Chapter 1111 - The Famous Yuan Qing

MGA: Chapter 1111 - The Famous Yuan Qing

The Cyanwood Mountain’s domain was extremely vast. However, it was most definitely not a place that anyone could enter and leave unrestrictedly.

It was said that there was an enormous spirit formation protective screen that surrounded the exterior of the Cyanwood Mountain. That spirit formation protective screen covered both the sky and the underground, causing even Half Martial Emperor level experts to be unable to pass through it, and completely isolated the Cyanwood Mountain from the outside world. Even the disciples and elders of the Cyanwood Mountain could only come and go by displaying their identity plates at specific entrance locations.

However, it was currently the time of the Cyanwood Mountain’s annual disciple recruitment assembly. Thus, the Cyanwood Mountain removed the enormous and powerful spirit formation protective screen. Their doors were now completely open, and people could enter the Cyanwood Mountian from all directions.

Moreover, the Cyanwood Mountain did not care about identity, appearance or even race when recruiting their disciples, all they cared about was the talent of the individuals. Thus, without counting the people that accompanied the disciple-prospects, merely the number of people who wanted to become disciples of the Cyanwood Mountain numbered over several billions.

The majority of these people were children that had just reached the age of martial cultivation. After all, the Cyanwood Mountain was the strongest power in the Cyanwood Domain; everyone would want their children to become Cyanwood Mountain disciples, and thus obtain the best education.

However, it was one thing if it were only those families with power, but for those people with very poor backgrounds, it was a very difficult task. Without money to pay the fee to use the Ancient Era’s Teleportation Formations, they had no choice but to journey all the way to the Cyanwood Mountain. Without powerful and fast means of transportation, their travel speed was very slow. For some people, they would begin to travel to the Cyanwood Mountain from the day their child was born andwhen they finally arrive at the Cyanwood Mountain, their child would have already entered his or her teens.

Thus, while there were many people gathered in the Cyanwood Mountain, they were people that had come from all over the Cyanwood Domain. For some, the journey itself was over a dozen years. Thus, the amount of people that were planning to become disciples, and the amount of people that accompanied those disciple-prospects, numbered several billion in total. However, this number was relatively few. After all, the population of the Cyanwood Domain, a vast territory with abundant resources, was unimaginable.

However, while the Cyanwood Mountain did not take the identity and status of their disciple-prospects into consideration, they paid great consideration to their talents. Thus, these several billion people that planned to become disciples of the Cyanwood Mountain would have to go through numerous filters. In the end, it would be pretty good if even several tens of millions were to remain.

However, people like Chu Feng, the disciples of the subsidiary powers that were sent over by those subsidiary powers, did not have to go through any examination or filter. They were even capable of becoming the Cyanwood Mountain’s most respectable core disciples directly.

When the people that arrived here after a long journey saw the enormous spectacle that was the subsidiary powers passing through the sky as they flew toward the deepest region of the Cyanwood Mountain, what filled their eyes were admiration and envy.

At this moment, in the Cyanwood Mountain, a large crowd was gathered on top of an enormous plaza. This place was truly an ocean of people.

The Cyanwood Mountain possessed a total of five first-rate subsidiary powers, several hundred second-rate subsidiary powers and thousands of third-rate subsidiary powers. Every one of those subsidiary powers was required to send to the Cyanwood Mountain their most excellent disciples every year.

At this moment, the majority of the subsidiary powers had arrived. Among them, three powers were the focus of the most attention: the Eastern Cyanwood Forest, the Western Cyanwood Forest and the Northern Cyanwood Forest.

These three powers were not only first-rate subsidiary powers of the Cyanwood Mountain, they were also the most genuine subsidiary powers, branches of the Cyanwood Mountain itself. Among the subsidiary powers, they were known to be the bosses.

Currently, these three powers each brought over five thousand disciples with them. Combined, they had brought over fifteen thousand disciples. This was no small matter, because it meant that they were going to send over fifteen thousand core disciples to the Cyanwood Mountain.

Compared to the disciples that numbered in the tens or ones that other powers brought along, this was truly a frightening number. As for this, it also demonstrated how powerful these three subsidiary powers were.

