Chapter 1612 - Evildoer Tie

MGA: Chapter 1612 - Evildoer Tie

After the matter regarding the auction was decided, Chu Feng and the others decided to go to the place that they should have been going to: the Most Precious Treasures Auction.

As its name implied, only extremely precious treasures would be auctioned in this place. Naturally, this was also the Heavenly Law Auction’s highest tier auction.

The Most Precious Treasures Auction was extremely vast. Even though it was indoors, it was capable of accommodating several tens of thousands of people. Furthermore, there was a certain amount of distance between each seat. Thus, each and every seat was very spacious and cozy. Furthermore, cups of tea were prepared beside the seats.

At this moment, a lot of people were already seated in the Most Precious Treasures Auction. The majority of them had their appearances and auras hidden. However, there was also a small portion of people who, whether it might be because they didn’t understand the rules or because they were extremely confident, did not conceal their appearances, and sat openly in the auction house as they waited for the upcoming auction.

After entering this place, the first thing that Chu Feng noticed was an old man on the auction floor.

This old man was someone from the Heavenly Law Palace. The reason Chu Feng knew that was because he was wearing the attire of the Heavenly Law Palace. His aura was extraordinary. He had lived for countless years. Judging from his appearance, he should be at least three thousand years old.

He had a head full of white, snow-like hair that hung down his back like a white waterfall. Merely his appearance made him stand out from the crowd. It was as if he were an Immortal who had managed to achieve the Dao.

At this moment, he was seated on the auction stage. His eyes were closed, and he appeared as if he were asleep. However, his aura made Chu Feng’s eyes shine.

He possessed an aura stronger than even Aunt Lian. It was more than several times stronger. Even though that old man was also a Martial Emperor, he was clearly not a rank one Martial Emperor. At the very minimum, he should be a rank two Martial Emperor.

Expert, an absolute expert. With him overseeing this auction, there would likely not be anyone who would dare to behave atrociously in this place.

Chu Feng had only been in this Heavenly Law Auction for a short while. Yet, he had already encountered two Martial Emperors. Furthermore, one of them was at least a rank two Martial Emperor. This caused Chu Feng to have a whole new level of respect for the Heavenly Law Palace.

The Heavenly Law Palace was truly worthy of being known as one of the Three Palaces, and the human powers’ strongest power. Their strength was truly something that the Cyanwood Mountain was greatly inferior to. The Heavenly Law Palace was a true colossus.

After observing the auction house, Chu Feng and the others arrived at the distinguished guest seats.

The ordinary seats were located below, whereas the distinguished guest seats were located above. Not only did this offer a better field of view, the seats themselves were also much better in quality. Not only were there refreshments and fruits located on both sides of the seat, there was also a beautiful woman serving tea and waiting for orders behind every seat. It was extremely comfortable. To be seated here, one would truly be able to experience the treatment of a distinguished guest.

After sitting, Nangong Baihe and the others were very excited. It could be seen that they were greatly looking forward to the upcoming auction.

As for Aunt Lian, she was very calm and at ease. She had not placed the fact that she had used a great amount of wealth to purchase Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones for Chu Feng earlier in her heart. Truly, she was someone from a very rich and powerful family.

In fact, Chu Feng was also a person who did not place wealth in his eyes. However, today was different. He needed Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones very badly.

Currently, he had already created a feud between him and the Beitang Imperial Clan. He was also well aware that the Nangong Imperial Clan would not be able to protect him forever.

Being in this situation, if Chu Feng were to have Hong Qiang and Tantai Xue travel alongside him, he would, sooner or later, bring harm to them.

However, it would be very unrealistic for him to be able to become very powerful very quickly, so powerful that he could contend against the Beitang Imperial Clan.

Thus, at this moment, Chu Feng had placed all of his hopes onto that world spirit in his body. If he were to be able to control that world spirit, Chu Feng would no longer be weak. In fact, he would even be able to contend against the Beitang Imperial Clan.

Thus, Chu Feng deeply hoped that the items that they had placed on auction would be able to be auctioned off, and auctioned off at a good price on top of that. He truly wished to be able to obtain more Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones.

“This feeling,” Suddenly, Chu Feng grew tense. He sensed a killing intent. Even though it was very vague, he had still managed to sense it. The reason for that was because that killing intent had originated very close to him; it was actually from Aunt Lian.

When Chu Feng looked to Aunt Lian, he discovered that her gaze was fixed on something in the distance; it was fixed on a distinguished guest seat.

