Chapter 1108 - Waited For You Two

MGA: Chapter 1108 - Waited For You Two

When Chu Feng opened his eyes and cast his awareness to his current self, he discovered that Bai Ruochen had woken up before him. Moreover, she had already obtained the wooden chest. Most importantly, she had an extremely calm expression on her face, as if she had anticipated all of this.

“Heh, it seems that this girl had thought about the same thing as me.” At this moment, Chu Feng was unable to contain his smile. He began to have a whole new level of respect for this Bai Ruochen. The reason why Chu Feng did not beg for forgiveness, nor ask for Bai Ruochen to be killed, was because he was practically certain that it was a trial.

After all, this place was a formation set up by the Ascension Sect’s ancestor. Being able to reach this place meant that they were quality descendants. Thus, how would the Ascension Sect’s ancestor possibly be willing to create such a powerful formation for the purpose of killing his outstanding descendants?

Thus, Chu Feng was certain that this was a trial; a trial testing the moral quality of his Ascension Sect’s descendants. If one did not declare the death of the other, then everything would be well. However, if they did, then a light punishment might be that they would not be able to obtain the mysterious map, whereas a heavy punishment might be death by the slashing down of the enormous blade of light. Merely, the person that would die would be the person who spoke those words.

For Bai Ruochen to be this calm, one could tell that she had shared the same thoughts as Chu Feng. Sure enough, this girl was extraordinary. Not only did she possess exceptional talent, she also possessed very strong insight, andthis was evident in how she thought about the same thing as Chu Feng in such a short amount of time.

Suddenly, Chu Feng asked, “You also received that map in your head, right?”

“You received it too?” Hearing those words, Bai Ruochen was a bit surprised. Clearly, she did not expect that Chu Feng, an individual not from their Ascension Sect, would also receive the map.

“Of course I did. If my guess is correct, the contents of the maps should be the same.” Chu Feng said with a smile.

Seeing this, Bai Ruochen asked, “What is illustrated on the map that you obtained?”

After that, Chu Feng began to compare the map that he had received with Bai Ruochen’s, and discovered that the maps that they had obtained were actually the exact same.

“You are truly lucky. You must know that the item listed on the map is something that our Ascension Sect’s ancestor left behind for his descendants. For you to obtain the map to it, you’re truly lucky.” After comparing them, Bai Ruochen was a bit unhappy. One could tell that she didn’t wish to share the treasure with Chu Feng.

“If you do not want me to, I am willing to not go and find it. You can go and find it yourself.” Seeing this, Chu Feng acted righteous and said those words. That was because he knew that what Bai Ruochen said was the truth too - this map should not have belonged to him. After all, it was something the Ascension Sect’s ancestor had left behind.

“Forget about it. When the time comes, to have someone as a shield[1.Xima: meatshield; this girl has played too many video games] would be pretty nice. If you wished to go with me, then when we obtained the things, we can share them half and half. If there is only a single treasure, then I would keep that treasure. However, I will compensate you with something of equivalent value,” said Bai Ruochen.

“Heh, that would be great.” Hearing those words, Chu Feng mischievously laughed. If one said that he did not wish to obtain the thing on the map, then it would be a total lie. After all, Chu Feng possessed a grand responsibility. More eager than anyone, he wished to become stronger.

“Oh, that’s right, what is in that?” asked Chu Feng as he pointed to the wooden chest in Bai Ruochen’s hand.

“This is something that is truly unrelated to you.” Bai Ruochen cast a side glance at Chu Feng.

“Girl, aren’t you a little too narrow minded? Hey, wait for me.” Chu Feng originally wanted to complain about it. However, to his surprise, Bai Ruochen had begun to rapidly walk toward the entrance.

The triumphant return of Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen brought about endless joy to the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster, Sikong Zhaixing and Bai Ruochen’s mother, who were waiting in the palace hall.

Especially after Chu Feng took out the remains of the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster’s master and handed it over to him, the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster became endlessly thankful towards Chu Feng. If it weren’t for Chu Feng, his Ascension Sect would not be able to obtain their late sectmaster’s remains.

Thus, as a gesture of thanks, the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster opened the wooden chest before everyone. At this moment, Chu Feng finally knew what was placed within the wooden chest. It was actually filled with Taboo Martial Skills.

