Chapter 1112 - Arriving Late

MGA: Chapter 1112 - Arriving Late

Close to a thousand enormous warships were slowly flying over from the south of the plaza. On the sides of the group of warships were all kinds of different enormous beasts. On each and every one of those enormous beasts stood a valiant and formidable-looking human.

Judging from the numerous wavering banners, the crowd was able to tell that it was the Orion Monastery which had arrived. Compared to previous years, the Orion Monastery’s display of extravagance was especially overwhelming. At the very least, it was many times larger than previous years, and not at all weaker than the display of the Three Cyanwood Forests.

“Orion Monastery, you truly have the courage. Isn’t it merely just a Yuan Qing, yet you dare to act this arrogant.” Seeing the display brought forth by the Orion Monastery, some disciples from the Three Cyanwood Forests curled their lips and mocked.

As the disciples of the Three Cyanwood Forests, they wholeheartedly believed themselves to be the bosses among the thousands of subsidiary powers. Although both the Orion Monastery and the Ascension Sect were first-rate subsidiary powers, they did not feel that the two of them were comparable with them at all.

However, now that the Orion Monastery gave rise to a Yuan Qing, this caused many people to feel that their Three Cyanwood Forest’s Wang Yan, Jiang Hao and Huang Juan, their geniuses, were incomparable with Yuan Qing. This naturally brought them a great amount of displeasure.

And now, the Orion Monastery actually displayed such a grand show of extravagance in their appearance, one that was not inferior to their own; it was simply equivalent to the Orion Monastery telling the crowd that they were not inferior to the Three Cyanwood Forests, and were instead the real boss among the subsidiary powers. This notion brought about great discontentment to the disciples of the Three Cyanwood Forests.

“Shh, be quiet, Yuan Qing’s fame has reached the Cyanwood Mountain. According to a trusted source of information, the Cyanwood Mountain is planning to focus on cultivating Yuan Qing. Further, the three Headmasters have given the order together that all the disciples and elders of our Three Cyanwood Forests are to not clash with the people of the Orion Monastery, and we must make all effort to maintain our relationship with the Orion Monastery.” Another disciple said in a soft voice.

“I know about this. However, it still brings me a great deal of displeasure to look at this. Their mere Orion Monastery has only given birth to a disciple that managed to trigger the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle; yet this causes them to want to tower over us. Isn’t this truly too arrogant?” That disciple still had displeasure written all over his face.

“We have all been to the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond. I believe you should know about the pressure in the deepest region of the Ancient Era’s Immortal Pond. Since the ancient times, even with countless geniuses trying to trigger it, none managed to trigger it. Yet, that Yuan Qing managed to accomplish such a feat. This meant that he is a truly exceptional talent.”

“Furthermore, rumor has it that only one person had ever managed to trigger the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle before Yuan Qing. As for that person, he is the Strongest Martial Emperor from ten thousand years ago, Qing Xuantian. Yuan Qing managed to accomplish that only Qing Xuantian was able to accomplish. This means that he might have the potential to become the second Qing Xuantian.”

“If he does not manage to become a towering figure, then so be it. However, if he does, then, not to mention our Eastern Cyanwood Forest, I fear that that the entire Cyanwood Mountain would have to bow down to him and treat him like a treasure. Thus, it is no wonder that the three Lord Headmasters had a one-hundred-and-eighty-degree change in attitude toward the Orion Monastery.” That disciple continued.

“Sigh~~~~” Even though the disciples from the Three Cyanwood Forests were extremely unwilling, they also knew about the severity of the matter. Thus, no matter how unwilling they were, they could only comply with the orders given by their headmasters.

After all, the intention of the three headmasters was very clear: Yuan Qing possessed the possibility of becoming the second Qing Xuantian. Yet, he also possessed the possibility of failing to becoming the second Qing Xuantian. If he managed to become a towering figure, then maintaining a friendly relationship with the Orion Monastery would naturally be good.

However, if Yuan Qing failed to tower, then with the three headmasters’ way of conduct, they would likely not continue to try to maintain a friendly relationship with the Orion Monastery. Instead, they would once again step on the Orion Monastery, and might even crush it completely.

Thus, the disciples of the Three Cyanwood Forests all had a hope in their hearts - that Yuan Qing would fail to tower. As for what they needed to do right now, it would be endure patiently. As long as Yuan Qing fail to tower in the next several years, they would be able to bring about violent retaliation toward the Orion Monastery.

At this moment, before the gazes of tens of thousands, the formation of the Orion Monastery began to slowly descend. The headmaster of the Orion Monastery as well as the numerous elders and core disciples all began to appear.