“As expected of the Three Cyanwood Forests. They’re actually able to maintain this number of disciples being delivered every year. Furthermore, not only is the number tremendous, the quality of their disciples is also quite amazing.”

“That’s right, the Eastern Cyanwood Forest’s Wang Yan, the Western Cyanwood Forest’s Jiang Hao, and the Northern Cyanwood Forest’s Huang Juan were all famous geniuses before coming to this place. Seeing them for the first time today, they are indeed extraordinary.”

“With their age, they’re already rank three Martial Kings. Truly amazing, truly amazing.”

The disciples of the Three Cyanwood Forests became the focus of the crowd. Among the fifteen thousand disciples, there were three that stood out from the rest like dazzling pearls in a desert.

They were two males and a female. The male with an ordinary appearance, not skinny nor fat, not tall nor short, was called Wang Yan. He had cultivated in a Forbidden Mysterious Technique and mastered many formidable skills. In the Eastern Cyanwood Forest, he was currently the strongest disciple.

Rumour had it that he possessed surpassing battle power, and could match rank five Martial Kings with merely his rank three Martial King cultivation. As for ordinary rank four Martial Kings, they were simply no match for him. In essence, he was truly a deserving genius.

As for the other male, his name was Jiang Hao. He was the strongest disciple of the Western Cyanwood Forest. Like Wang Yan, Jiang Hao’s appearance was nothing outstanding. However, the auras that the two of them possessed greatly surpassed their relatively average appearance. Not only were they the focus of the crowd, they were also the prince charming, the dream-land lovers, of the eyes of many females.

There was nothing that could be done about this. For females, their beauty could charm others. As for men, only through strength could they charm others.

For some weak men, they might accept the fact that they were weak and would dress themselves extremely well. But, even with that, they would not be able to find a wife. Yet, for men with great strength, even when they acted extremely arrogantly and looked down upon beauties, there would be countless women who wanted to be their wives. As for Jiang Hao and Wang Yan, they were this sort of men.

The female disciple, her name was Huang Juan. She was the disciple of the Northern Cyanwood Forest. Her appearance was extremely charming; furthermore, she wore a lot of makeup and very exposing clothing, causing her appearance to be like that of a prostitute. To describe her with the word ‘vixen’ would be most fitting.

However, Huang Juan was not as simple as being merely a woman with charming sex appeal. Her strength was not inferior to Wang Yan and Jiang Hao in the slightest. Beautiful women were able to charm others. In that case, what about powerful beautiful women? They were essentially goddesses, standing above the heads of countless men.

If it was said that Jiang Hao and Wang Yan caused countless female disciples’ hearts to throb, then Huang Juan could arouse countless male disciples, and even make them willingly hold her above their heads,

Suddenly, someone said, “Although the three of them are powerful, I have heard that among this year’s disciples, the strongest disciple is not from the Three Cyanwood Forests, instead, it’s a disciple of the Orion Monastery.”

“Dear friend, are you speaking of that youngster by the name of Yuan Qing?” Someone asked.

“Yes, it’s precisely that Yuan Qing. He is the only person in history that managed to trigger the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle. This child’s talent is simply surpassing all others. Likely, his future accomplishments will be boundless,” replied the man who had first spoken.

“That’s right, that’s right. How come the people from the Orion Monastery are still not here yet? I truly want to see the graceful bearing of Yuan Qing.” At this moment, the crowd nodded. Expressions of anticipation filled their faces.

In these couple months, the Orion Monastery had gone all-out to spread the news of Yuan Qing triggering the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle to the entire vast Cyanwood Domain. Although the Cyanwood Domain was frighteningly huge, after having the news spread by the Orion Monastery, the number of people who didn’t know about Yuan Qing’s accomplishment was truly few. At the very least, all of the people from the major powers knew about it.

This led to Yuan Qing becoming a mighty figure that no one dared to approach, the genius that everyone looked up to. There were even people who felt that the status of the powerful evildoers in the Cyanwood Mountain would also be affected by Yuan Qing. Once again, another evildoer-level character had joined their ranks.

“Quickly, look, it’s the people from the Orion Monastery. They’ve finally arrived.”

Suddenly, someone shouted and pointed toward the south. At this moment, practically all of the people on that enormous plaza shifted their gazes to the south.