Chapter 2124 - Wang Qiang’s Past

Chapter 2124 - Wang Qiang’s Past

“In that case, you’ve been following me the entire time?” Chu Feng asked.

“N-no, not the e-entire time. O-only twice. The f-first time was w-when you w-went to that so called Dao T-temple.”

“The o-other time is t-t-this time. I-I would never f-follow you a-all the time. I’m n-not a stalker,” Wang Qiang said.

Seeing Wang Qiang reacting in such a manner, Chu Feng smiled at ease. Although Wang Qiang was ugly, Chu Feng felt him to be quite adorable when he acted like this.

Although there was still confusion in Chu Feng’s heart, he still smiled and said to Wang Qiang, “Actually, I just found out about the things here not long ago myself. However, I am able to tell you about them. That said, you must promise me that you will not tell anyone else about the things here.”

“M-m-my mouth is a-a-ab-absolutely tight,” Wang Qiang pledged with his hand raised. He was very excited upon knowing that Chu Feng was going to tell him about the situation here.

“Very well, I’ll tell you then. However, before telling you, I have another request,” Chu Feng said.

“W-w-what is it?” Wang Qiang asked.

“Exactly how strong are you? Can you tell me the truth?” Chu Feng asked.

The current Wang Qiang only appeared to be a rank six Martial Emperor to Chu Feng. That level of cultivation was already very powerful.

However, Chu Feng felt that that was not Wang Qiang’s true cultivation. The reason for that was because Wang Qiang had said that he came to protect him. In other words, Wang Qiang’s strength most definitely surpassed his own. Else, how was he to protect him?

“F-forget about it. I-I-I’ll t-tell you,” Wang Qiang laughed mischievously. Then, he let out a strand of his aura. Sensing that aura, Chu Feng immediately realized that Wang Qiang’s cultivation was already no longer that of a Martial Emperor.

That aura of his was the aura of a Half Martial Ancestor. Wang Qiang was actually a rank one Half Martial Ancestor.

However, that was not all. After Wang Qiang waved his sleeve, the surrounding Ancestral-level martial power ended up being controlled by him. At that time, Chu Feng sensed that his heaven-defying battle power was not merely capable of surmounting three levels of cultivation. Instead, like him, Wang Qiang possessed a heaven-defying battle power capable of surmounting five levels of cultivation.

That sort of battle power was two levels above ordinary Martial Emperors and Half Martial Ancestors.

Although he had anticipated it, when he actually discovered that Wang Qiang possessed a strength that surpassed his own, Chu Feng still felt extremely shocked.

“Y-you’re a-as-astonished, right? D-don’t be. W-what’s to c-come will make y-you even m-more a-astonished.”

“I am a-able to c-conceal my s-strength from you a-and that b-blind old man b-because I h-have a t-treasure. L-look,” As Wang Qiang spoke, he took out a special burlap sack. That sack appeared to be very badly sewn. It was simply even lousier than clothes that beggars wore.

However, after Wang Qiang put that burlap sack around him, he disappeared. That burlap sack also disappeared.

He had disappeared completely. Chu Feng was unable to even sense a trace of his aura.

“H-how is it? A-amazing, right?” Wang Qiang’s voice sounded. However, Chu Feng was still unable to sense his aura.

“No wonder. No wonder even Blind Uncle was unable to discover you.”

“You, exactly what sort of origin do you have?” Chu Feng frowned.

When disregarding Wang Qiang’s strength, this treasure he had revealed was truly a rare and powerful treasure. How could such a powerful treasure appear in the Holy Land of Martialism?

“Hehe, I-I-I to-told you the fi-first time we met. I am an e-exceptional genius, I am a-amazing.”

“It is o-only you all t-that refused to believe me. How i-is it? Y-you believe me now? I-I’ve stunned you, no?” Wang Qiang said complacently.

“You still didn’t answer my question,” Chu Feng said in a serious manner, “As brothers, you must be candid with me.”

“If you truly consider me your friend, then tell me the truth. Only with that will I able to be candid with you.”

“E-even if you a-ask me, I don’t k-know how to r-respond to you. I p-possess neither a f-father or a m-mother. I a-also do not possess a b-background l-like the one you have.”

“E-either way, ever s-since I was a-able to f-form memories, I d-discovered myself in a ruin. O-other than v-vicious ferocious b-beasts and all kinds of t-traps, there was not a s-single person there.”

