Chapter 1109 - Mastering the Supreme Skill

MGA: Chapter 1109 - Mastering the Supreme Skill

The Taboo Martial Skills within the wooden chest were not something that could be duplicated. If one wanted to learn them, the only way possible was to read and comprehend the wooden tablets.

Furthermore, even if one were able to learn the Taboo Martial Skills, and even master them, it would still be impossible to impart them to another person, nor would one be capable of recording the Taboo Martial Skills onto another medium.

This was a special restriction method used by the person who created these Taboo Martial Skills. Its purpose was to prevent other cultivators who learned these Taboo Martial Skills from wantonly propagating his laborious results. If one wished to learn these Taboo Martial Skills, there was only one method - personally reading the wooden tablets and comprehending the contents recorded on it.

This led to the value of these Taboo Martial Skills being extremely high. Especially the Dragon and Phoenix Dancing in the Skies, which were deemed by the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster to be a priceless treasure. For the sake of the safety of these Taboo Martial Skills, he decided to place them directly within this palace hall, their Ascension Sect’s forbidden area that was guarded by management elders, and allowed only their outstanding disciples to train in it.

However, before this palace hall that contained Taboo Martial Skills was officially opened to the disciples, other than the management elders and their sectmaster, only two disciples were allowed to enter; Bai Ruochen and Chu Feng.

For the sake of allowing these two disciples to rapidly grasp these Taboo Martial Skills, Sikong Zhaixing did not hurry to leave with Chu Feng. Instead, they chose to stay in the Ascension Sect.

As for Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen, the two of them were very hardworking. Other than the time needed for eating and sleeping, the two of them placed practically all of their time on learning these Taboo Martial Skills.

Time passed. In an instant, two months quietly passed by.

At this moment, the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster, Sikong Zhaixing, Bai Ruochen’s mother and eight management elders from the Ascension Sect arrived at the palace hall once again.

It was not that they wanted to see the results of Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen’s training; instead, it was because the time for the Cyanwood Mountain’s Admission Assembly was about to arrive. In other words, it was time for them, the Cyanwood Mountain’s subsidiary powers, to send their excellent disciples that they had nurtured for many years to the Cyanwood Mountain.

“Lord Headmaster, Senior Sectmaster, are we leaving today?” Chu Feng asked.

“In order to give the two of you time to train in the Taboo Martial Skills, we have already delayed setting off for quite a while now. If we do not leave now, I’m afraid that we will miss the Cyanwood Mountain’s Admission Assembly.”

“Although we could still send the two of you to the Cyanwood Mountain even if we missed the Cyanwood Mountain’s Admission Assembly, I fear that it would bring about a complaint from other people. They might say that our Southern Cyanwood Forest and the Ascension Sect are acting arrogant, and do not place the Cyanwood Mountain in our eyes. This might be alright for the Ascension Sect, as they’re a first-rate subsidiary power. However, our Southern Cyanwood Mountain’s current position is not up to par. I fear that if that were to happen, someone might take advantage of it and create a scandal for us,” explained Sikong Zhaixing.

Hearing Sikong Zhaixing’s explanation, Chu Feng nodded and said. “So that’s why. In that case, seniors, let’s set off immediately.”

“Little friend Chu Feng, there is no need to worry. The core disciples of the Cyanwood Mountain possess a lot of liberty. After the Admission Assembly, you and Ruochen could return here to train in the Taboo Martial Skills again. It is fine for the two of you to return to the Cyanwood Mountain after you finish mastering the Taboo Martial Skills,” said the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster.

“That’s right. We also wish to experience the might of that Dragon and Phoenix Dancing in the Skies for ourselves.” Bai Ruochen’s mother added. Sikong Zhaixing, the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster and the eight management elders also nodded.

“If you wish to see the Dragon and Phoenix Dancing in the Skies, then there is no need to wait anymore. The two of us can display it to you all. Isn’t that right, Miss Bai?” As Chu Feng said those words, he looked to Bai Ruochen.

