Chapter 1110 - Colossal

MGA: Chapter 1110 - Colossal

After displaying the Dragon and Phoenix Dancing in the Skies, Bai Ruochen and Chu Feng simultaneously released their fusion martial skill. When the ice dragon and the fire phoenix disappeared, the palace hall returned to its normal state. Merely, the strange sensation of icy coldness and fiery hotness still hovered around the palace hall.

“Not bad, our coordination is getting better.” Chu Feng looked to Bai Ruochen beside him and laughed mischievously.

Hearing those words, Bai Ruochen also shot Chu Feng a glance. Merely, this time around, her gaze was not penetrative. Instead, it was very soft. Furthermore, the corners of her mouth raised to reveal a light and beautiful smile.

Regardless of how conceited and prideful Bai Ruochen was, she was still a woman who wanted to obtain power. This Dragon and Phoenix Dancing in the Skies was a very amazing Martial Skill. Naturally, she wanted to master it. For her to be able to completely grasp it right now, it was all thanks to Chu Feng. Especially after she managed to activate it perfectly, it brought about inevitable joy to her.

“Clap clap clap…” Right at this moment, a thunder-like applause sounded from below. Looking down, the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster, the management elders, and Sikong Zhaixing were all clapping their hands and applauding. A single emotion was visible in all of their eyes: gratitude.

At this moment, the only person who remained calm was Bai Ruochen’s mother. Although she did not know beforehand that Bai Ruochen and Chu Feng had grasped the Dragon and Phoenix Dancing in the Skies, she did not become overly excited after knowing about it, as if it was all a normal occasion.

However, regardless, she still had a joyful smile on her face. Although it was very light, one could still tell that she was extremely happy. To a greater or lesser degree, she was also stunned by Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen’s performance.

“Dragon and Phoenix Dancing in the Skies is indeed extraordinary. For this old man to be fortunate enough to see his ancestor’s supreme skill, I now have no regrets in my life.” Compared to the calmness of Bai Ruochen’s mother, Sikong Zhaixing was unable to contain himself and began to praise.

“That’s right. Chu Feng, Ruochen, the two of you have truly brought us an enormous surprise. I truly look forward to your performance in the Cyanwood Mountain,” added the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster.

“Well then, it is about time for you all to set off.” Suddenly, Bai Ruochen’s mother urged. However, after she said those words, she looked to the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster and said. “Zhixian, make the arrangements carefully. You must definitely not let Ruochen be wronged. If anyone dares to bully her, regardless of who it might be, I will definitely not let them get away with it.”

“Rest assured.” The Ascension Sect’s sectmaster nodded. However, his nod appeared to be slightly difficult. After all, the Cyanwood Mountain was a place with an enormous amount of powerful existences. Even though the strength of their Ascension Sect was not weak, there was no guarantee that they would not be bullied in the Cyanwood Mountain.

“Mother, are you not coming?” Seeing this, Bai Ruochen hurriedly flew down and arrived before her mother. In her eyes was a slightly displeased expression.

“I will not be going. Someone will have to stay and guard the Ascension Sect. Besides, you’re not young anymore. I couldn’t possibly accompany you all the time, right?” Bai Ruochen’s mother gently caressed her silky black hair. The smile on her face was still charming like before. However, it now contained the kindness of a mother.

At this moment, Chu Feng noticed that there was a slight trace of disappointment on Bai Ruochen’s delicate face. However, her expression of displeasure gradually declined. In the end, she nodded and accepted her mother’s decision.

After that, they immediately set off for the journey. When Chu Feng arrived at the location where the disciples of the Ascension Sect were gathered, he was stunned by their lineup.

Back then, other than Bai Ruochen, Chu Feng had seen ninety-nine other core disciples of the Ascension Sect before the Southern Cyanwood Forest’s Pagoda. However, the number of disciples the Ascension Sect planned to send over to the Cyanwood Mountain was not limited to a hundred at all. Four thousand five hundred sixty-seven was the number of disciples the Ascension Sect was sending to the Cyanwood Mountain this year.

Among them, the strongest was Bai Ruochen. With her rank three Martial King strength, there was no need to doubt.

