Chapter 1613 - Auction Begins

MGA: Chapter 1613 - Auction Begins

“Everyone, even though you all wish to kill me, you must pick the correct location first. This is the Heavenly Law Auction, it is not a place where you all can behave atrociously. Wahahaha…” Evildoer Tie looked around and then laughed frantically. His laughter was one of someone feeling extremely pleased with himself.

His actions and words naturally caused those people that hated him to become even angrier.

In fact, there were some people who got so angry that they actually left the Most Precious Treasures Auction. They did not wish to continue to stay and purchase things in this place which offered protection to Evildoer Tie.

Seeing this scene, Chu Feng seemed to understand why Evildoer Tie dared to show his true appearance even though he had committed countless evil crimes and possessed countless enemies. Evidently, he had done so on purpose in order to anger those who possessed hatred towards him.

Not only was Evildoer Tie someone who had committed countless evil crimes, he was also extremely depraved and shameless.

“Aunt Lian, could it be that this Evildoer Tie has never done anything to the Heavenly Law Palace?” Nangong Baihe asked with a low voice.

“Evildoer Tie is extremely intelligent. If he had done things that were detrimental to the Heavenly Law Palace, how could he possibly dare to appear here?”

“Forget about it. Drop this matter and stop mentioning it. Just pretend that we have never seen that man,” Aunt Lian turned around and pretended to have never seen Evildoer Tie. She no longer bothered to turn her gaze to him. However, Chu Feng was able to sense that Aunt Lian’s killing intent had not decreased. Instead, it had increased.

She was controlling herself. That was because she knew that even if she wished to attack him, she would not be able to do anything to him.

Six hours after the matter regarding Evildoer Tie happened, the sky had already darkened. At this time, the Most Precious Treasures Auction was filled to capacity, with no empty seats remaining.

Not long afterward, a beautiful and alluring woman stepped onto the auction stage. This woman had a very sexy and alluring appearance. Her every action was captivating. Furthermore, her cultivation was not weak either. She was a peak Half Martial Emperor.

Without mentioning this woman’s actual age, her popularity was extremely high. Right after she got on stage, cheers began to sound from the crowd.

The reason for that was because she was the head auctioneer of the Heavenly Law Auction. Her each and every action was capable of harmonizing the atmosphere. Even if it was something that was not very valuable, she would still make it a lot more valuable. This was also a kind of skill.

The auction officially began.The first treasure to be auctioned gathered the interest of the crowd.

It was an Incomplete Imperial Armament. Even though it was only a copy, its quality was very decent. This sort of weapon was extremely popular. In the end, it was auctioned off for a very decent price.

After the first item, three consecutive Incomplete Imperial Armament copies were auctioned off. Even though the prices that they were auctioned for were all less than that of the first Incomplete Imperial Armament copy, they were still auctioned off at very decent prices.

The reason why Incomplete Imperial Armaments were this popular was not without reason. The reason for that was because many people had come to the Heavenly Law Auction precisely for the sake of purchasing Incomplete Imperial Armaments due to the fact that even if they were copies, they were still weapons that no Royal Armament could compare with.

In fact, many Half Martial Emperors did not possess Incomplete Imperial Armaments, and not even copies on top of that. From how that peak Half Martial Emperor that attacked Evildoer Tie had used a Royal Armament, one could tell that even Incomplete Imperial Armament copies were treasured items where the supply could not keep up with its demand.

After the four Incomplete Imperial Armament copies were auctioned, medicines began to enter the auction. These were all medicines concocted by world spiritists. There were all kinds of different medicines with different effects. Among them, the highest quality medicines were ones that could raise one’s battle power for a short period of time without any backlash. While these sorts of medicine were not Forbidden Medicines, they were a lot more expensive than Forbidden Medicines.

Furthermore, these sorts of medicine were extremely popular. Even though their prices were inferior to those of Incomplete Imperial Armaments, they were also treasures that were unable to meet up to their demand. Thus, the crowd began to compete with one another intensely for those medicines.

