whatever you want. Oh, that’s right, what is it that you’re carrying on your back?” Bai Ruochen cast her gaze to the large sack on Chu Feng’s back.

This sack was naturally the one that contained Yuan Qing. However, this sack had also gone through a special treatment that caused it to not show the shape of the thing inside, and also blocked spirit power from inspecting what was inside.

Looking from the surface, one could only tell that Chu Feng was carrying a large sack. However, they would not be able to know what was in the bag. As people of their cultivation all possessed cosmos bags to carry their items around with them, Chu Feng carrying around a sack behind him caused others to become confused.

“It’s nothing more than some trash.” Chu Feng laughed mischievously. Then, he casually turned his gaze to the twenty stones and asked. “What’s wrong, do you have no idea what to do with them?”

“You can tell?” Hearing those words, Bai Ruochen’s expression changed slightly; she displayed a slightly surprised expression while also displaying an ‘as expected’ expression.

“Of course. Special spirit formations were placed on these twenty stones. Furthermore, the spirit formations on them could confuse one’s sensitivity.”

“To speak in simple terms, these twenty stones will give a sensation of flags being hidden inside. However, the spirit formations on them are extremely powerful. If one wanted to open them, one would have to spend a very long time doing so.”

“If the selection is right, then one’s harvest will be enormous. However, if the selection is wrong, one might miss a great opportunity and lose the timing to find another flag. Thus, all of you are here hesitating as to which stone to choose to open.” Chu Feng sent a voice transmission to Bai Ruochen. Those words were naturally not something that he could say openly. After all, it was not good for others to hear them.

“What you said is very true. Actually, it is not only you and I who saw the peculiarity of these twenty stones, many others have also seen it. However, earlier Wang Yan and Jiang Hao threatened the others. Thus, it ended up with the twenty stones’ selection being given to the four of us.”

“Of course, if you wanted to open the stones, they would have no choice but to step aside. If they refused, I believe they would not be able to stop you anyways.”

“However, what I’m worried about is not the rights to these twenty stones, but instead whether all of them might be fake. Even if there are flags among them, I am worried about what to do if I choose a wrong stone.”

“After all, the spirit formations on the stones are truly too powerful. If I wanted to open one, it would require at least a couple days. If I was to find that there was nothing in the stone after opening one, then it would truly be a wasted effort. After all, many things might happen in several days’ worth of time.” At this moment, Bai Ruochen seemed to truly not know what to do.

“Rest assured, of these twenty stones, three contain flags,” said Chu Feng.

“Truly?” Hearing those words, Bai Ruochen was immediately overjoyed. She hurriedly asked. “In that case, do you know which three stones might they be?”

“Of course, that one is one…” As Chu Feng said those words, he began to lift his arm. However, right at this moment, Chu Feng’s gaze flashed, and he stopped his movement.