“Little friend Chu Feng, are you saying that you and Ruochen have learned the Dragon and Phoenix Dancing in the Skies?” Hearing those words, the eight management elders of the Ascension Sect all displayed shocked expressions.

“Ruochen, is that true? Why didn’t you mention it to us?” The Ascension Sect’s sectmaster also looked to Bai Ruochen with a pleasantly surprised expression.

Bai Ruochen did not answer them. Suddenly, her frail body moved; she had flown up. By the time everyone noticed it, she was already standing midair on the palace hall. Furthermore, her two hands were creating all kinds of different hand seals nonstop. Finally, when her hand seals stopped, a formless power began to emit from her body.


Seeing this, Chu Feng also flew up. However, he was slightly different from Bai Ruochen. Instead of forming hand seals after arriving in midair, he instead began to form hand seals with lightning speed while flying upward. By the time he arrived in midair and stood beside Bai Ruochen, he already finished forming all of his hand seals and a formless power, the same as the one from Bai Ruochen, began to emit from his body.


When Chu Feng’s aura and Bai Ruochen’s aura interweaved with one another, they instantly erupted like a hydrogen explosion. Merely, the explosion did not bring about simple ripples. Instead, it created fiery flames and bone-chilling ice.

Flame and ice were intrinsically incompatible with one another. However, at this moment, they were combined with one another in perfect unison. One firm and one soft, one hot and one cold, it was extremely strange, yet doubtlessly powerful.

Violent fire and ripples of ice were spreading rapidly. In a blink of an eye, from a small area of fire and ice, it now turned into an ocean of fire and ice. Even though this palace hall was very large, the airspace above it was soon completely covered with fire and ice.

However, right at the time when the fire and ice ripples were soon to reach the walls of the palace hall, they suddenly disappeared. After the fierce fire and ice ripples disappeared, the crowd below was left in a stupefied state. All their gazes were fixed upon the scene that appeared in midair.

At this very moment, two huge monsters appeared where Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen were standing; a phoenix filled with raging flames, and a dragon covered with glacial ice.

Chu Feng was the ice dragon and Bai Ruochen was the fire phoenix. Even though the bodies of the two of them could still be seen at the head regions of the ice dragon and the fire phoenix, the two huge monsters appeared vivid and lifelike, as if they were real.

Not only were the appearances of the ice dragon and the fire phoenix very lifelike, even their aura was extraordinary. It was as if they were truly the legendary divine beasts.


Right at this moment, the dragon and phoenix suddenly snarled. As that cry sounded, this matchlessly firm and stable palace hall trembled violently. The tremble was not limited to the palace itself; even the space within began to tremble, as if they were frightened by the boundless might of the dragon and phoenix.

After the snarl, the dragon and phoenix began to move together, as if they were dancing. The two of them interweaved in one place, as if they were fighting. However, they were not fighting. It was both domineering and beautiful. As the two of them moved about, they brought forth black clouds that flickered with lightning. Their might was truly terrifying.

However, what was most frightening was that, at this very moment, layers upon layers of fire and ice interweaved with one another, giving birth to ripples of energy. With the dragon and phoenix as the center, the ripples began to spread. Furthermore, each ripple was stronger and fiercer than the previous. Had it not been for Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen deliberately containing the might of the ripples, then this palace would likely be unable to contain the ripples’ power.

“Amazing! In merely two months, these two children were actually able to master the legendary Earthen Taboo Fusion Martial Skill. They have truly broadened my horizons.” As they looked at the ice dragon and fire phoenix that were dancing in midair above them, shock filled the faces of the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster and the others. All of them were stunned by the ability and talent of these two youths.

That was because, at this moment, they not only saw before them the supreme skill that their ancestors grasped, they also saw their Ascension Sect and Southern Cyanwood Forest’s future hopes. At this moment, they were truly filled with anticipation that these two youngsters before them, displaying their might, would become famous within the Cyanwood Mountain, a place filled with geniuses.