To Chu Feng’s surprise, the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster was extremely generous; he actually allowed Chu Feng to take the first priority at selecting any of the Taboo Martial Skills from their ancestor’s remains to train.

As Chu Feng had never learned a Mortal Taboo Martial Skill before, and did not dare to use his supreme Secret Skills, he would naturally not forego this opportunity. After all, these were Taboo Martial Skills.

Thus, without any hesitation, Chu Feng carefully examined the Taboo Martial Skills from the wooden chest. In the end, he chose six Taboo Martial Skills.

These six Taboo Martial Skills were, respectively:

“Mortal Taboo: Fire Meteor”

“Mortal Taboo: Tribulation Thunder Slash”

“Mortal Taboo: Frenzy Gale”

“Mortal Taboo: Whistling Ocean Rain”

“Mortal Taboo: Wood Maelstrom”

“Mortal Taboo: Illusion Light Technique”

The first five Mortal Taboos composed five different powerful properties: wind, rain, thunder, fire and wood. If Chu Feng was able to master them completely, he would truly be able to call the wind and summon the rain.

As for the final one, it was a movement martial skill. Within a short distance, it was able to increase one’s speed to the speed of light. If one mastered it, it would be extremely useful in surprise attacks and fleeing a battle scene.

If he was able to master these six Taboo Martial Skills, then, to the current Chu Feng, he would be able to completely compensate for the four supreme Secret Skills.

“Little friend Chu Feng, your eyesight is truly profound. These six Mortal Taboos are all high-quality Mortal Taboos. However, the strongest Taboo Martial Skill in the wooden chest is this one.” Suddenly, the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster took a wooden tablet out from the wooden chest.

The wooden tablet was only the size of two palms. However, densely packed writings that appeared like runes and symbols were carved onto it, a martial skill. The wooden chest was filled with these sorts of wooden tablets. Every one of these wooden tablets contained a martial skill.

There was a total of several tens of such wooden tablets in the wooden chest. Practically all of them were Mortal Taboo Martial Skills.

“Dragon and Phoenix Dancing in the Skies?” Seeing the name of this Taboo Martial Skill, Chu Feng’s eyes shone. Generally, Taboo Martial Skills would declare the sort of Taboo Martial Skill it was on its name. For example, if the name started with ‘Mortal Taboo’, then it would be a Mortal Taboo Martial Skill. If it started with ‘Earthen Taboo’, then it would be an Earthen Taboo Martial Skill. As for this Taboo Martial Skill, it was quite special.

Actually, it was not only Chu Feng; Bai Ruochen was also filled with surprise. The two of them had not been there when the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster had spoken of the Dragon and Phoenix Dancing in the Skies. Therefore, they did not know how powerful it was.

“Are you very surprised? This is an Earthen Taboo Martial Skill. However, it is not an ordinary Taboo Martial Skill,” said the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster.

Suddenly, Bai Ruochen said, “This is a fusion Martial Skill.”

“Ruochen, you’re actually able to comprehend the contents written on it?”

Hearing those words, both the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster and Sikong Zhaixing were surprised. The reason why this Dragon and Phoenix Dancing in the Skies was deemed to be something that ordinary people could not learn was because its contents were something that ordinary people could not understand. It was so much so that they could not even comprehend the contents written on it.

As for Bai Ruochen, she merely took a glance at it and already understood its contents. What did this mean? This meant that Bai Ruochen’s talent was truly exceptional, and was well-suited for learning this Dragon and Phoenix Dancing in the Skies.

“Dragon and Phoenix Dancing in the Skies, it is a fusion Martial Skill. It requires two people to learn it. The two people are to respectively learn the Dragon and the Phoenix aspect of the Martial Skill. When both the Dragon and Phoenix are brandished, this Martial Skill would be activated. If this Martial Skill is successfully activated, it will reign the vast sky. Within Earthen Taboo Martial Skills, it is difficult to find another that could match it.” Right at this moment, Chu Feng stared at the wooden tablet and narrated the contents on top of it.

At this moment, the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster, Bai Ruochen’s mother and Sikong Zhaixing were all displaying wondrous expressions. They all heaved a mouthful of cold air. After that, they looked to Chu Feng and Bai Ruochen and happily said. “I seemed to understand why our ancestor left this difficult test behind. I suspect that what he was waiting for was precisely the two of you.”