On that distinguished guest seat sat an old man. That old man had not hidden his identity. Thus, not only had he revealed his appearance, he had also revealed his cultivation.

That old man had a very wretched appearance. His smile was extremely vulgar. He was actually teasing the Heavenly Law Palace’s female disciple that was attending him without the slightest bit of fear for the consequences. He had caused that female disciple’s face to redden with embarrassment.

Even though that old man was extremely wretched, his cultivation was not weak at all. Like Aunt Lian, he was also a Martial Emperor.

“Aunt Lian, do you have hatred with that man?” Chu Feng knew that Aunt Lian’s killing intent was definitely not baseless. Thus, he secretly sent a voice transmission to ask her.

“That man calls himself Evildoer Tie. Raping and looting, he is someone that has committed all imaginable crimes. There are several tens of millions of people who have died at his hands. Their corpses are capable of piling up to the size of a mountain, and their blood is capable of forming a sea.”

“Countless clans have been massacred by him. As for the reason why he would eliminate their entire clan, it might be only because he took fancy to a woman from their clan, or perhaps it might be a treasure that he took a fancy to. In fact, he would even massacre them if he took a fancy to one of their dogs or one of their chickens.”

“However, regardless of whether he would be able to obtain what he wanted, he would still massacre everyone in his path without leaving a single person alive. Wherever he goes, he will leave behind a river of blood.”

“Thus, Evildoer Tie is one of the Overlord Domain’s most infamous Five Great Evildoers.”

“My husband and daughter have both died at his hand.”

“As for the reason he gave when he killed them, it was actually because the two of them were too intimate. He disliked the way they looked, and thus attacked and killed them.”

“After he killed my husband and daughter, he even left behind the reason he killed them. He publicly provoked our Nangong Imperial Clan,” When Aunt Lian spoke those words, her killing intent grew even denser. However, her voice started to choke with emotions.

“Such a thing actually happened?” Hearing those words, Chu Feng’s heart had been moved too. He finally came to know why Aunt Lian was this angry.

Even though Aunt Lian was someone from the Nangong Imperial Clan, she possessed neither children nor a husband. Now, Chu Feng finally understood why she had chosen to follow a solitary path in life. It turned out that it was all caused by that Evildoer Tie.

“Evildoer Tie, I’ll kill you!” Suddenly, an angry shout sounded from the distant crowd. It was a peak Half Martial Emperor who shouted. It was unknown which sect or school this peak Half Martial Emperor was from. However, he was currently holding onto a Royal Armament and had unleashed an attack at Evildoer Tie.


A blade ray flashed past. The entire auction house started to tremble. Not only was that man’s attack filled with killing intent, he had also unleashed a Taboo Martial Skill. The might of his attack was extremely dreadful.

At this moment, the expressions of many of the people present changed. Especially those with relatively weak levels of cultivation, they were so frightened that they started to sweat cold bullets. Even though the Most Precious Treasure Auction was very vast, the area it contained was, nevertheless, limited. If a peak Half Martial Emperor were to attack with the intention to kill and no regard for the crowd, a lot of people would likely lose their lives here.


Suddenly, right after that peak Half Martial Emperor’s slash was sent forth, a surge of energy suddenly appeared. Once that energy appeared, the strike vanished instantly. Following that, the man who had unleashed the attack crashed to the ground and began to shiver nonstop. Not only had he lost his battle power, he did not even possess the strength to stand back up.

It was the old man who was sitting on the auction stage. He had interfered. Even though he had interfered, he did not even move at all. With merely a single thought, he had relied on his Emperor-level martial power to destroy that peak Half Martial Emperor’s attack and then restrain his freedom.

“You dare to behave atrociously in our Heavenly Law Auction. Throw him out. This man is not allowed to take half a step into our Heavenly Law Auction for the rest of his life,” That old man did not even open his eyes when he said those words.

Then, Heavenly Law Auction’s guards appeared. They grabbed the man who had attacked earlier and brought him out. Likely, he would really not be able to set foot in this place again.

At this moment, even though no one attacked that Evildoer Tie again, Chu Feng was still able to hear curses, insults, the sounds of teeth gnashing and the sound of fists clenching from the crowd.

It would appear that this Evildoer Tie had truly committed a lot of bloody atrocities. Else, it would be impossible for there to be this many people present in the crowd who wanted to kill him.