However, other than Bai Ruochen, there were over four thousand other disciples. Even the weakest among them were peak Martial Lords. This lineup was even more frightening than the lineup of the Orion Monastery at the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond.

However, what surprised Chu Feng the most was that, while the Orion Monastery had only used a single warship to carry their three thousand core disciples, the Ascension Sect was actually using several hundred warships. Furthermore, every single warship used was not inferior to the one used by the Orion Monastery. It was truly domineering.

When several hundred colossuses the size of small continents flew in the sky, it would not be excessive to describe it as covering the entire horizon.

When seeing that each of those colossal warships had the banner of the Ascension Sect on them, one must admit that this grand show was truly extravagant.

“There’s actually such a show of extravagance?” Chu Feng exclaimed in admiration. Back then, in the Eastern Sea Region, the Immortal Execution Archipelago had united with the three major monstrous beast clans to attack the Misty Peak. Yet, the extravagance of their lineup was nowhere as grand as what was before him now.

One must admit that the powers of the Holy Land of Martialism were truly not something that the Eastern Sea Region could compare with. Even the Southern Cyanwood Forest, that had become desolate after countless years of decline, would be a major power that could move about unhindered if placed within the Eastern Sea Region. With this being the case, Chu Feng began to look forward even more to what sort of power one of the true overlords of the Holy Land of Martialism, the Cyanwood Mountain, would be like.

“It is not only disciples that are being sent to the Cyanwood Mountain. There are also the disciples’ servants. Most importantly, as they are a first-rate subsidiary power of the Cyanwood Mountain, this sort of lineup is something that they should present. When you see the lineup of the Eastern, Western and Northern Cyanwood Forests, you will know that the Ascension Sect is actually being low-key,” explained Sikong Zhaixing beside Chu Feng.

“The other three Cyanwood Forests, is it? I also want to experience what sort of display they will bring.” A flash of anticipation once again emerged in Chu Feng’s eyes.

With everything in place, they began to set off. The Cyanwood Mountain was located far away from the Ascension Sect. Even though the speed of these warships were very fast, without using ancient teleportation formations, it would still take quite some time for them to arrive at the Cyanwood Mountain.

After a long journey, Chu Feng and the others finally arrived at the Cyanwood Mountain’s territory. Only then did Chu Feng get to see exactly what sort of appearance one of the Holy Land of Martialism’s Nine Powers, the Cyanwood Mountain, possessed.

Cyanwood Mountain, although it had the word mountain in its name, its territory was most definitely not limited to only a single mountain range. In this place, even the seas numbered a couple. As for mountain ranges, plains, ponds, lakes and rivers, they were countless. The size of the Cyanwood Mountain was so enormously and unimaginably large, almost as if it was a vast, boundless nation.

However, the Cyanwood Mountain could not be blamed for occupying such a vast area of land. That was because the amount of people in the Cyanwood Mountain was truly too numerous.

The number of outer disciples numbered to two billion eight hundred million. For inner disciples, the number was two hundred million. They were the reservoir of the outstanding disciples of the Cyanwood Mountain.

As for the core disciples, they numbered close to a million. The weakest among them were peak Martial Lords. Among the core disciples, a tenth of them had reached the Martial King level. In other words, roughly a hundred thousand of the Cyanwood Mountain’s core disciples were Martial Kings.

One must know that in the Eastern Sea Region, Martial Kings were existences of utmost reverence. However, in this place, they were nothing more than disciples.

Furthermore, this sort of number did not take the elders into account. In fact, the number of elders in the Cyanwood Mountain was in no way inferior to the number of disciples. If it wasn’t for the Cyanwood Mountain’s rule that if one did not wish to become an elder, they were allowed to leave the Cyanwood Mountain, then the number of elders would likely be even more numerous than the number of disciples.

“Is this a true colossus?” Seeing the beautiful scenery as far as the eye could see, the exquisite palace halls situated between mountains, rivers and plains, and even some floating in the air, and the countless martial cultivators riding all kinds of different mounts, Chu Feng was unable to help himself from breathing in a mouthful of cold air.

Chu Feng had thought himself to be someone with experience of the world, and having seen many major powers. However, those powers, when compared with the Cyanwood Mountain, were nothing but insignificant pebbles.