“Those medicines are actually this valuable? They’re all medicines that I can concoct.”

As Chu Feng saw the medicines that were being fought for intensely with high prices by the crowd, Chu Feng’s eyes shone, and a thought came to his mind.

Chu Feng had grasped all of the spirit formations in the Nine Spirits Divine Diagram. The Nine Spirits Divine Diagram contained all kinds of spirit formations. Naturally, it possessed spirit formations for concocting medicines and refining weapons. Even though the requirements for refining weapons were extremely high and the current Chu Feng would not be able to refine extremely good weapons, medicine concocting was a lot easier. With Chu Feng’s current strength, as long as he possessed sufficient materials, he would be able to concoct those medicines.

Ever since they had made the exchanges for Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones, Chu Feng had deeply realized that he was extremely poor, simply too poor.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Aunt Lian had insisted on joining them and had thrown away money recklessly in order to help Chu Feng purchase Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones, the number of Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones Chu Feng would have been able to obtain today might really have been a lot less.

However, at this moment, Chu Feng discovered a method to become rich. That was concocting medicines that were useful in battle but would not cause any backlash.

Furthermore, even though Chu Feng currently had nothing precious on him, other than the Firmament Adamantine Metals, he possessed a lot of medicinal herbs and other ingredients. With the amount of ingredients he possessed, it would definitely be sufficient for him to concoct simpler medicines.

In other words, Chu Feng would not have to spend a lot of money to purchase materials to concoct his medicines. This was simply too wonderful for him.

Thinking about this, Chu Feng felt a lot happier. As the saying went, a penny would baffle a hero. Today, Chu Feng had managed to experience that phrase completely. However, after today, Chu Feng would do his best to prevent himself from entering this sort of predicament again.

“Everyone, the next item is a collector’s item. Even though it is not very practical, its value as a collectable item is extremely high. If there are any friends that take pleasure in collecting things, you must not miss out on this by any means.”

After the medicines were all auctioned off, a new auction cart appeared on the stage. On that cart was an item the size of a watermelon. At this moment, it was covered by a golden cloth.

That golden cloth was no ordinary cloth. It was capable of sealing the item’s aura. At the same time, it could also prevent others from sensing it. In turn, it would give the item being auctioned a flavor of mysteriousness.

At the beginning, Chu Feng was not at all interested in any collector’s item. However, when the auctioneer lifted the golden cloth, Chu Feng’s eyes shone, and even his heartbeat began to accelerate.

That was a Natural Oddity. Even though it had been engraved into a jade bracelet and become a very beautiful accessory, Chu Feng was still able to tell with a single glance that it was a Natural Oddity. Furthermore, it still contained a very berserk natural energy within it.

Even though the natural energy had been sealed, and the seal on the natural energy was very powerful, so powerful that ordinary people would not be able to sense the natural energy at all, Chu Feng was still able to tell that it was a Natural Oddity with a single glance.

If he were to be able to obtain that Natural Oddity and then break the seal, he would be able to refine it. As long as he refined it, even if Chu Feng did not break through to the Half Martial Emperor level, he would still surely accumulate a lot of energy.

“That thing’s pretty good. Even though it has no practical value, it is indeed a rare collector’s item. How are you going to auction it?” After the item appeared, many people became interested in it. After all, that was a Natural Oddity. Furthermore, the bracelet it had been formed into could be said to be perfect. Thus, it was indeed an extremely rare collector’s item.

“This item’s auction condition is that it will only be sold for good materials to refine weapons with. There are no starting bids. Everyone, please feel free to bid as you wish. The one that offers the best quality and the most valuable materials shall win it,” The auctioneer said with a beaming smile. At the same time, she cast her charming gaze to the crowd. As she saw how enthusiastic the crowd was, she knew right away that this would be an intense bidding match.