However, the person who everyone was focused upon was not the Orion Monastery’s headmaster. Instead, their focuses were all fixed upon the youngster beside the Orion Monastery’s headmaster. That was because that youngster was Yuan Qing.

The current Yuan Qing’s cultivation have already reached rank three Martial king. For him to be able to increase his cultivation by a rank in such a short period of time, it was naturally because the Orion Monastery paid a great amount of attention and expended a great deal of resources on him.

Although Yuan Qing was a powerful disciple, the Orion Monastery was capable of sending one or two disciples of his level to the Cyanwood Mountain every year. However, when Yuan Qing triggered the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle, everything changed.

Thus, the Orion Monastery decided to exhaust all of their resources to nurture Yuan Qing to become the strongest disciple and make him their rising hope.

“This is Yuan Qing? He is truly a talented person.”

“Legend has it that in history, the strongest person of our human race, Qing Xuantian, had also triggered the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle before. However, after him, there has never been anyone else who managed to trigger an Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle. Furthermore, this was not only limited to our human race; no one from the monstrous beasts race have managed to trigger it either.”

“Yet now, Yuan Qing actually managed to accomplish such a feat. This was sufficient to show how talented this child is. He is most definitely extraordinary, and might even become the second Qing Xuantian. It would appear that the Orion Monastery will rise in ranks because of this child.”

After Yuan Qing appeared, the crowd started to boil. All the different powers began to discuss him. Other than the people from the Three Cyanwood Forests, who were a bit skeptical and displeased, the majority of the other people believed that it was Yuan Qing who had triggered the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle.

Furthermore, the gazes with which they looked at Yuan Qing were rather peculiar too; contained within those gazes were reverence and adoration. However, this could not be blamed on them, because triggering the Ancient Era’s Immortal Needle was a glory to the human race. Thus, many people felt that it was Yuan Qing who had brought about this glory to them and felt pride because of Yuan Qing.

Actually, at this moment, the headmasters of the Three Cyanwood Forests, their high echelon management elders, as well as Wang Yan, Jiang Hao and Huang Juan took the initiative to arrive on the Orion Monastery’s leading warship to befriend them.

To see the three prideful and otherworldly headmasters of the Three Cyanwood Forests and their disciples arriving on the Orion Monastery’s warship with smiles across their faces as they chatted with the Orion Monastery’s headmaster and disciples, the crowd knew that the emergence of the Orion Monastery was inevitable. As for all of this, it was all because a genius disciple appeared in the Orion Monastery, Yuan Qing.

“Rumble, rumble~~~”


Right after the Orion Monastery descended and the crowd started to boil, explosive rumbles and ear-piercing bird cries suddenly sounded from the distant horizon.

Turning their heads toward the direction of the sound, another group of colossal warships appeared on the horizon. It was another group arriving in perfect formation. Each and every one of those warships was so large that they hid the sky and covered the earth. There was a total of several hundred of such warships. Although it was not as extravagant as the Orion Monastery’s display, it was not much inferior.

Surrounding that formation of warships were countless enormous birds. Those birds were extremely beautiful. With a single glance, one could easily recognize that they were birds unique to the Ascension Sect, the Ascension Birds.

“The arrival of the Ascension Sect is truly late this time around.” Seeing the approaching formation of the Ascension Sect, the headmasters of the three Cyanwood Forests displayed a slight smile on their faces.

However, when compared to them, the smile on the Orion Monastery’s face turned complicated. In the past, the Three Cyanwood Forests were the strongest among the five first-rate subsidiary powers; this was something without need of doubt. As for the Orion Monastery and the Ascension Sect, they had been of equal strength in the past. Thus, among the first-rate subsidiary powers, there was only a single opponent to the Orion Monastery; and that was the Ascension Sect.

However, in the past couple years, the Ascension Sect’s strength had become stronger and stronger. Regardless of whether it was the strength of their disciples or the number of disciples that they would be sending over to the Cyanwood Mountain, they both surpassed that of the Orion Monastery, stepping down upon their pride and making the Orion Monastery into the bottom feeder among the five first rate subsidiary powers.

However, the situation now was different. An evildoer-level disciple, Yuan Qing, appeared in their Orion Monastery. This caused even the high and untouchable Three Cyanwood Forests, that had believed themselves to be the bosses, to actively befriend their Orion Monastery. In that cause, the Ascension Sect would naturally not be able to compare with the Orion Monastery.

Thus, the headmaster of the Orion Monastery was filled with expectations. He truly looked forward to the appearance of the Ascension Sect’s sectmaster, this old rival of his for many years, bowing and kneeling down to him.

However, never in his entire life would he ever imagine that the Ascension Sect that he did not put in his mind right now would actually have an outstanding trump card with them too. Furthermore, this trump card was someone with true ability.