Chapter 1616 - Scamming Evildoer Tie

MGA: Chapter 1616 - Scamming Evildoer Tie

“Evildoer Tie is bidding fifteen Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones on the Sealing Glacier. Is there anyone else willing to bid higher?” The auctioneer asked.

She was deliberately stalling for time to provide an opportunity for other bidders.

As for Evildoer Tie, he cast a disdainful sneer at the crowd. It was as if he were saying that there would not be even one person capable of contending against him.

Evildoer Tie’s arrogance caused many people to feel displeased. However, in the end, no one said anything, no one decided to bid higher.

Chu Feng noticed this. His perception was very strong. Furthermore, this Evildoer Tie was a person who expressed all his emotions on his face. Thus, Chu Feng felt that this Evildoer Tie wanted the Sealing Glacier very much. Furthermore, he possessed the ability to continue bidding.

Thus, an idea came to Chu Feng’s mind. It was a risky idea. However, it was also an opportunity to help him obtain more benefits.

Chu Feng was planning to bid...

Chu Feng was one who would do what he thought. Thus, he immediately made his own bid. “Twenty Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones.”


“Chu Feng, what are you doing?”

Chu Feng’s bidding startled Aunt Lian and the others. They did not understand why Chu Feng had decided to bid. Aunt Lian even asked Chu Feng what he was doing through voice transmission.

Chu Feng did not answer Aunt Lian and the others. Instead, he secretly displayed a gesture to them to indicate to them that everything was under control.

“It’s you all again?” At this moment, that Evildoer Tie started to frown. He knew from Chu Feng’s outfit that he was with Aunt Lian. He was already extremely angered by Aunt Lian bidding against him earlier. Yet, at this moment, Chu Feng actually bid against him. It was obvious that Chu Feng was trying to start a fight with him. Naturally, Evildoer Tie would be extremely unhappy.

“What? Is that yours? Only you can buy it and I can’t? It’s as you said, bidding requires strength. If you have no strength, then get the hell out of here instead of being a disgrace,” Chu Feng mocked and ridiculed.

“You damned bastard. Are you looking down on this old man?” Evildoer Tie asked.

“Oh, you’re correct. I am indeed looking down on you,” Chu Feng sneered.

“In that case, I’ll show you my strength,” Evildoer Tie sneered. Then, he loudly shouted, “Thirty-five Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones.”

“Forty Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones,” Chu Feng did not hesitate and immediately increased his bid.

“Fifty-five Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones,” Evildoer Tie continued to bid.

“Sixty Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones,” Chu Feng smiled lightly and continued to bid.

The bidding competition between Chu Feng and Evildoer Tie was extremely calm. However, the bystanders were unable to remain calm at all. In an instant, the current bid was already six times that of the starting bid. Furthermore, the bid was still Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones. These two bidders, they were a bit too rich in Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones, no?

In fact, after Chu Feng continued to bid, that Evildoer Tie started to hesitate. He was hesitating in regards to whether he should continue bidding. That was because it was already not worth it to spend sixty Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones to purchase that chunk of Sealing Glacier.

“Chu Feng, it’s over. That guy’s hesitating. If he doesn’t continue to bid, not only will you not be able to sell your Sealing Glacier, you will also have violated the rules of the auction. Even if the item being auctioned is yours, you will likely still be punished,” Eggy said worriedly.

When even Eggy knew that the situation was bad, how could Chu Feng not know? He also knew that the current bid was at the limit of Evildoer Tie’s ability to accept. If he were to continue bidding, Evildoer Tie would definitely stop bidding.

However, if Evildoer Tie were to stop bidding, it would be as Eggy said. The person who would meet with calamity would be Chu Feng. Even though the Sealing Glacier being auctioned was his, Chu Feng would still have to suffer the punishment for violating the rules of the Heavenly Law Auction.

“Evildoer Tie, your reputation as one of the Holy Land of Martialism’s Five Great Evildoers is truly in vain. You spoke of having strength. Yet, after all this, you’re nothing more than someone with an underserved reputation.”

