Chapter 1614 - Intense Competition

MGA: Chapter 1614 - Intense Competition

“Ten pieces of rank nine Weaponry Refinement Metal.”

“Twenty pieces of rank nine Weaponry Refinement Metal.”

“Thirty pieces of rank nine Weaponry Refinement Metal.”


“One hundred pieces of rank nine Weaponry Refinement Metal.”

In an instant, the bids increased again and again. The competition grew more and more intense. As for the Weaponry Refinement Metal that the crowd spoke of, they were pieces of the most popular metal used for weaponry refinement. It was a material capable of being used to refine Incomplete Imperial Armaments. Thus, the Weaponry Refinement Metal could be said to be a pretty valuable item. However, it was something that could be obtained easily in large quantities. Therefore, it could not be said to be a treasure.

Furthermore, the Weaponry Refinement Metals were separated into nine ranks. The rank nine Weaponry Refinement Metal that the crowd spoke of could be said to be a peak quality Weaponry Refinement Metal. However, there was actually another Weaponry Refinement Metal of higher quality than that, which was the Absolute Weaponry Refinement Metal. However, compared to the rank nine Weaponry Refinement Metal, the Absolute Weaponry Refinement metal was a lot rarer. Thus, its value was also a lot higher.

It could be said this way. The value of a single piece of Absolute Weaponry Refinement Metal surpassed that of a hundred pieces of rank nine Weaponry Refinement Metal.

Thus, at this moment, the crowd were all bidding with rank nine Weaponry Refinement Metals and competing with one another with different amounts. No one was willing to use Absolute Weaponry Refinement Metal to purchase the Natural Oddity.

Coincidentally, Chu Feng also possessed rank nine Weaponry Refinement Metal. Furthermore, he possessed quite a bit of it. He had a total of three hundred and eighty pieces. As he saw that the bids were growing higher and higher, Chu Feng decided to bid with his all. He loudly shouted, “Three hundred and eighty pieces of rank nine Weaponry Refinement Metal.”

“He actually increased the bid to three hundred and eighty pieces of rank nine Weaponry Refinement Metal?”

Chu Feng’s words shocked the crowd. Everyone turned to look at him with gazes filled with surprise.

After all, Chu Feng had directly increased the bid from a hundred pieces to three hundred and eighty pieces of rank nine Weaponry Refinement Metal. This could be said to be a qualitative leap.

Furthermore, Chu Feng appeared to be very calm even after he declared his bid. It was as if he was telling everyone that his bid was only a very ordinary amount that he had made without any regard. If anyone dared to increase the bid, he would declare an even more astonishing bid.

Thus, at this moment, many of the bidders started to hesitate. They did not want to continue on bidding. Regardless of how beautiful this Natural Oddity might be, to them, it would still be nothing more than a collector’s item, an ornament without any practical use. To use such a high price to purchase a collector’s item would be an enormous waste.

Furthermore, Chu Feng was very confident. Thus, the other bidders were afraid. They knew that even if they continued bidding against him, they would still lose. Thus, they decided to not compete and lose face.

As the other bidders began to hesitate, no new bid was heard again. Chu Feng started to snicker in his heart. After all, the purpose Chu Feng had for purchasing this Natural Oddity was different from that of other people. To others, it would only be a collector’s item. Yet, to Chu Feng, he could use it to cultivate.

Compared to the others, this Natural Oddity was extremely important to Chu Feng. If possible, regardless of how much he would have to spend, Chu Feng would still be determined to win this Natural Oddity. He refused to give others the opportunity to obtain it.

Right at the moment when Chu Feng thought that he was going to win the bid, a shout was suddenly heard.

“A hundred pieces of Absolute Weaponry Refinement Metal.”

When this voice was heard, not to mention Chu Feng, practically everyone present was shocked.

There was actually someone that had decided to bid with Absolute Weaponry Refinement Metal for the sake of a collector’s item. Furthermore, that person had made his bid with a hundred pieces of Absolute Weaponry Refinement Metal. This bid was truly ruthless. That person simply wanted to win the bid instantly by completely beating down all other bidders.

Moreover, this bid was a bit too rich and imposing. No matter how one saw it, that collector’s item could not be worth a hundred pieces of Absolute Weaponry Refinement Metal.

