Chapter 1615 - Bidding Requires Strength

MGA: Chapter 1615 - Bidding Requires Strength

“Five hundred pieces of Absolute Weaponry Refinement Metal,” Aunt Lian was even more ruthless. She actually directly increased the bid by two hundred pieces of Absolute Weaponry Refinement Metal. It was as if she were equating the Absolute Weaponry Refinement Metal to muck. She had an attitude of being determined to win that Natural Oddity.

In fact, after Aunt Lian’s words left her mouth, the crowd present all sucked in a mouthful of cold air. As matters stood, they all realized that Aunt Lian was most definitely a very rich and imposing person. Likely, she possessed a powerful origin. Else, it would be impossible for her to throw away money this recklessly.

“Madam, it would appear that you are determined to oppose this old man. Do you really think you possess the strength to compete against me?” Evildoer Tie did not continue to bid. Instead, he actually spoke provocative words at Aunt Lian.

“Heh…” Aunt Lian completely ignored Evildoer Tie’s provocation and uttered a laugh filled with contempt.

Seeing that, Evildoer Tie frowned and shouted, “Six hundred pieces of Absolute Weaponry Refinement Metal.”

Right after Evildoer Tie’s bid left his mouth, Aunt Lian immediately bid again. Without even blinking her eyes, in an extremely decisive manner, Aunt Lian said, “A thousand pieces of Absolute Weaponry Refinement Metal.”

Once those words left her mouth, not to mention the other people, even that alluring auctioneer’s expression turned to one of shock and amazement.

That was because Aunt Lian’s bid was extremely high. It had greatly surpassed the value of this Natural Oddity. If Aunt Lian were to really purchase this Natural Oddity at this amount, it would simply be equivalent to spending the amount of money capable of purchasing a treasured sword to purchase a piece of rusty metal.

“Good, you got me. I’m not going to compete with you for it anymore,” Evildoer Tie gave up.

However, he was not going to leave matters at that. Instead, with a provocative tone, he said to Aunt Lian, “Might your distinguished self be willing to show your true appearance and announce your distinguished name so that this old man can admire who it was that possessed more money than sense, who it was that spent this much money to purchase such trash?”

“It’s useless to say anymore. If you have the ability, then continue bidding against me. If you don’t, then shut up,” Aunt Lian replied.

“Humph, this old man naturally possesses the ability. Merely, this old man is not as spendthrift and foolish as you. I will not use such a high price to purchase a piece of trash like that,” Evildoer Tier said.

“Auctioneer, could what he said be considered to be a personal attack?” Aunt Lian asked the auctioneer.

“Evildoer Tie, please watch your words. If you dare to speak words like that personal attack again, I will disqualify you from this auction,” Hearing what Aunt Lian asked, that auctioneer warned Evildoer Tie strictly.

The reason for that was because not only had Evildoer Tie threatened Aunt Lian, he had also insulted the item that she was bidding on. To declare that the item being auctioned was trash was something that no auctioneer would tolerate.

“Okay, okay, okay, I will say no more,” Evildoer Tie said no more. However, he stared fiercely at Aunt Lian. His gaze was filled with killing intent. It would appear that Evildoer Tie had been enraged by Aunt Lian.

However, not only did Aunt Lian not get angry, Chu Feng was also able to sense that she was in a cheerful mood. As Aunt Lian could not attack Evildoer Tie in this Heavenly Law Auction, being able to anger him had allowed her to feel a lot more comfortable.

“Everyone, the following items being auctioned could be said to be a pleasant surprise to world spiritists.”

After that auctioneer said those words, several auction carts were pushed onto the auction stage. When the golden cloaks that covered the items were lifted by the auctioneer one by one, the Sealing Glacier, Raging Flames Metal and the other items all appeared before the crowd.

It turned out that the so-called pleasant surprise was actually the items that Chu Feng and the others were auctioning.

“That glacier, it’s so special. It contains a very powerful sealing energy. That’s a rare treasure!”