“If I wanted to l-leave that place, I h-had to become a Martial Emperor. Thus, I c-could only put my a-all into m-martial cultivation.”

“I-it was o-only after I got o-out did I find out that t-that p-p-place was actually an A-ancient Era’s r-remnant.”

“Even now, no one h-has discovered that r-remnant. If you don’t believe me, I can b-b-bring you t-to that remnant.”

“However, I-I’ve already g-gathered a-all the treasures t-there. E-even if you go there, i-it’ll be f-for nothing,” Wang Qiang said.

“In that case, you’ve hidden your strength since the first time I met you?” Chu Feng asked.

The reason for that was because if Wang Qiang was telling the truth, then, when Chu Feng had met him at the Sealing Ancient Village, he should have been at least a Martial Emperor. As such, how could Chu Feng possibly have been able to defeat Wang Qiang then?

“Hehe, t-this g-great lord e-enjoys an i-interesting life. T-the days of m-me being in t-the Ancient E-era’s remnant by m-myself were t-truly too boring.”

“How w-was it? My a-acting ab-ability is p-pretty good, no?” Wang Qiang patted Chu Feng’s shoulder and said complacently.

“Indeed, it’s pretty good,” Chu Feng expressed his approval. After all, Chu Feng possessed a very strong perception. Very few people were able to keep him in the dark.

However, Wang Qiang, this person with an age similar to his own, was actually able to completely deceive Chu Feng.

Suddenly, Chu Feng asked with a beaming smile on his face, “Speaking of it, you said earlier that you never thought favorably of anyone other than me, could it be… that you fell for me?”

Hearing those words, Wang Qiang’s expression changed enormously. Then, he immediately released his hand from Chu Feng’s shoulder, and sprayed out a mouthful of saliva before shouting, “Pah! Pah! Pah! Pah! Pah! Pah! Your d-daddy I am h-heterosexual, okay?! No m-matter how handsome you m-might be, this g-great sir will s-still not h-have any i-i-interest in you.”

Seeing such a reaction from Wang Qiang, Chu Feng smiled complacently. This fellow had completely deceived him before. This time around, Chu Feng had finally managed to play him for a fool.

Suddenly, Wang Qiang stopped his emotional state of mind and in a deadpan earnest manner, he said, “C-Chu Feng, l-let me w-warn you. Don’t you th-think of d-doing a-anything to me because of h-how charming I am. E-else…”

“If I, b-by chance, d-decide to f-follow t-through with your de-desire, you w-wouldn’t be a-able to resist,” As he said those words, Wang Qiang suddenly threw himself at Chu Feng, grabbing Chu Feng’s waist tightly while pushing his face onto Chu Feng’s body. His appearance was truly disgusting.

“Scram!” In response, Chu Feng hurriedly shook Wang Qiang off. Then, he raised his leg and kicked Wang Qiang several meters away.

At that moment, Chu Feng’s entire body was covered with goose bumps. He was extremely disgusted by Wang Qiang. From what had happened earlier, Chu Feng was certain that he was definitely heterosexual, that he possessed absolutely no interest in men.

“L-l-lil newbie, t-trying to play with me?”

“If I c-can’t w-win against you, I’ll d-d-disgust you to death,” Wang Qiang sat on the ground and laughed out loud while slapping the ground.

Although Wang Qiang’s action was absolutely shameless, Chu Feng still had a favorable impression of Wang Qiang. Although this fellow was a weirdo, he was definitely not a malicious person.

Perhaps, it was as Wang Qiang had said, that he had spent too much time alone in the Ancient Era’s remnant. Perhaps that might be why he ended up having such an insane personality.

Thinking about it, if what Wang Qiang said was the truth, then his childhood was truly tragic.

No matter what, Chu Feng have had the people from the Chu Family looking after him. Yet, Wang Qiang… had been living by himself ever since he was able to form memories.

Furthermore, he had been living in an Ancient Era’s remnant. Although Chu Feng had not been to the Ancient Era’s remnant Wang Qiang lived in, he knew what sort of places the Ancient Era’s remnants were.

They were dark, dangerous and frightening. They were places even martial cultivators would fear. As such, there was no need to mention how frightening they would be for a child.

When compared with Wang Qiang, Chu Feng felt himself to be very fortunate.

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