As the crowd looked to the source of the voice, they were shocked once again. In fact, many people revealed angry expressions. The reason for that was because the bidder was none other than that infamous Evildoer Tie.

“Damn it, such a good collector’s item is actually going to end up in the hands of that animal! This is truly a waste of a good thing!”

Curses began to be heard from the crowd nonstop. However, no one was willing to continue bidding. After all, a hundred pieces of Absolute Weaponry Refinement Metal was not something that an average person could take out.

“That old bastard actually dares to compete with you. It’s merely Absolute Weaponry Refinement Metal. Did he truly think that he was extremely rich? Chu Feng, bid with your Firmament Adamantine Metal. A single piece would definitely guarantee that he would not be able to bid anymore.” Seeing that Evildoer Tie daring to compete with Chu Feng, Eggy was extremely displeased.

No matter how valuable the Absolute Weaponry Refinement Metal was, it was absolutely no match for Firmament Adamantine Metal. After all, the Firmament Adamantine Metal was a most precious treasure that could be used to refine Imperial Armaments. In terms of quality, Chu Feng’s Firmament Adamantine Metal would be even more valuable than Hong Qiang’s Raging Flames Metal.

However, at this moment, Chu Feng found himself to be stuck in a very difficult place. The reason for that was because when he had obtained the Firmament Adamantine Metal, he had promised Bai Ruochen that he would only use it to refine Imperial Armaments, and would never sell it off.

Even though Chu Feng needed that Natural Oddity extremely badly, he could not break his promise with Bai Ruochen because of this.

“No, I will not bid with the Firmament Adamantine Metal,” Chu Feng rejected Eggy’s proposal.

“Idiot, how could you be this inflexible? The benefit before you is enormous. Do you not know how badly you need Natural Oddities to increase your cultivation? You are already a rank nine Martial King. You are only a fine line away from becoming a Half Martial Emperor. Even if that Natural Oddity does not contain a lot of Natural Energy and cannot help you reach a breakthrough, you should still not give up on it. After all, it is very useful to you right now. As for that Firmament Adamantine Metal, even if you are to keep it, you will have no use for it.”

“You should use the Firmament Adamantine Metal to exchange for something useful. When you become more powerful in the future, you can obtain more Firmament Adamantine Metal, no?” Eggy advised.

“Eggy, I understand all of that. Merely, I made a promise to Bai Ruochen. I will definitely keep my promise. Although it is true that that Natural Oddity is very beneficial and important to me, I believe that one’s sincerity is even more important,” Chu Feng explained while smiling.

Eggy sighed. “Do as you wish. The meat that’s by your mouth is going to fly away,” Even though Eggy felt helpless, she was not angered by Chu Feng’s decision. The reason for that was because she understood Chu Feng’s character. He was someone who would use every means necessary to take care of his enemies. Yet he held his friends in such high esteem that he would even sacrifice himself for their sake.

Actually, Eggy liked Chu Feng’s personality very much. Naturally, she would not be angered by Chu Feng’s refusal. Merely, she felt this to be a great pity.

Right at this moment, Aunt Lian suddenly spoke to bid. “Two hundred pieces of Absolute Weaponry Refinement Metal.” Her bid was actually double the previous bid.

“Chu Feng, since you want that Natural Oddity, I’ll help you obtain it,” Aunt Lian said to Chu Feng with a beaming smile.

At this moment, Chu Feng’s heart moved. He truly never expected that Aunt Lian would bid for this Natural Oddity for his sake.

However, upon close thinking, it was very understandable. Earlier, Chu Feng had bid a very high price. Everyone knew that Chu Feng wanted that Natural Oddity.

Aunt Lian was willing to part with all of the goods in her Cosmos Sack for the sake of helping Chu Feng purchase Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones. Thus, she was naturally willing to part with mere Absolute Weaponry Refinement Metal for this Natural Oddity.

“Aunt Lian, thank you,” Unable to contain himself, Chu Feng expressed his thanks. The reason for that was because he truly wanted that Natural Oddity.

“Three hundred pieces of Absolute Weaponry Refinement Metal.” However, right at this moment, that Evildoer Tie increased his bid once again. Furthermore, he had increased it by a hundred pieces right away. He was not willing to step down, and was determined to compete with Aunt Lian.