“That pearl is also very powerful. If placed on top of a world spirit formation, it will be able to increase the power of the formation greatly. That is also a rare treasure.”

“The rarest treasure would have to be that Raging Flames Metal. That is the housing of the Raging Flames Metallic Lotus Flower, a treasure that can be used to refine Imperial Armaments.”

Sure enough, after those treasures appeared in succession, many people began to speak highly of them. In fact, some people’s eyes even started to shine. They were so excited that they were about to start drooling. The crowd began to ask how those treasures would be auctioned.

At this moment, Chu Feng felt secretly delighted. He never expected that the items they were putting up for auction would be this popular. This increased his confidence in being able to obtain Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones.

“I believe everyone is able to tell that all of these items being auctioned are rare, and most precious treasures. I also know that everyone wants them.”

“However, the owner of these treasures is only willing to sell them for a single item. That is, Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones,” That auctioneer explained.

“What? Only selling them for Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones?” Hearing those words, many people were disappointed. The reason for that was because Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones were also rare treasures. It was something that many people did not possess.

“Are Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones the only thing accepted? Is nothing else considered? I am able to offer an even higher price,” asked someone that was unwilling to miss out on these treasures.

“I’m sorry, the seller only wants Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones,” The auctioneer shook her head while smiling.

“Sigh, that’s truly a shame. That Raging Flames Metal is something that I have searched for for a long time.”

There was someone who started sighing. It was a person with a very high level of cultivation. Likely, he was also someone with an extraordinary origin and strength. Unfortunately, because he did not possess Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones, he had missed this opportunity. As such, he was feeling extremely unreconciled.

Suddenly, an old man who was sitting in a distinguished guest seat asked, “I wish to know what the starting bid for that Sealing Glacier is.” His appearance was covered, and his cultivation could not be determined either. However, he gave off a very imposing air. Likely, he was someone who possessed Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones.

“Senior, you possess great eyesight to actually know that this is the Sealing Glacier. Presumably, you also know that it is very valuable. The starting bid of this Sealing Glacier is ten Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones,” That auctioneer said.

“Ten Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones?” Hearing those words, the old man started to hesitate.

Then, with a loud voice, he said, “I possess six Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones. Is there any other brother that possesses any more Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones? If someone else wants this Sealing Glacier, feel free to take out your Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones.”

“We can combine our Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones to purchase this Sealing Glacier together. Then, we shall divide this Sealing Glacier according to the amount of Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones we used.”

“Everyone, I believe you all know that this Sealing Glacier is the village protection treasure of the Sealing Ancient Village. It is an extremely rare item. Everyone, you must not miss this opportunity.” That old man did not possess enough Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones. However, he had thought of this method to gather enough Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones.

“I have two Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones.”

“I have one.”

“I also have one.”

“Hey, I said it first. Let me take part. Those after me, do not fight with me.”

Unexpectedly, that method proposed by the old man actually worked. Furthermore, it worked extremely well. There were a lot of people willing to partner with him to purchase the Sealing Glacier. In fact, there were even people who started fighting over who would partner with him.

Right at this moment, that Evildoer Tie mocked, “Humph, a bunch of beggars. People like you all actually dare to come to an auction?”

“Old animal, we are bidding on an item that we want. What does that have to do with you?” Those people that were joining together to bid on the Sealing Glacier were enraged by Evildoer Tie’s words.

“So what? Bidding requires strength. You bunch have absolutely no strength. You are not qualified to bid,” Evildoer Tie coldly laughed. Then, with a loud voice, he shouted, “Fifteen Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones. This old man is taking that Sealing Glacier.”

“What? He directly increased the price to fifteen Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones?!”

Hearing those words, not to mention those people who were joining together to bid, even Chu Feng was shocked. Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones were extremely rare. Yet, this Evildoer Tie was actually able to take out fifteen Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones at once. It would appear that he truly possessed some wealth.

After Evildoer Tie made his bid, the other bidders all became speechless. That was because they really did not possess any qualifications to continue bidding against Evildoer Tie.