“Sigh, I truly feel sorry for the other Four Great Evildoers. The name of the Five Great Evildoers is truly being dragged through the mud by you,” In the crucial moment, Chu Feng began to mock and ridicule Evildoer Tie. His words were extremely offensive. Furthermore, he even acted upon his words and started to shake his head as he said them. His actions were definitely enough to anger someone.

“Damned bastard, you dare look down upon this old man?! This old man will let you see how unworthy you are to compete against him!” Sure enough, Chu Feng’s words deeply angered Evildoer Tie. Then, he loudly shouted, “Ninety-eight Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones!!!”

“What? Ninety-eight Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones?!” Once Evildoer Tie’s words left his mouth, Chu Feng was overjoyed, and the surrounding crowd were all incomparably shocked.

Even though the Sealing Glacier was very valuable, it should only be worth around twenty Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones at most.

Yet, this Evildoer Tie was actually willing to spend ninety-eight Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones. That was truly a ferocious amount. It was evident that Evildoer Tie was angered. Today, he was determined to win the bid against Chu Feng, to show that he possessed a greater might than Chu Feng.

“It would seem that this Evildoer Tie has gone all out. Ninety-eight Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones, I think that should be all the Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones he possesses.”

“Haha, Chu Feng, never would I have expected that you were this amazing. With merely several words, you have increased the price of the Sealing Glacier by this many times. Not to mention whether or not the other treasures will be able to be auctioned off, merely this Sealing Glacier has managed to bring you an enormous profit,” At this moment, Eggy was jumping around happily. Her appearance was truly beautiful.

“Come, continue, didn’t you wish to compete against me? If you have the ability, then offer a bid higher than this old man’s. I shall see if you can win against this old man!” Suddenly, Evildoer Tie started to provoke Chu Feng.

Furthermore, his expression was extremely unnatural. Seeing that unnatural expression, Chu Feng knew right away that Evildoer Tie was regretting his bid. It was clear that he also regretted wanting to purchase a mere Sealing Glacier for such a high bid.

After feeling regret, Evildoer Tie began to provoke Chu Feng. He wanted to have Chu Feng bid even higher so that he could give up on bidding. At that time, the person who would be out of luck would be Chu Feng.

However, how could Chu Feng possibly allow him this opportunity? Thus, as the crowd’s anticipatory gazes were focused onto Chu Feng, especially that hopeful gaze from Evildoer Tie, Chu Feng slowly said three words, “I… give… up.”

“What? Give up?!!!” Hearing those words, Evildoer Tie’s complexion immediately turned ashen. However, he was not willing to let the matter go. He pointed his finger at Chu Feng and began to insult him. “What? You give up? How could you give up? Wasn’t it you who wanted to compete?”

“With merely your bit of strength, you actually dared to hoot at me? You are nothing more than trash, nothing more than a pile of dog shit.”

However, Chu Feng was not at all enraged by Evildoer Tie’s insults. Instead, he casually said, “If you dare call me trash again, I’ll complain to the auction that you’re attacking me. At that time, you will be blacklisted by the Heavenly Law Auction, and will never be able to set foot in the Heavenly Law Auction again.”

“Oh, that’s right. Even if you are to be blacklisted and driven away, you will still have to purchase that Sealing Glacier before you leave. After all, to spend ninety-eight Dragon Mark World Spirit Stones to purchase a single Sealing Glacier, there is no one more spendthrift and foolish than you.”

“It turns out that the legendary Evildoer Tie is actually this foolish. You are simply no different from an idiot. Hahaha….” After Chu Feng finished saying those words, Chu Feng started to laugh mockingly. His laughter was extremely happy, extremely shameless.

“You…” Hearing those words, that Evildoer Tie was so enraged that he nearly vomited blood. Regardless of how foolish he was, he had still managed to realize what had happened now. Evidently, he had been scammed by an unknown brat.

Thinking about that, Evildoer Tie was so enraged that he was nearly driven mad with anger. He pointed at Chu Feng and angrily cursed, “You damned animal, you’re deliberately scamming me!”